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    Can I gently persuade friend to PTS elderly horse?

    A friend has lent me her logon and I hope nobody minds but I need some advice from people who are more distant to the situation. I have a friend - now in her 70s - who has kept her horses on grass livery at mine for 20 odd years. She is now down to her final horse. He's late 20s (passported in...
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    Buying fields with stables

    I'm not posting this under my normal user name because I need to keep it under the radar! I may have the opportunity to purchase a few acres of land with some old stables and 2 small shelters on it. Its very much a 'may' because there is a property developer also interested and if there's the...
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    Strangles - question for yard owners

    Confirmed case now on my yard and 2 more being tested. I've told the yard I was going to move to and they've been lovely - told me to give them a ring when all clear and if the stable is still available it's mine. If you were a yard owner and were offering a space to someone from a yard...
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    Strangles - need some advice.

    I'm am posting under another name - sorry, but its a contentious subject and I know people on here know me in real life. We had a young horse come to the yard about a month ago. I've been flat out with work so flitting in and out v early and v late and missing the yard gossip entirely. I did...