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    Best water based hoof moisturizer

    Hi, I've just finished a tub of NAF hoof moist and wondered if there is anything else people use and rate highly? It's quite hard to get hold of in the shops locally, so I've got to order it anyway and might try a different brand too for comparison. It has to be black and water based, TIA.
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    Best cheap clippers/trimmers?

    I don't usually buy cheap, but as my fairly new £300+ pair of clippers just blew up for the second time (will chat to the company tomorrow) I need to get something in the meantime to finish off half a clip ! I broke my wrists a few years back and they do ache with heavy clippers, so something...
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    Bitting gurus wanted please

    Hi just wondering what people would suggest for this horse. The horse schools nicely enough at home in a KK single joint, but out hacking with others when the pace quickens, half halts result in a fight and aids are ignored! The horse is currently in a flash noseband and universal lozenge bit...
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    Yard/Riding boots for serial boot destroyer

    I'm not sure how I manage it, but I manage to destroy boots within a matter of months. I've got through Ariat Grasmeres, Ariat Stormstoppers, Dublin country boots and Muckboots within a few months each. I just want a pair of warm , comfy boots that can handle riding 4-6 horses a day and general...
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    Equestrian work/volunteer + travel

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has ventured in to working and travelling based around horses? I'm not dead set on working with horses, but I currently run a business producing ponies (where my experience lies) and would love to travel over the winter, as I've cut numbers down . I think working...
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    Best black hoof shine?

    I love covering my horses in shine sprays and hoof polishes, but am struggling to find a black hoof polish that stays on! I put it on completely dry and give it 20mins before the horse steps out of the stable, sometimes use two coats but it still doesn't stay on at all. I've seen horses at shows...
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    Wheat or barley straw?

    Shavings person here , looking to buy a large amount of straw as the ponies are going to live in a big barn whilst I'm away for a short while. I've read a few threads but am still unsure what's best ! They will probably eat some of it, but I want a nice fluffy and less dusty bed. What should I...
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    What weight rugs are yours wearing?

    So I've seen a few posts on facebook asking about rugging weights during this cold snap, and answers varying from a hunter clipped (not yet grown out), horse outside unrugged, to a clipped horse inside wearing 950g consisting of 4 rugs, plus a snuggy hood and stable wraps. Mine are recently fine...
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    Best no slip tail gaurd

    Hi, I have a pony who leans on his bum to travel. He has rubbed his tail raw on a long journey as the tail guard slipped down. I have seen the acavallo gel wrap and guard, and a lemieux one.. but wondered what other people have used? around £20-£40 is fine, just had to be very hard wearing...
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    Haylage questions

    Hi, I've always fed hay until recently but due to a dust sensitive horse, switched to haylage as soaking is no fun in the winter! I was using the local supplier but today bought two horsehage bales and was quite surprised to find white mouldy looking bits, and that it was much wetter than I've...
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    Settling a horse when jumping

    Posting on behalf of a friend who is not very good with the internet, reworded by myself! TIA "Just wondering what tips people have for settling a newbie down for jumping. It's the horses's first proper season (did a bit as a 4yo but not with the current owner) and we are not jumping anything...
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    "Silver Dun".. it's grey.

    Pointless post really, but it seems increasingly common for people to advertise grey horses as "silver dun" because they have a darker mane or tail, or sometimes even without the latter. It's grey, and only going to get whiter! It does sound pretty of course:rolleyes: do people really fall for it?
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    Stable/Field Cam to connect to phone?

    Does anyone have a camera set up that connects to their phone? I would love one for the stables and fields when I go on trips away, or for a new horse arriving to keep an eye on them. Basically a mare/foal-cam but just for stalking the ponies 24/7 and making sure they haven't manage to kill...
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    best alternative to straw?

