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    God cats are demanding..........

    Demanding? Cats? God yes! Give me a puppy over a kitten any day! I don't 'do' cats, they are farm/stableyard animals, with a job to do aren't they? So how did we end up with one? Well, OH was working in the garden one day in summer and he could hear a sqeaking sound. On investigation he...
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    in the christmas spirit; let's dump a sick kitten

    Hope she's still doing well today
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    in the christmas spirit; let's dump a sick kitten

    So sorry, I hope she picks up.
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    in the christmas spirit; let's dump a sick kitten

    Our kitten turned up on the lane crying for food at around four weeks old.I don't like cats but we couldn't just leave him, here in Bulgaria it's common for litters of puppies and kittens to be dumped. Neutering is considered unnatural and he came from the direction of the bin. We looked for...
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    Morning all

    Happy Christmas everyone. Hoping to do something different if we have the same temperatures as yesterday and have our dinner out in the garden. (Bulgaria)
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    Imported rescue dogs

    By the way, we brough our part lab rescue out here with us, she came as an eight week puppy from a dedicated lab rescue even though we both worked, albeit different hours, and all the checks were done. There are a lot out there and not all are charities, just people trying to help by giving...
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    Imported rescue dogs

    I don't know if Romania is the same as Bulgaria, but it is quite difficult to get an animal humanely destroyed which means that people choose their own way of getting rid of dogs, whether their own or feral. Antifreeze in meat is common and indiscriminate, as are other poisons, shooting and much...
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    Imported rescue dogs

    Just wrote and deleted a long post about the dreadful situation here in Bulgaria, but it turned into a book so all I will say is that I do not believe sending street dogs for re-homing in the UK (or Germany or Austria) is the answer to the problems, it is far too big and as pointed out there are...
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    Has anyone had a painting commissioned of a horse?

    Yes, my OH does pet portraits and wildlife so I get them for nothing!
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    Hyundai Sanata Fe vs Nissan X Trail?

    Can't comment on towing horses, but can on an older x-trail. We bought an 04 high milage diesel one to bring us, the two dogs, and jam packed full(even the leg wells) over to Bulgaria and it was brilliant in every situation, bad roads, mountains in deluge situation, drives like a car. We do a...
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    Centaur appaloosa , tracing pedigree

    Wow, blast from the past! I used to stay with them in the early 70s. Unfortunately lost touch, now only memories and a few black and white photos.
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    Blog Swap?

    In reply to your original post, I do a blog about our new life in Bulgaria....No horses! I have had to give up horses now owing to arthritis (and age!) but am starting to miss the contact as we had to leave our boy behind when we moved. I am now starting to make contact with local horse people...
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    Little update on Major, follow on from our 'saddle woes' thread!

    The smile on your face says it all!
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    My girls ( and boy!)

    Ahhh that takes me back to my days as polo groom....more years ago than I care to remember. Lovely ponies.
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    What do you give as token feeds?

    A handful each of unmolassed chaff, unmolassed beet, any supplements due.
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    Cant even give them away!!

    It could be the 'free' thing that makes people wary, they will wonder what's wrong with them. If a charity won't take them there is always Preloved too and you will get more local people asking, you can put pics on and I have sold furniture with damage and dog hairs but stated the damage. Could...
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    Careers after working with horses

    After 20 years went into business with Mum, catering, then was a house sitter for years and then catering again. Last job was home shopper in major supermarket. Now ansolutely physically knackered and living off the land in Bulgaria! Missing having a horse but not when under feet of snow with...
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    Only fools ON horses?

    Jenni Falconer won it with Nicki Chapman second (I think). I'm sure Robert Smith was involved too somewhere. Will have to google too. I should imagine it was quite difficult to put on and I am sure there were a few accidents so it would have been expensive. Great for us armchair critics though!
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    Am I being Silly?

    You will learn to live with it. Losing my lovely mare after 25 years broke my heart too, and eight years on it can still bring me to tears if I have to talk about her. But you have to live with it even though it hurts to, and enjoy the memories, photos, videos for what they were, a wonderful...
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    Working or famous horses, Cortez, anyone else?

    As was Red Rum who used to spend his hols with my vet. First time I saw him, with head collar and rug held together with baler twine, I argued that it couldn't be him! He was tiny (I worked with huge dressage horses at the time) but no-one would nick him from the field!
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    When did you fall in love...

    About six months! I only realised I had when she was about to be sold as she was difficult and stubborn and I was tired of fighting. But she suddenly came right, or we clicked or something and she turned out to be a horse of a life time who was with me 25 years till she died. To say I was...
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    I'm really sorry but i am too excited not to share...

    I knew someone who did something similar before taking up a career in law and had an incredible time. Even if one doesn't live up to expectations you at least know you will only be there a limited time. Enjoy it and don't forget the photos.
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    Dead pony dumped at side of the road in Chobham :(

    Indiscriminate breeding, cost of castration, cost of disposal of dead animals. It's bound to continue.
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    I should have worn a hat.

    Well written! Had me in stitches.... Hope you are OK now. Give those brambles a good smacking!
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    Equestrian Bloggers This has been done in the last couple of days. Happy reading.
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    Would you pay more for nicer place or better horse care ?

    I suppose people who work full time to keep their horses would like to ride on days other than days off, especially with the sort of weather you get meaning your one or two days off might coincide with awful riding conditions. You should get people interested. Spick and span is not necessarily...
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    Rarer than the giant panda

    I like Clevelands too, and have had dealings with a couple of breeders in the past. But unless they outcrossed in some way to get new blood I don't actually think they can survive as it seems inbreeding is common, which is bound to bite them on the bum one day. No idea about other rare breeds.
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    Looking for places to go hacking S.Bucks

    I worked in Ibstone, near Stokenchurch, years ago and people used to park on the common to ride in the area. I rarely rode on the roads and when I did it was only for short distances. Might be worth looking at a map of the area.
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    Does anyone here have a horsey blog?

    I used to avoid blogs, wondering why anyone would bother to read of a stranger's life. But I started to read them when researching life in Bulgaria when we were trying to decide if we wanted to move here. I think they are a great way of reading of others' experiences in whatever you want to do...
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    Best present?

    OH painted a portrait of our lad who we had to leave behind when we moved to Bulgaria.