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    Eventing and frangible pins

    After reading about the very sad news of another Eventer who passed away after a rotational fall: How many jumps nowadays are made safe for horse and rider by using frangible pins (or other ways of making it a collapsable fence instead of a solid one)? Shouldn't this become mandatory across...
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    Cleaning cat litter (absorbable crystals) - poo into loo?

    A few months ago I have changed from using clumping cat litter to using crystals (Tigerino from Zooplus). Recently I've started disposing the poo into the loo. It's so much quicker than to put it into plastic bags and then into our domestic/black bag waste. Obviously I try and put as...
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    Tips for collecting sample of wee from 8 month old kitten...

    Hi there all fellow cat-lovers :) Sorry I'm going to ramble on a bit but I would welcome any advice to my question in the subject line. We haven't had our 8 month old kitten spayed yet, and she's either having a 'big' first season, because when she's using the litter tray, her urine is...
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    Coolstance Copra in exchange for carrots!!

    I've already placed this thread in the regional board, but I'm not getting any views there. I have used only 4 handfuls of a new bag of the Copra, but my horse is very fussy and refuses to touch it. It's still as fresh as the day I opened it. Due to it being so heavy, unfortunately you'll have...
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    Swap Coolstance Copra in exchange for carrots :)

    I have used only 4 handfuls of a new bag of the Copra, but my horse is very fussy and refuses to touch it. It's still as fresh as the day I opened it. Due to it being so heavy, unfortunately you'll have to come and collect it where I work or at home (Hastings area). PM me for further details.
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    Your opinion on this dry dog food please

    I'm considering switching my two dogs over to the following dry food as now need a senior but economical feed (used to have them on Autarky chicken): Grain Free Senior Dog Food Chicken, Sweet Potato And Veg. Sensitive 15kg for £28.50 (Made in the UK) PERFECT PET FOODS COMPLETE SENIOR...
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    Petition: future of countryside access incl horse riding

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I think the following petition would be a good one to sign please:
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    Alabama Rot in your area?

    Don't know if this has been posted before but you can search on the following website if there's been reported cases in your area: I was shocked to see that there are 2 cases in my local area! I've always thought it was more of a problem 'up...
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    Pets on beds

    Do you also share your bed with dogs/cats? I couldn't be without mine cuddled up next to me, and I know touching their warm bodies with a hand or foot relaxes me and help me to fall asleep. Is it wrong that I'm planning on getting a mounting block - not for the yard - but to place next to my...
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    Gold Label Vitaminised Mineral supplement

    I'm trying to find out what exactly this supplement contains. I've been unable to find the info online. I've already sent an email to Gold Label at the beginning of the week but haven't heard back from them yet. Will give it until next week before I call them. Just thought someone on...
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    'Raw diet not as healthy as you might think' Article

    I've just read the following article: No doubt all the 'dog experts' on here are already aware of the risks involved with feeding the raw diet and the importance of keeping it all hygienic, just thought I'd post the link to...
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    Smart heavyweight hunter over therse ->->->->->

    Wish I could win the lottery...
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    Eileen Douglas Tackshops sale incl Masta rugs

    Worth having a look at their website for sale items, which include a selection of Masta rugs, although not all sizes are still available.
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    Amigo/Mio vs Pessoa or Gallop turnout rugs

    I don't know if anyone have also noticed, but I'm sure the new Amigo and Mio rugs have become quite significantly more expensive (on ebay). I always used to think I might as well buy a new one instead of having an existing one washed, reproofed and sometimes repaired, as it used to work out...
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    Grand National - yay or nay?

    They've started talking about the Grand National in the media and I'm sure for those working in the horse-racing industry, they're probably already counting the days to the big race. I personally have stopped watching the Grand National because I've seen a view too many poor horses breaking...
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    Fantastic (but lengthy) article on Navicular

    Thought I'd share this article as I thought it was excellent and made for useful reading. Digging for the truth about navicular syndrome by Peter Ramey (copyright 2005)
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    Best feed for cat with renal problems

    My 15 year old beautiful Chinchilla has been diagnosed with one completely dysfunctional kidney and the second isn't doing a perfect job either. She's been instructed to go onto a specialist renal diet as the lower protein in those food means it's easier for the kidneys to digest. At the...
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    Passed yet more riders who didn't thank me for slowing down

    Rant - sorry. I really can't believe that there are still horse riders out hacking who do not make any sort of effort whatsoever to thank drivers who slow down for them. The 2 horses who I passed the other day seemed to be very good on the road - no spooking about or not even 'looking' at...
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    Any experience with Maine Coone cats?

    I have very sadly lost my 14 year old Silverpoint Persian (Kleintjie) to cancer about a month ago. Two surgeries had given her a bit more time, but we were thereafter forced to go for the euthanasia option due to the location of the new tumor and how agressive her cancer was. Her half sister...
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    A Memorial Tribute of KFPS Friesian Stallion Alert 475 Sport A very sad loss and a beautiful memorial. (Please keep guys, no criticism as the owners a truly mourning their loss.)
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    Cats' tear stains

    Sorry if it's already been asked in the past already. Do you know a of commercially available product which would help clear tear stains in white (Chincilla and Silverpoint Persian) cats? I've tried a few now without great success. Or even a human product that would do the trick...
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    What happened to the Kep Italia helmet thread?

    Was it pulled because the manufacturer's didn't want any bad publicity? I was half way through reading it with interested the other day, and now can't find it?
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    Navicular syndrome - Excellent video

    I thought this was an excellent video. Posted on youtube by Jean Luc Cornille, Science of Motion "This brief manipulation demonstrates the kinematics abnormalities causing the development of navicular syndrome. The kinematics abnormalities can be corrected allowing the remodeling process...
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    When they pooh in the wrong place...

    deleted this as I failed to upload photo posted in Vet section
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    I'm starting this tread as it transpired that there were many people on here that had strong opinions on the way that Jean Luc Cornill started and strainging and proceeds with Chazot's training. So I'm hoping everyone will now comment on THIS threat rahter on Michen's, as it wasn't an...
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    St Michaels Hospice RC Annual Show 6th September Catsfield

    Another horse show with proceeds going to a very worthy cause, St Michaels Hospice
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    Netherfield 10 Mile Horse Ride 12&13 September

    Though I'd post this in case anyone would like to go Proceeds going to local Tenderheart Charity
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    Riding hat replacement every few years - recommended?

    Just wondering if you think/know the guidelines to do with replacing a riding hat say every 5 years, even if you've not had a fall while wearing it or e.g. haven't dropped it on the ground by accident. I suspect if you were to ask the manufacturers and tack shops, that they would say oh yes...
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    Cow parsley - frowned upon to pick this?

    Just wondering if it's okay to pick some of this from e.g. verges or hedges? I obviously won't pick it from someone's garden, but would really like to stop the car on the way to the yard and pick some for my horse. Would this be frowned upon? Personally I've never really liked seeing e.g...