    Hi, I've always used straw, but as pony has a mild respiratory infection, I thought i'd make his stable clear of dust and stuff that may bug him. I'm going to pick up some new bedding tomorrow, so shavings is probably the most readily available stuff, but I wondered if there are any other...
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    New forest pony breeders

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. As a kid I was involved with new forest ponies, we bred a foal and were in contact with some studs, a friend bought another 4yo that we produced together. I am now looking for another 3/4/5 yo quality pony to make 14.2 or above, but...
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    Dangerous horse sold to child

    Posting on behalf of a friend, so I may not have all of the details. A 13 year old and father went to view a horse from a reputable dealer. They bought it with a vetting for around 6k and it's been trouble from day 1. It was trialed in the school only. This horse was described as safe, sane...
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    Pony with smashed teeth :(

    Yesterday I was checking the ponies over and I noticed my 4yo's teeth looked odd as he nuzzled his friend next door. On closer inspection, his front teeth were snapped/smashed badly. The two upper central teeth and a lower central tooth. They move and wobble on the breaks, it has gone right...
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    Fencing options and cost

    Hi, looking for recommendations on fencing. I have post and railed one side of the field near the road, but have decided to use round posts and some form of tape for the rest as it's quicker. I have a bit of 40mm electric tape, but I have seen smart looking fencing ("poly tape"?) or someone...
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    Stables and school, new yard

    So planning has gone through for a new yard I'm involved in building. I don't know much about the actual building parts, but wondered what people would choose regarding stables and manege surface. The stables can be in a straight block or american barn, I like the american barn but feel it...
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    Tribute to Finn, RIP

    I've been wanting to make a video for my boy, but couldn't bring myself to look at all of the photos and videos. I'm starting to accept it a bit more now, so put this 5 minute video together to remember the good times. Just felt like sharing, he was such a wonderful horse who loved to be...
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    Healing scans, rupture of check ligament

    thought people may be interested to see these, my friend's horse completely snapped her check ligament . She's not a young horse and prognosis was very poor, but the vet has been amazed at her recovery! you can hardly even tell what leg it was now.
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    Rich grass and gassy pony

    Hi, bit of a dilemma as I have had to move fields to a huge rich pasture. My other 3 have happily had muzzles on and are fine, a bit sluggish today but comfortable! I have a 4yo who got very stressed at the muzzle, I can understand why and I hate them, but today he came in kicking his belly...
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    Tell me about ex racers...

    Ok so long story short, I have a friend who was looking for a confidence giver type, she's young and not ridden properly for a while since her first pony retired. She was a very good little rider before, galloping and jumping etc out hacking. but not confident. We began looking for something...
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    Eventing debut for my 5yo report

    Well, and an eventing debut for myself! my first "proper" ODE anyway. I bought my Connemara "Smokey" 8months ago lightly broken, he hadn't jumped or schooled at all, having only hacked down the field in Ireland, so I'm very pleased with how well he's come on. He warmed up very sensibly...
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    I know nothing about dogs and training!

    Bit of a strange post, but I have started exercising a friend's Lhasa Apso, she is 1 year old and very sweet, but not at all trained, not even house trained. I can't let her come up the fields with me as she just runs off and she will never come to call. I have never had a dog, but she loves her...
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    A heartbreaking day, goodbye Finn and Summer

    Two weeks ago I made the hardest decision of my life, and today I said goodbye to my wonderful, beautiful horses. Summer had been retired for a long time with bad injuries, but kept comfortable for Finn's companion as they loved each other, they couldn't be without one another . Finn had an old...
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    Runaway ex racer! Runaway horses are no fun, but this video is pretty hilarious!
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    More spark needed for young horse

    Hi, I have a rising 5yo who seems to have lost his spark. He moves beautifully and is performing very well, supple and willing, but is looking sleepy and not being quite as springy as he can be. He is worked 4 days a week for 30mins-1hr and is fit, fed a bowl of alfa-a oil and speedibeet twice...
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    long or short girth straps for jumping saddle?

    Hi, I'm having a saddle custom made and am deciding whether to opt for long or short girth straps (i suppose i can always get them trimmed if they are long). What is more comfortable for the horse? I noticed not many jumpers have short girths, but I do like to feel close to my horse. I want him...
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    Splint on inside of hind leg

    Does anyone else have a horse with a splint on the inside of the hind leg? Friend is looking at buying a rising 4yo with one. I've never had issues with splints no matter how large, but I've never seen one on a hind leg before! Are they problematic? I'm guessing it was caused by a kick. Thanks