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    Phrases that get up your nose?

    That phrase is my absolute pet hate! Funny when you ask seller if they've had any other viewers of said horse.... and they have!!
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    Hobble for travelling-or any other options?

    Would it be worth, on your next drive home, to continue past your yard, turn round and drive back and forth down your home lane, in the hope that after a while your horse will stop getting so excited?
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    Unexpected hike in cost of field – wwyd?

    What you could do is state that you are a good tenant who has kept the place clean and tidy and not complained about the rubbish and the fencing. State that you're upset at the suggestion that you've 'diddled' him with the third horse as this is what was agreed at the outset, and woe, how you...
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    If you've had a horse that was 14.2hh at 4yo.. Did it grow?

    I think Rosie was 14.1hh at 3yrs old and 14.2hh at 4yrs onwards!! And now at 20yrs old she's shrinking! I'd have rather she'd have made 15hh like her dam or 15.1hh like her sire, but actually, it didn't matter at all and we've had a blast!!
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    Stolen/Missing. Beloved friend

    The first thing anyone will do (probably) when stealing this pony, is full clip him. Apart from the markings round his muzzle and eyes, does he have any other distinguishing features such as melanomas, lumps, bumps, strange or endearing habits? Something that anyone as an adjacent livery...
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    Keeping horses near bee hives?

    Thank you to everyone. I have been to look at said field and there are about 20 hives altogether. 10 in the field shelter and the others situated nearby. There was a strong smell of honey emanating! So I don't think the field will be available to rent. I was hoping the hives were in a...
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    Keeping horses near bee hives?

    It's more the fact that there is a field to rent locally and it has bee hives in it. Didn't know whether to risk it, and/or if the bee keeper would let me put some sort of solid fence (like garden larch lap stuff) around the hives between the horses and them. I will enquire with the bee...
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    Keeping horses near bee hives?

    Thanks both for the reply.... hmmmm, I was thinking more of a 10m gap away. Not 50m and two hedges. That sort of scuppers my idea! eek! Thanks ;)
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    Keeping horses near bee hives?

    I know that bees (in hives) aren't keen on horses But how far should hives be from grazing neddies? Would a larch-lap style 6ft high fence with vegetation on the hive side be enough to deter bees from flying en masse to attack horses or do you really need to be far far away?? Thanks
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    Fantastic Freya and Brilliant Borde Hill

    Once again, your videos are great ;) !! And it's not just ginger TB mares that are fab, little Welshie gingers are too :) xx
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    Looking for details re some of my pony's family tree The ones with the red star have photos attached I couldn't find Knockadteen Lady though :(
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    Feeding round bale hay in the field in winter to a 'cough-er'

    Thank you both..... maybe I need to construct a round bale hut and then fork it over the fence. Paddock owners may not like that though. Oh well, will have to ask.
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    Feeding round bale hay in the field in winter to a 'cough-er'

    I am soon moving house and horses. I have found a couple of small paddocks to rent near to my new home, which have no stabling/field shelter/hay storage.... (I hope to find somewhere else with storage facilities and stables before winter or be able to put up a moveable field shelter).... but in...
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    saddle woes causing loss of confidence?

    Have you tried riding her bareback? (If you have before and know she's OK normally?) As this is a good way of determining whether the saddle is actually the problem. It's something I tried with one of my youngsters who moved strangely on a downward transition. Having ascertained that it...
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    Fidleywood Fern II. 10yr old light chestnut/almost palomino New Forest mare.

    Would also like to trace Fidleywood Fern II (A New Forest Pony) whom I sold 7yrs ago to a lovely lady with 2 kids in the Coulsdon area of Surrey. They renamed Fern 'Spirit'. I would love to know where Fern/Spirit is and how she's getting on. I'm sure the children will have outgrown her by...
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    Wellow Spruce. 10yr old New Forest Mare. Would like to know how she is?

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of this mare? I sold her to the Ardingly area of Sussex 7yrs ago to a lady with a young daughter and went to visit her once or twice. But felt I was encroaching, so didn't continue. Miss the little mare a lot. Often wonder how she is. She's liver...
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    Can you ever get miniature Shetlands needing a home

    There's a charity near me in Sussex that has about 40 as one of my friends 'rescued' a poor tiny little stallion, he was castrated and went to this charity. I'm sure most are drowning in small ponies!
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    Trailer trouble. Please help!

    Pretty much every time my 20yr old mare has started doing the same thing as yours in my trailer, there's turned out to be something wrong with the trailer. Always the brakes/tyres. Get a 'proper' trailer repair company to check your trailer out. If the tyres are over-inflated it won't...
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    "POA" - sellers - why not just say what the price is?

    I totally agree! I've phoned up about several horses over the years with the POA in the advert.... and the seller and I have hedged around the price for sale/money available. They are probably hoping I've got more money to spend than they meant to ask for and I wouldn't say because usually I...
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    My First SJ Fall - not the best of SoE reports!

    Eek! Poor you. :( He looks fab in all the photos. I have done exactly the same as you with the same consequences. Being on a pony of a similar size, I've taken off before she has and the outcome has been either that or a smashed face on her neck/poll and seeing stars. Hope your hip...
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    Fitting a 5 point breast tight?

    Most people seem to have them on for show - as everything is done up so loose the breastplates flap about. Surely they've got to be done up relatively tight at the beginning as if your saddle slips back once you get going, it freely will with a loose breastplate?
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    paddock spraying help

    Hi Kelpie I've got a miniscule amount of land to you, so I spray my paddocks by hand with a 10 litre knapsack sprayer (though I only fill it to 7ltr as it's so heavy!) My weedkiller of choice is Grazon 90 which I buy mail order from Mole Valley Farmers. We are on clay so suffer with dock...
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    Dear Mr Event Photographer

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    ***BS 3 month membership for BE members running again**

    Does your horse have to be micro-chipped though? Which is a normal requirement for BS membership these days if you've not been a member for years
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    What do I do with a horse I can't face keeping and can't sell??? Sick of crying

    Your post strikes a chord with me too.... as I was in a similar position with my Rosie (who is now 20yrs old)! I bought her as a 2yr old from a stud, and from day one she was a nervous wreck about everything. At the time of breaking her I had a shetland pony and a 15.2hh very well behaved...
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    Walked Munstead BE today !

    Thanks for the update.... I am competing from lunchtime onwards tomorrow, though worried I'm going to wake up in the morning and find the white stuff laying around. All plaited and smart and no party to go to!
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    Question for loan or buy??

    No advice anyone can give other than to keep looking for another loan or consider buying your own. Loaning a horse/pony is such a risky business that a lot of people are rather averse to doing it. Plus, the horse can get ruined or chucked back at the most inconvenient moment. Selling is...
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    Bored shetland - ideas?

    My shetland does lots of unridden outings. Mostly ride and lead with my mare. Woods, roads, beach. He jumps fallen trees, wades through the river. Is really useful for flushing pheasants and deer which he's not scared of but Rosie is! He is also wicked at long-reining. Finds it all...
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    How do I stop my horse wobbling his lip?

    Does he only do it when he's wearing a bridle or headcollar? If so, that suggests that both are affecting a nerve/tickling him. Try without a noseband maybe?
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    FREE Made to Measure -Brogini's and De Niros

    'If it sounds to good to be true.... it probably is' There was me hoping to get a free pair of boots! ;) Ho hum!!