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    Brushing Boot Recommendations

    As title really. Pony will need turning out in brushing boots for the foreseeable future and I’m paranoid about them holding water! TIA :)
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    My Horse is an Idiot

    And I know I can’t be the only one! Don’t get me wrong, I love all his quirks as he’s such a genuine lad really. But despite having show-jumped over a metre, he finds ground poles unbelievably stressful. He’s getting there but his brain just shuts down looking at them? Apart from that is the...
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    Livery yards

    Anybody know of any livery yards in the Norfolk/ Suffolk/ Cambridgeshire border area? Will consider all types of livery and becoming increasingly desperate! Tia.
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    Bloody Livery Yards.

    This is likely to be a long post so apologies but I need a rant and some advice as I’m at my wits end. I’m trying hard not to jump to conclusions, but went and rode my young horse today and got on to my stirrup lengths being noticeably changed and he was really off compared to usual; and I’m...
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    Found Dog

    In a bit of a tizz, found a lost dog on a busy road so stopped and brought him home. Not sure what to do with him because of COVID, vets are all closed except for emergencies, RSPCA website said emergency calls only, and Facebook posts are taking a while to be approved. Although he’s very...
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    Horse Box Decals

    Looking for decals for a 3.5 tonne but I’m really picky and can’t find anything I like! Does anyone know of a company that will do custom designs and/or colours? Pics welcome for inspired if anyone’s boxes if they fancy posting them. HHO shoppers welcome to try look if they fancy it too but...
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    SJI jump offs

    Does anyone know if the jump off heights for SJI the same height or 5/10cm higher than the class height? Probably a stupid question but can’t find it anywhere!
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    Suppleness exercises

    My new lad is very one sided so looking for some suppleness exercises to try with him. The more fun and engaging the better as he likes to be busy and gets bored easily! TIA
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    What bridle(s) do you use and why?

    I’m a bit bored and I thought it’d be interesting as to what people’s favourite bridles brands and styles are, and noseband preferences and what they use and why. Also: does a flat cavesson noseband suit every type of head in your opinion? Are there some horses better suited to the raised type
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    Am I Too Big?

    I think this is just me being paranoid but I'd like some reassurance! Currently pony shopping for something to bring on and event up to BE90 and came across the loveliest 14.2hh pony, no breeding in ad but looks like a brp type and very fine built. I'm 18 in just over a month, 5'4 and 7 stone-...
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    Is Windsor Tack Safe?

    I'm looking for a new stud girth for pony and came across this...
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    Connemara x Thoroughbred Stallions

    Hi, I’m looking for a stallion to put my mate to. She’s a very correct 16.1hh thoroughbred mare with the best feet I’ve had on a horse. Good mover, quietest, least spooky horse I have. I’ve always dreamt of breeding her and next summer is looking to be ideal. I’m desperate to put her...
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    Daughter Lost Confidence

    Hi, sorry if this turns out really long! Non horsey mum here, asking for advice about my daughter and her horse, as I don’t know how to help her or what to do with the problems she’s having. My daughter is 16 and has had her horse for 18 months, on loan for a year, then when the owner wanted...
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    Opinions On Fly Masks With/ Without Nose Protection

    Hi everyone, Since my current horse is my first and we are about to spend our second summer together I'm looking to replace her fly mask she destroyed. Last year I went with one without a nose cover as her nose isn't pink and that's what I assumed they were for, but I'm now thinking if it is...
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    Hello :)

    Hi all, just popping in here to post as requested before I post elsewhere :)