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    More saddle issues

    Following on from the other thread, I have the opposite problem, everything slips back, drops down in front and moves at the back. Pony has quite big shoulders and not so much behind, needs to build up behind the saddle but this isn't going to happen if saddle goes back all the time. I have...
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    Split heels

    Anybody have any experience of splits between the heel bulbs that don't extend into the frog? My horse has had them on both front feet for a few weeks and I haven't been able to get them to heal. I've tried washing with salt water, drying and using sudocreme, washing with dilute iodine and...
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    Barefoot advice needed, 2 shoes, 6 weeks, messed up feet.

    6yr old horse (PRE x TB), never been shod until this summer, had a pair in front as wanted to do a lot more longer hacks for a couple of weeks, all ok, feet grew rather fast as you would expect. Took them off after six weeks, farrier trimmed quite short (not frogs or soles) but neither of us...
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    Instant calmers??

    Hi, I'm looking for opinions on instant calmers. My six year old is not coping too well with going to shows at new venues, especially on grass. I am hoping an instant calmer before such occasions might just help her to settle. I'm particularly interested in non magnesium based ones as she is...
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    Another hoof cc - pretty please!

    Hi, I hope to get some ideas on whats going on with my girls tootsies. She's rising six, never been shod, has a reasonable 'barefoot friendly' diet but has been less and less comfortable over the last six-ish months - probably at least partly due to the wet but I don't think that is all that is...
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    Inspired to come out of the woodwork!

    Hi, a long time lurker here but finally got something to report and have been inspired by another post about a (horsey) relative today. My baby horsey is PRE x TB and six this year so thougt I couldn't put off competing her any longer so... Last weekend we went baby showjumping. She is...