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    Budget Trailer Camera - It worked!

    Is it possible to get a photo or a Dummy Guide to tapping into the interior trailer light for the power? Dont mind a bit of DIY if i have a good step by step guide :)
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    Camping with trailer

    A few years ago I did my first ever trailer camp for 1 night. Didnt know anyone but come away with loads of new friends :-) I had a cheap £9.99 fold out camp bed - worse thing ever! Luckily I managed to lose a leg when i was packing it up so i could bin it. It was so painful all night, I...
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    Budget Trailer Camera - It worked!

    sorry to jump on old thread but...... what set up did you do for the camera in the trailer?
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    GPS Tracker for horse trailers?

    What are these like - good and bad review welcome please (Although £400 in the first year is extortionate to pay out or £900 over 5 years!)
  5. J

    GPS Tracker for horse trailers?

    Thats much more like what i need, and the Bolt model too. Would have preferred a lower purchase price but if there is no monthly fee it saves itself in the long term. I will do some research, thanks BBP
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    GPS Tracker for horse trailers?

    Can anyone recommend a GPS tracker which can be used for an Ifor Williams horse trailer. Hopefully one that doesnt cost the earth but is affordable to buy and if necessary (preferably not) to subscribe to. I need one with movement warning (that notifies me if the trailer is moved) and...
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    Insurance and vet fees - will it go full circle?

    I always renew, never automatically stay with the same company with their next year quote. Often im still with the same insurance company but their 'new customer' quote is much cheaper! Just make sure you over lap your policies so you dont have the 14 day exclusion period with no cover at all...
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    Anyone built stabling without planning permission?

    Be warned about 'mobile shelters and stables': Two of my local councils now BOTH say they require planning permission for mobile shelters / stables even if on skids. Guess they realised they were missing out on a huge amount of planning permission fees. At nearly £400 an application (thats...
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    Wintec Cair Saddles - PROBLEMS YOU HAVE HAD

    Did you get a refund or did you have to push for it? Awful it could fail so soon from new.
  10. J

    Wintec Cair Saddles - PROBLEMS YOU HAVE HAD

    have you got problems? more than happy to hear about any saddles with Cair but only Wintec/Bates use them dont they? so a report on cair saddles and problems (as opposed from traditional flocking or more modern latex). we also have reports from Wintec! :)
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    Wintec Cair Saddles - PROBLEMS YOU HAVE HAD

    If airbags have failed: can you tell me the symptoms, how did you find out they had failed, how old or how long the saddle has been used, how was it rectified, and by whom.
  12. J

    Wintec Cair Saddles - PROBLEMS YOU HAVE HAD

    not trolling for woe lol - as it states and answers you quite clearly: its feedback on issues and problems people have had. (and hence good reviews not needed or background): "Im trying to get an idea of how many people have had problems with Wintec Cair Saddles." and "im doing a problem report...
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    Wintec Cair Saddles - PROBLEMS YOU HAVE HAD

    Wintec essentially but willing to hear about Bates too as same company and Cair . Thanks
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    Wintec Cair Saddles - PROBLEMS YOU HAVE HAD

    Im trying to get an idea of how many people have had problems with Wintec Cair Saddles. Please can anyone who has had issues with the Cair saddles, please list what you have had in detail. For example: Cair panels 'breaking' or failing. Cair panels making a noise. The saddle being...
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    Wintec Saddles (Weatherbeeta), Independent Saddle Inspection?

    Does anyone know who Wintec uses to have an 'Independent Saddle Inspection' when they have saddles returned to them? For some unknown reason, they are refusing to give this information out to me on my saddle? They had an agreement with me that they were sending it to be to be assessed but now...
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    Made to Measure Saddles? Is it worth the risk?

    Im having a mare to find a decent saddle to fit my horse, so looking at the made to measure market so i can get it tweaked to what we need without a ridiculous budget busting price. My biggest concerns are: It not fitting when it arrives, Not being suitable when it is being ridden in...
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    le mieux pro sorb/mattes correction pad or something else

    What size/make saddles did you use the prolite and prosorb pads under? im looking for one now and was going to buy the large for a 17.5 saddle but im thinking i need a medium unstead?
  18. J

    Pessoa Amo?

    Has anyone got one or used one? Good and bad reviews please
  19. J

    best jump saddle for 14.2 cob x

    Pessoas - can you guys tell me what models you have and what shape your horse is? currently considering one now but never seen one.
  20. J

    best jump saddle for 14.2 cob x

    how did you get on? i need your saddler!!! sounds great to carry so much stock to try.
  21. J

    Please recommend a no rub fly rug for thin skinned tb.

    ive a masta and also a derby house both full necks and neither rubbed
  22. J

    Unmolassed, alfalfa and soya oil free chaff? Thunderbrooks or..?

    Simple systems is mainly based on alfalfa (lucerne) or grass nuts. plus postage on top. Dengie alfalfa nuts (£11 for 25kg) , friendship estates/badminton feeds do grass nuts (£7 for 25kg) or emerald feeds so grass nuts and alfalfa nuts, all bought much cheaper and in local agri shops without...
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    Jumping Arabs?

    Brilliant replies and photos, thank you everyone. I have so much more hope, if only I could get him to grow another hand I wouldnt feel so bad on him lol. I will get some photos sorted out and post them. Another quick question....SADDLES? What jumping saddles do you use? Ideally he is...
  24. J

    Thoroughbreds and saddle fitting......

    my lad has a T8 high wither jump saddle and its been brilliant for him and me. adjust it 2x a year with weight gain/loss etc and looks like leather. competed up to 1m in it. had it on ebay for £230 less than 6mth old!! mega bargain . already looking for another one for my youngster in 17" :-)
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    Jumping Arabs?

    Warm up is a learning curve atm and have had the PING more than a few times lol. Brilliant links and info everyone, thank you :-) Everyone thinks he is a crossbred Arab and shocked to hear he is very well bred Crabbet lol. I just feel so odd on him from riding 16hh to this little dinky but...
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    Event or Jump Saddles?

    What do you prefer if doing courses up to 1m for jumping, and for XC / HT etc? Looking to get a new one for my lad but unsure if a jumping saddle will be secure enough for XC or an event saddle will be forward cut enough for SJ? On a budget (under £1k new/used) so need to get it right first...
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    Jumping Arabs?

    Does anyone compete SJ / BE on pure bred Arabs? What level are you competing at? Especially if adults riding 14.1-2hh height ones. How do you feel against adults on horses? or children on ponies? Also what saddles do you use, event or jump?
  28. J

    Horse & house sitting cardiff/caerphilly area

    If you pm me your information i can ask my friend who does this part time. Glowing references will be available for dogs and horses she have cared for. She lives near Cardiff.
  29. J

    Legs filling in stable on box rest, bandages or stable wraps?

    Same diet as my guy apart from hay not haylage :) Not had any cereals for 3yrs, very low sugars/starches etc. The hind legs swell more than the front so i only now have to bandage the hinds overnight and leave the fronts off now he has been stabled for a fortnight he is more used to it plus...
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    Legs filling in stable on box rest, bandages or stable wraps?

    He is only on a high fibre, adlib hay, usually lives out, and has absolutely no hard feed / cereals what so ever. Exceptionally strict with his diet on that account and has been since he arrived. Certainly dont give sugar beet due to the molasses or any complete feed as it is usually filled with...