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    amazing people helping after losing my beloved pokey

    i cannot bring myself to write too much but I really cannot say how amazed i am at the kindness of "strangers". from the most amazing pm's to the entire response to the most painful post i have ever had to make, all i can say is thankyou. It is not a big enough word, but you guys are making this...
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    utterley best friend pokey is dead

    as it sounds really.i lost my beautiful amzing and best friend Pokey yesterday. she was only just 5..i cannot beleive shes gone.. it was horse of a lifetime is gone and i dont know what to do. RIP Pokes i love you more than life itself
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    Hi I am looking to get my mare graded, and know their was a hunter grading day at adddington in august time last year. does anyone recall the name of the society... i am having a blank moment. Also have I missed the BSPA gradings? any help appreciated
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    Awful news

    have just heard that a family lost their daughterr ( she cannot have been more than 10) yesterday at MK eventing centre.we used to keep out horses with them a couple of years ago. the little girl was jumping her pony in a class when it landed on her- breaking her neck and killing her outright...
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    self indulgent and not that much to shout about but....

    i took my 4 year old to a dressage clinic run taught by Solitare 07 on saturday at bury farm- my girls first time indoors with a strange horse working around her- she was very naughty- napping bucking and spinning-= ended up working through it- but i took her back there this morning b4 work and...
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    I wanted to say a huge thanks to Soliatire 07 for her dressage clinic on saturday!I asked advice on here about clinics good for a youngster with very little experience and she gave me the details of her first steps event. Well, my baby was very slow to settle and played me up a fair bit (very...
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    my 4 year old is ready to go and do a clinic- as I really want to go out and do some group lessons with a structure that supports my youngter. I am based in Milton keynes bucks, and cannot find anything Help really needed PLEASE!
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    dressage clinics for youngster

    my 4 year old is ready to go and do a clinic- as I really want to go out and do some group lessons with a structure that supports my youngter. I am based in Milton keynes bucks, and cannot find anything Help really needed PLEASE!
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    Gallops for hire NR or in Milton Keynes?

    Anyone know of any? thanks in advance x
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    Can someone give me her website? I know people have asked b4 but cannot find it!
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    JUst booked a photographer..

    After seeing everyones lovely pictures of them out hacking my friend and I have just booked a local equestrian photographer to come out and meet us on one of our rides- their is one ride in particular going up a hill where we have a great gallop, and a lovely long stretch all tree lined. Since I...
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    as title really- went mad but only with the necessities! When I got there on Saturday me and my friends were disappointed. we didnt think there was much selection and the pricing seemed pretty high compared to last year. However we hunted around and got some real bargins. I picked up 3 Kyra...
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    seeing as its halloween- I was feeling cruel and got a lovely little costume for my dog! we are taking a liveries kids trick or treating tonight with one of our shetland ponies and trap with black plums and the cart all kitted out- the kids are so excited- thought it would be unfair to leave...
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    show cob stalllion

    HI .My firend is looking for a heavyweaight show cob stallion to put to her old fashioned small hunter. Anyone know of any really soecial show cobs that stand?
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    HI will post in breeding too.My firend is looking for a heavyweaight show cob stallion to put to her old fashioned small hunter. Anyone know of any really soecial show cobs that stand?
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    Back lady BUCKS

    HI I normally use Sam Barrett to do my horses but she appears to be on holiday.I need my 4 year old doing as she isnt right. Anyone recommend anyone in BUCKS area? Would rather go on recommendation thanks
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    I am very excited My aunt has just tex me to say that her welsh D has just won their ridden class at the Royal! I am so chuffed for her- HOYS here we come!!! complelty pointless post but no-one at work understands what an acheivement this is- non horsey peeps- cannot blame them really hahaha
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    you know when you do a faovur and your glad its over...

    as title really! My best friend and owner of private yard where we keep our horses has been on holiday for the last 10 days, and I always do the yard whilst she is away. Now I am no shirker of hard work but I AM BLOOMIN glad she just got home!! 10 horses 4 dogs 3 cats 1 hay delivery later and I...
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    so upset...

    I am devasted. my beatiful mare went horrifically lame on sunday.back legs buckling and didnt want to move in front. She had not been lame what so ever- called the vet immediatly and she has acute laminitus in all four feet.She hasdnt displayed ANY symptoms and the vet said that this can happen...
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    self indulgent but I got so many great horsey gifts

    Had to tell some fellow horsey peeps about the brilliant gifts I got for my birthday today!! Gorgeous jeffries show bridle, beatiful showing boots, jods, gloves etc/ As well as the usual horde of chocolate I get!! (I am such a chocoholic!!) My friend also forfilled a very silly dream i used to...
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    oh dear very addictive- not so good whilst at work!!!

    Hi I stumbled onto your horse website and found an online showjumping game- I AM ADDICTED- its insane- I am 25 years old with a demanding job and not only has this forum TAKEN OVER my working life now this game seems to be under ym skin check it out and see if it frustrates you as much as it...
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    Does anyone know a good XC course for hire in Bucks with ....

    really good surfaces b4 and after the fences? I am not asking for perfect sand tracks everywhere but it would be nice to go out and do some schooling when there is a surface thats not rock hard I only want to go and pop a few. MKEC is mostly just grass as is plumpark (although I went there 3...
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    Anyone know a good bit bank- have heard some horror stories

    hi I have heard so not great (to be kind) things about certain bit banks, and am looking to try a french link rugby pelham for showing. I really want it so my horse can get used to a larger bit in her mouth and be hacked out of the snaffle rein.I dont want to just put it in for a show and...
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    I only went and did it! Over the MOON!! sorry!!

    very self indulgent but my 4 year old went to her first ever ridden show and ended up clearing up! I am so pleased I cannot say.I have had so many problems with her- arriving like a hat rack as a 9 month old to now.I cannot belive it. I took her to our first xc training on Friday and she jumped...
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    Calmer Help Ideas for a youngsters first ridden season.

    hi, I have a 4 year old who is foot perfect on hacks and in the meange but at an event she loses the plot and her concetrations. I ride her through this and am making huge efforts to school her through it but I cannot recreate this scenario without taking her to an event or show where losts of...
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    Showing Bods! Anyone got a brown hat?

    Hi Recently I purchased a new jacket for this season and i definitly need a brown hat with a leather (preferable) harness. I dont want a beagler as will be riding my 4 year old. I am having a complete mare finding one. It doesnt help that I seem to have a v largehead. Size 7 1/4 or 59 cm...