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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    Stella - having stalked her breeding from the other thread. she’s a lovely mare, I hope you have many happy years with her!
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    Loaning - what happens to tack?

    Don’t forgot to include something in the contract about replacing/renewing tack. I loaned my old pony out whilst I was at uni, went with full tack, came back without a bridle, fair enough they’d had him for 4 years and it wasn’t new to start with - they’d replaced mine with their own but then...
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    Videos of your horses getting up from rolling/lying down

    He look like our Shetland does - like he can’t quite get his front feet in the right place as he gets up. our Shetland has shoulder dysplasia - he will toe in and bend on the side with the bad shoulder, we put it down to him not having the same range of movement on that side as the other so it...
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    Grass livery?

    We pay per acre per month - works out at £300 a month, but we have sole use of 4.5 acre field with shelter (3 stables) and storage. you can’t use the stables as stables unless emergency (colic, hopping lame etc) as our field is too far from the main yard for the staff to keep an ear out if...
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    Horses - recognition of human faces research

    Mine definitely recognise the car. I can see them as I drive up the main drive - by the time I get to the top yard they’re meeting me at the gate. My welsh D gets incredibly confused if I’m at the stables with my niece, cousin and aunt - there’s an incredible familial resemblance, literally we...
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    Horsey items you've had your moneys worth from

    I’ve also got a Musto Snug that must be at least 20 years old, I bought another one last year - there was literally nothing wrong with the old one, I just wanted a different colour and my original one just wouldn’t die! I don’t think I’ll need to buy another yard jacket ever again!
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    Electric wheelbarrows - anyone got one?

    Ouch at the price although it sounds a fantastic idea! I wonder if you could put something together using a motor mover for a caravan and an old wheelbarrow?
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    When would you expect livery yards to reopen

    Our yard has honestly been brilliant in comparison to some others I’ve read about on here. we have over 200 horses across a couple of yards on a single site. we’re all still allowed to go up as normal - the only caveats have been dont hang around chatting, don’t use someone else’s tools, don’t...
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    Welshies with Parc bloodlines. Temperament?

    Mines got Parc, Thorneyside and a dash of Nebo. He’s...special. loves people, will follow you round the field all day if your in there with him, can be horribly jealous of other horses (will have a teeth barred fighting match with the other horse if I’ve walked two to the field at the same...
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    Acavello Opera v Flex On Incline Ultimate

    Looks like the Opera is the way to go then - thanks everyone!
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    Acavello Opera v Flex On Incline Ultimate

    I think that’s what’s attracting me to the opera - they orientate properly to the stirrup leather rather than the flex on which are old style flat holes. I always feel like I’m fighting a bit of tension in the leather with the flat style ones.
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    Acavello Opera v Flex On Incline Ultimate

    Hi was wondering if anyone had any opinions of either the Acavello Opera or Flex On incline stirrup irons? has anyone used one or the other (or both?) ive been looking at the Flex On ones and asked at our local tack shop today - they don’t stock flex on but did recommend the Acavello ones. I...