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    What bones do you give your dog? Does anyone give their dog raw hide bones as I have heard they can be dangerous in that dog can choke on them if bits get stuck in their throat. Mind has a nylabone but wondered what else you can recommend that he can chew on.
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    Always be kind.....

    Your friend sounds like the kind of friend we would all like to have. Lovey update.
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    To neuter or not to neuter

    Sorry guys don't think I worded my OP correctly I was saying that my dog is currently 4 months old and I'm thinking of what to do in the future . No way would I neuter at four months ! Vet actually made good Point as I said some people say stops aggression and he said what aggression no...
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    To neuter or not to neuter

    What are the pros and cons? My boy is 4 months and not sure what to do although vet says he wouldn't entertain doing it until he's 18 months. Opinions?
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    Raw diet

    I'm thinking of trying raw chicken wings with my 4 month old puppy. He is currently on 3 meals a day so do I substitute one of the meals purely with the raw wings or feed alongside his Orijen puppy food? Anyone else feed raw and do you think it is more beneficial ?
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    Puppy Food

    Thank you will have a look into it
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    Puppy Food

    We have a 4 month puppy, currently feeding him on Orijen but at £63 per bag (lasts approx 6 wks) I'm looking for something just as good but cheaper. He is on a non grain diet, I.e treats etc. Got to say his stools are perfect, coat lovely and glossy and seems really well on it. It's just...
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    With a puppy ????
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    Warning - Contains tiny puppy photos!

    Aww she is Gawjuss. Yes she won't replace Poppy in your heart but I'm sure you will love her equally for her own little character :-)
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    Horse is fitting after head injury- what are my chances?

    Well said ! These poor creatures cannot speak for themselves so it is our duty as owners to do it for them and assist in any way we can. Agree letters after one's name doesn't necessarily mean plain good old fashioned common sense !
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    Horse is fitting after head injury- what are my chances?

    Brilliant news and at least you know she is in very safe hands whilst you finish exams. She really is one lucky pony ��
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    Going camping with new puppy in a few weeks. Any tips / advice of what to take etc.
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    pet insurance-company name

    """Ditto .... This. My vet said they are the best insurance company to have plus they settle claims promptly.
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    Really shocked at Insurance premium increase

    Gosh that's cheap! I am paying £70.75 per month for lifetime cover (£4K p.a.) with Pet Plan. I'd count your blessings at £17!
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    Freak head injury by my horse, ouch!

    Blimmin heck ouch and more ouch ! Hope you feel better soon and thanks for bringing it to our attention the importance or wearing a hat whenever we are around horses !
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    Please can I ask for everyone's help, we may lose our grazing :(

    Agree with Pebble more like greedy development companies building tiny homes all cramped together at extortionate prices given areas. Where we are there are plans for affordable housing to be built within next few years, it's happening everywhere unfortunately.
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    House training

    I can't believe how many people get out of their beds in the middle of night because their dogs expect play ! Never ever start this - a recipe for disaster. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind IMO.
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    House training

    Hope he goes outside with her ! Sorry Clodagh couldn't resist ! LOL My pup has been toilet trained from day 1 - had him 3 weeks now (prob had about 3 wee accidents never poo'd in house). Goes outside every time as patio left open. He is crated. I do ensure he goes out last thing at night to...
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    help! rescued starving yearling

    Brilliant update! Well done for saving and nurturing this little man. Love his name btw he certainly is a little warrior :-)
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    Grain free treats

    Can anybody recommend a good nutritious grain free treat for puppy. Thanks.
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    Cats and dogs !

    We have recently had a new puppy but my cat will have nothing to do with him, she runs off - didnt think she would come back the first night but she has, mainly just to eat. She is now sleeping upstairs in our room instead of her own bed downstairs while he is in his crate. At the moment I am...
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    Am I right to think this is rude?

    You are a disgrace to the teaching profession with derogatory remarks like that! I wouldn't let you train my puppy let alone teach my child! And tell me why on earth a thread about 2 kids aged 4&6 asking an innocent question is worthy of so many pages! Get a grip FGS move on !
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    Barbaric - Horse Shot With a Longbow!!!

    Unfortunately in this day and age nothing surprises me !
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    Am I right to think this is rude?

    Good grief woman take a chill pill - they are children and amazingly that's what children do - be inquisitive. You were a child once :D
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    Just want to scream! :(

    Ouchy they look painful ! Hoping you get some answers and she gets some relief very soon . Let us know how it goes.
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    Just want to scream! :(

    No advice as I've never had that prob with mine but I agree a different vet would be the best way to go. Let us know how she gets on poor mite.
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    Embarrassing injury - what to do?

    Ouchy ! I'd just wear the knickers :D
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    Bees in stables WWYD?

    You should never kill bees do you not know how important they are to,our planet ? Get a bee keeper to remove them safely.
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    New puppy routine

    We are getting a new puppy so just wondered what your daily routines are re getting up walking / feeding etc. I have been told to leave about an hour between walking / feeding or vice versa. Which way round do you do it do you feed first then walk or other way round? Need to feed 3 times a day...