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  1. npage123

    Looking for Livery! Hastings area?

    Delighted that you have found a yard that's right for you and your horse. Best of luck that you're both truly happy there!
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    Looking for Livery! Hastings area?

    Any luck so far Norn?
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    Looking for Livery! Hastings area?

    Pebsham Equestrian Centre - well run, good facilities, good reputation, regular events. Not too far away in miles from where you are, but due to traffic you'll have to decide if you're able to get there twice a day... But they do offer assisted (and full) services for those days that you can't...
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    New kitten

    He's adorable :D Love Mogwai! Tiny would work very well too. Scrap J'adore Beaut Smoky/Sooty
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    Non-horsey people running a yard? What do you think?

    Sure, there's nothing stopping anyone from opening a livery yard, so yes it is possible. However for me personally, this won't be a yard that I would ever move to as I feel it's critical that there's a very knowledgeable and experiences horsey person available preferably '24 hours a day'. So...
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    Rest in Peace, Ned

    I'm very sorry, Chan. You've paid a lovely tribute to him and it's great that you can reflect on loads of fun, happy and special times spent with him. It's a gorgeous photo that you've posted. Hang in there xxx
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    Gaps in the Equine product and service market

    Oh gosh, LOVE that horse, and almost just as much the riding on a looong rein. I'm sure all the sure-footed Welsh horses at TransWales Trials would be able to complete that course too (not my Oldie, a TB, though).
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    Eventing and frangible pins

    Thank you Shay. You've explained it all very well in a well-balanced post. Thanks for the much needed education on the topic.
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    Eventing and frangible pins

    After reading about the very sad news of another Eventer who passed away after a rotational fall: How many jumps nowadays are made safe for horse and rider by using frangible pins (or other ways of making it a collapsable fence instead of a solid one)? Shouldn't this become mandatory across...
  10. npage123

    Hoof pick monthly subscription service? 😂

    Really? I am genuinely puzzled by this, not trying to be rude. Is this because you don't own or aren't responsible for any equines any longer (lol)? Or are they all barefoot? Do you at least still check their soles daily for any embedded stones etc?
  11. npage123

    Fancy dress charity ride

    Well done with the effort of making the unicorn but LOL, I would have laughed so much at the sight of that thang flopping up and down and left and right... I was wondering - it's not really fancy dress - but how about using (pink for breast cancer?) chalk and drawing your horse's skeletal...
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    Massage or Heat pad

    Yes sorry, I should have clarified - I was referring to the handheld massage pad. If I win the lottery, I'll get an Equissage back pad.
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    Massage or Heat pad

    I bought the Equilibrium massage pad at a discount on Black Friday - I think it was reduced from £120 to £80. I'm using it on my semi-retired TB and it helps so much with increased blood supply that when touching the muscle groups which I've just done, I can actually feel the heat coming from...
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    Hyundai Santa Fe (4x4)

    I've possibly used to have a different model Santa Fe to yours, but was told it didn't have the towing capacity for the size/weight of my horse and the trailer which I was planning on buying. I'd strongly advice you to ask Rog - he's very kindly started a thread where you can ask all sorts of...
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    How Not To Transport An Injured Rider...

    I'm guessing this was done during a first-aid type demonstration with a live audience? But judging from the pony's reaction, it seems as if this was the first time ever that he has been made to carry a board and dummy on his back... What were they trying to achieve by doing this? To make you...
  16. npage123

    Still giving you all the credit for this!

    Well done both of you! He seems to concentrate/respect the higher fences even better :) My guess is the future holds great things for the two of you.
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    Saddle cloth recommendations

    Griffin Nuumed - I always use a Dressage Numnah or Saddlepad HiWither for my TB. However check out their website - they've got various designs, features, colours etc to choose from.
  18. npage123

    Weigh tape weight v weighbridge weight

    I think you've hit the nail on the head... The heaviest part of their body is the neck and head, and maybe weightape manufacturers don't/can't incorporate that area of the horse's body with their calculations?
  19. npage123

    Julius K-9 harness views?

    I love my Julius K9 and even with my Staffie's big shoudler built, it fits him comfortably. Doesn't rub anywhere as it moves plenty enough as each leg takes a step forward. I have to be honest though that if he was a built for speed and not strength, and if he was still young, then the front...
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    Ear drops alternatives/tips?

    Good advice give already, but just thought I'd say: be very careful when poking dogs' ears - they do love it but you could very easily cause an injury to the inner ear or push grub/loosened wax down into the canal the technique when using ear drops are critical - if not done correctly, most...
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    Where and how does your dog sleep at night?

    All the cats and dogs we've ever had, have had free access to the bed. Since living here in the UK, I've sadly lost a few pets. Firstly lost a gorgeous, superbly trained Staffie (at 16 years old, he had a massive stroke one evening and no question about it, immediately had to be PTS). He would...
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    Lungeing problems

    Sorry about the problems you're having. It can be frustrating if things go wrong when all you want to do is get things right and get to know your mare better. I'm guessing your mare is still quite green schooling-wise, or have had some sort of physical or behavioral problem in the past which...
  23. npage123

    Emile Faurie Lecture Demonstration

    Oh thank you so very much for letting us know about this! I love Emile, not only because of the good rider he has become, but also because started his riding lessons at the same riding school in South Africa where I used to ride. Even after becoming world-famous and a top level rider, he...
  24. npage123

    Good breeds for short chunky riders

    Ooh the Canadian horse sounds lovely indeed! What a shame that you haven't been able to find any local to you yet. One benefit of living on a small Island is you can drive halfway up the country if you really have to within a day (not necessarily with a horsebox/trailer though) but in most...
  25. npage123

    Good breeds for short chunky riders

    Just done a bit of a google search (which immediately tells you I haven't got personal experience with this breed), but have you ridden a few 'Canadian horses' to see if they're the type of horse you'll like? They sound extremely versatile, e.g. great leisure horse, can be used for driving...
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    Do you talk to your Cat or is it just me? lol

    No, it's definitely not only you! I talk to my 2 cats, 2 dogs and horse ;)
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    What sort of dog is that

  28. npage123

    Cheap rugs for Cobs anyone tried Saxon?

    I've never had a Saxon turnout, but have got a Saxon fleece, and on my 16.2 TB it's not roomy enough over the withers and too tight on his shoulder area, so if I use this rug as an underrug for turnout, it must be annoying for him over the withers and within days he'll loose a lot of hair along...
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    Cleaning cat litter (absorbable crystals) - poo into loo?

    OH NO!! Thank you so much for the info JennBags. Like NACD said - back to the plastic bags! Because only the poo needs to be removed daily from this type of litter, I'll use my degradable doggy poo bags to put it into, and then into the black wheelie bin. Once the whole lot needs replacing...
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    Cleaning cat litter (absorbable crystals) - poo into loo?

    So far I got from a website that the crystals I use: - is made from silicate - is compostable, so disposing of used litter is easy, and much better for the environment than simply throwing it in the bin - eco-friendly But I'm going to write to the seller/manufacturer for even more details.