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    Livery/grazing near Bridgwater

    Hi, I’m looking for livery for 2 geldings, or stables and grazing for rent or sale, near Bridgwater. Preferably near Cannington/ Nether Stowey/ Holford. Thanks
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    Trakenher advice

    Hi, we are currently looking for a new horse for my husband to ride and have found a lovely 16hh Trakehner x TB. We need a horse who is keen to compete up to BE100 but also happy and relaxed when out hacking. We are a little bit cautious because we have had no past experience of Trakenhers. Can...
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    Riding trousers for men

    Can anyone recommend riding trousers for men as my OH wants a new pair for Christmas. He has a pair of Equetech ones that he bought about 18 months ago, but they don't seem to be on their website now. He doesn't like jodhpurs, but likes riding trousers as he can wear them with chaps and his...
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    Taunton/ bridgwater area

    I am looking for DIY livery or small yard to rent or buy in this area. Any suggestions? Thanks x
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    Arghh YO and hunting - rant!

    I have just been told by my YO that the hunt will be coming through all our fields in the morning and that all horses will need to stay in. While, I appreciate being told before the event I am annoyed that all of us on the farm were not asked if we would be happy for this to happen. I know it is...
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    Greenwich yesterday..rude adults!

    Had an amazing time with my daughter at the Dressage yesterday, and fabulous to see Charlotte winning her gold and Laura getting bronze. But gutted for Carl missing out. It was sooo hot in the stands we thought we were going to melt. Just one gripe, on an otherwise perfect day (and sort of...
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    Anyone going to olympic dressage 9th August

    Hi, my brother has just told me I can have his tickets for the dressage on 9th August. Very excited but I can't find out any details about start times, what is on, etc. Anyone else going, or anyone know where I can get the details. Also, we're not sure how he goes about giving me the tickets -...
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    Sorry..another "am I too big" question!

    This is for my OH really. He is very annoyed that the local village busy-body had a go at him when he was riding last night to say he was too big for our horse. She really is a pain:( So the details: OH is just under 6 foot and no more than 13st. Saddle is not a heavy one and we don't have...
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    Britains Lost Routes

    Just finished watching this on BBC1 - anyone else see it? They were taking four highland cows, accompanied by two Highland ponies, from Skye to Stirling, following the old drove routes. It looked amazing riding (the farmer on one of the Highlands was 82!) and the ponies were so well behaved...
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    Head cams

    I would like to get my OH a head cam for his birthday - any suggestions for ones that are good or ones that I should avoid? Thanks x
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    So proud of my boys :)

    I'm so proud and happy that my OH got first place today in an inter RC dressage comp. He has only been riding for a year (after I became ill and couldn't ride my cob) and has done a few local dressage comps. Well today he was really nervous for the first time as he was representing our RC and...
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    Doggie holidays

    Hi, I'm usually to be found on the Horse new lounge forum but thought I would venture on to here to ask for some advice. I have two lovely Border Terriers, Connie and Chip, (I will add pictures later when I am at home) and we take them on holiday with us every year. We've run out of ideas for...
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    After struggling for a year with ever increasing pain and tiredness, I have now been told that is very likely that I have Fibromyalgia. Whilst it is good to finally have a diagnosis, I am desolate at the thought that this is a chronic condition that I will be living with forever. I am only 45...
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    I wish I had a cob...

    Not me saying this as I am lucky enough to own an amazing cob. This was said to me last night by my YO who has always been a bit snooty about my cob. When she bought her new horse (ex-racehorse but seems a nice chap) she was strutting around telling everyone how fast he was, how high he...
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    For those of you with your own land...

    Just wanted to pick your brains. I am desperate to move to a property with my own land. I keep my horse on a nice farm just next to our current house. Horse has lovely big 6 acre field, and the hacking is great. However, I just get frustrated by little things on the yard...bitchiness between the...
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    Hairy feather trimming advice needed

    Hello, my traditional HW cob has very hairy legs which I want to tidy up. Is their an alternative to clipping them off, which I can easily do, but I hate that shaved look that he has for a few weeks after.Is it possible to use a mane thinning rake just to tidy them up? Any ideas would be great...
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    Working livery costs?

    I'm currently doing BHS Horse Owners Certificate 3 and we have been discussing different forms of livery. Our challenge for next week is to find out how much people pay to keep their horse on working livery at a riding school and what it involves. If anyone can help I would be very grateful...
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    Lovely horsey afternoon

    My very un-horsey 19yr old son is home from uni for the holidays and announced today that he wanted to ride my cob! So off we set (his first time on a horse) around our village, Merlin cob being so good and gentle and son grinning from ear to ear. I had a lead rope attached to the bridle, just...
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    Stain removers for filthy cob?

    Can anyone recommend a good stain remover that will work removing poo and mud stains? My piebald cob always manages to lie on poo in his stable overnight - and always on the white patches - never the black! I don't want to wash him as it is too cold - but really hate riding out with him looking...
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    Rein back help needed

    Apologies for this being a numpty question but I am doing my first Trec in a couple of weeks and need to be able to do a rein back for the PTV course. My cob is very good at going forwards and will occasionally go backwards if he sees something he doesn't like... but I get the feeling that with...
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    Trec at Stockland Lovell

    Is anyone planning to do the winter series Trec competition at Stockland Lovell, Somerset on 30th October? I am hoping to take my cob and have a go. It will be our first time so just going to see what it's all about and have a laugh really. Does anyone have any ideas for exercises we...
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    Help, my husband has stolen my horse!

    I was ill today and so couldn't do my lesson - my husband (who has only riden him for 10 minutes before today) decided he would step in and do the lesson! He rode him for the full hour - even cantered over poles! He is now the expert on all things horsey and is planning to hack him out tomorrow...
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    Livery near bridgwater

    Hi, does anyone know of a good DIY livery near Bridgwater with spaces. Must have all year turnout and good hacking. Thanks
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    My first post so please be gentle with me. I have owned a 15hh WelshxTB since June and although it has been a rollercoaster experince he has really settled down recently and we have got into a good routine. He is on part livery (in at night/out in day) and I try to ride or lunge 4/5 times a...