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  1. Capriole

    Gift ideas please.

    Ok, looking for ideas please for a gift for someone I don't strictly 'know', but who has been very good to me through a third party. She is quite novice, but has regular lessons, and will in the near future be buying a new horse. Her first aged and super saintly horse (who lived with me)...
  2. Capriole

    New linings for leather boots?

    Polishing my long boots earlier I came to the decision I really need a new pair as mine are really quite battered now, a main part of the problem is that the leather lining is broken up especially around the ankle area so the boots are very saggy, creased, and floppy in the lower leg now. It...
  3. Capriole

    Equine Answers 365 Complete

    Any comments good or bad from those who have used this product? How did it work for your particular horse(s)?
  4. Capriole

    Millside Country Store -reviews? Comments?

    This site Anyone ever ordered from them? Reputable? Good customer service? etc etc. I haven't heard of them before but they've got a decent price on something I'm after. And as I've never heard of them before I thought I would check here, as last time...
  5. Capriole

    Saddle trolleys?

    Any help appreciated, Im striking out on google looking for the right one :o I preferably want a two saddle trolley with basket(s), not the 'pole' saddle racks but the wider shape for stability. I liked this one, but where I found it arent stocking it anymore
  6. Capriole

    AMIGO rug fit

    Does anyone know if the fit of the Amigo 1200d is comparable to the Amigo 600d or since its a more...
  7. Capriole Problems?

    Has anyone used them? did you get your order? I ordered from them 11 days ago now, their site says 1-2 days for order processing, then postage is 3-6 days. On my account it says its still being processed :confused: Ive emailed them last week and had no reply, just tried again but Im...
  8. Capriole

    Scared of puddles

    hello, fox, he's just a big pansy, and arent you supposed to be working
  9. Capriole

    curly coats

    my new mare has a really odd coat, it all grows in different directions and when wet is really curly, she reminds me of those long haired guinea pigs. i imagine she'll be a problem to clip, does anyone else have a curly coated horse?
  10. Capriole

    What SHOULD you be doing?

    applying for new jobs! pah!
  11. Capriole


    my little lad is teething, his 3 year old teeth are coming through and he's rubbing his muzzle bald on something, poor baby...can you use bonjela on horses?
  12. Capriole

    shires Richmond Show Bridle - anyone got one

    have seen this and it looks to be nice for a cheap bridle, anyone got one, whats the quality like?
  13. Capriole

    looking at stallions-for my imaginary mare!

    anyone else browsing stallions right now ive two mares, but wouldnt want to breed from either (one too small and others conf. not up to scratch), so am looking through in a 'what if' kind of way...sad eh?
  14. Capriole

    metalab stirrup irons

    anyone tried them, am still researching irons to ease my dodgy knee and have seen this brand on ebay
  15. Capriole

    stirrup irons to ease painful knee?

    my knee is acting up again, can anyone give me some stirrup iron reviews please? ive seen a few types of irons that claim to ease painful joints but want to know how they perform if anyones tried them. Price IS an issue
  16. Capriole

    anyone have a horse they didnt like very much at first?

    i do like my horse after all! i have a mare i never particularly had any feeling for, and would always ride one of my others rather than her, leaving her for my OH to ride. after deciding to do an endurance ride on her ive been riding her and spending quality time with her, trimming and grooming...
  17. Capriole

    my OH getting TOTALLY in to this riding lark!

    he's gone from ringing me up to see why im still at the yard, and why i should be giving a horse a massage when HIS leg is quite sore actually thankyou, to enrolling at college eve classes to do his BHS stages buying a new saddle for him to use buying more riding clothes than even I have...
  18. Capriole

    had someone view my little mare yesterday

    bit of a pointless post, but i was SO pleased with her, she was only backed mid/late november, and she was a little star. the girl was too much a novice, so i wont let her buy, but the mare was fab, especially since only ive ever been on her back, she's so responsive and well mannered i was...
  19. Capriole

    just lost a horse

    lost a horse last week, she wasnt mine but i looked after her as if she was. came in from the field hopping lame and it turned out her leg was shattered. im devastated for the horse, who was one of the nicest you'd ever meet, and for her owner, who adored her, and for myself because i loved that...
  20. Capriole

    does ANYONE just have one of anything for their horse

    ie one saddle one bridle one bit one rug etc.? i for one have more stock that the local tack shop!
  21. Capriole

    wheel barrow capacity - pointless observation

    mucking out the other day, a 'newly horsey' bloke commented on just how full my barrow was- '12 stories high' apparently , and said his GF fills hers the same way and we horsewomen were just too lazy to empty it more... ... am i alone in wanting to get a proper load in a barrow, or am i just lazy
  22. Capriole

    bates saddles

    has anyone used these? i'm looking at the bates caprilli vsd, wouldnt necessarily be my first choice of saddle but it has the adjustable gullet system in its favour since i would potentially use it on several horses. does anyone have any feedback on bates?
  23. Capriole

    weight carrying ability of horses, question

    my OH has started riding recently, and is a big hefty bloke and 6 foot, easily. he wants me to explain to him (pref. in scientific terms) what weight a particular horse/breed/type can be expected to comfortably carry. I'm having the dickens of a job trying to explain to him why my 2 year old...
  24. Capriole

    what size is this?

    am looking at a hat online and i'm not sure about the measurements... i need a 57cm, but these hats are 7 1/2 or 7 5/8... what does that translate as?
  25. Capriole

    rug sizes conversions

    does anyone have one handy - the conversions from sizes in inches to sizes in feet and inches?
  26. Capriole

    anyone seen any cheap turnout rugs in online sales?

    i need 5'6, 5'9, 6'3 and 6'6 turnout rugs. dont want to pay too much and am looking for bargains, anyone seen anything?
  27. Capriole

    good conditioning feed for a poor 2 year old?

    recommendations please, for good conditioning feeds. new 2 yr old colt is approximately 15.0 Hh and 350Kg (ISH x anglo arab). he's been wormed etc., and is coming on ok, but id like to get some meat on his bones without overdoing him. its 20 years since i last had a youngster and feeds have...
  28. Capriole

    Tail in 'rats tails' question

    my new youngster arrived a couple of weeks ago and im having terriblle trouble trying to seperate his tail hair out, it is hanging in twists and although im grooming them out they fall right back in again, any tricks to get rid? (apart from keep grooming i suppose )
  29. Capriole

    sleepy youngster

    anyone ever had this? i was grooming my new 2 year old colts tail yesterday evening and he just decided he was tired and was going to lie down! ive had youngsters before but ive never had to climb over them to get out of the box!
  30. Capriole

    gelding costs

    im interested to know how much the cost of gelding varys regionally, having just rang to book my little lad in to have the chop