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  1. Achinghips

    Budget feeds vs branded names

    Do you get what you pay for or are we paying the extra for nutritionists, helplines' and advertising? Edited, sorry. it says video .... Typing without my glasses on
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    eBay seller refusing to send back my blades

    Advice please ladies. eBay .... I sent three sets of blades to a company for sharpening. Have used the company before and they were fine. I posted second class recorded delivery. Not received my blades back. Four messages sent and ignored as well as three telephone calls to company with my...
  3. Achinghips

    Is danilon really kinder than bute ?

    I read somewhere recently, can't remember where, that there really is no statistical research about danillon being kinder on the stomach than bute. It's just sweeter and more palatable. Furthermore, the makers of Danilon have had to withdraw any claims that it is ..... Can anyone verify this or...
  4. Achinghips

    Lawn/garden tractor

    Anyone use any of these for tidying up fields/roughs, not topping. Can a Rear wheel drive one Harrow a sand and rubber manège? (Already have a big tractor for that but just wondering).
  5. Achinghips

    Topping for lateral growth?

    Im interested in what others do as I'm at the stage where whatever decision I make is six of one and half a dozen of the other .... At what height would you top the grass for thickening the sward? Or do you just graze and overseed? Or do you leave it get long to self seed? Grazing land, not hay...
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    Horse poo fetish, no honestly !

    There's a chap on one of my heavy horse groups who keeps posting for people to ask their horses to poo on his land. He's also asking if he can pay to have our boots sent to him for cleaning. Apparently, he's going around lots of Facebook groups ... Lol
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    How did storm Doris treat you?

    Blew out my field shelter and took some of the concrete base away too, landing on the post and rail, still attached to the iron holdings. Also took out a seeder, blew some fences down and three windows out of a barn as well as two poplar trees down.Luckily insurance will pay for repairs...
  8. Achinghips

    Soil analysis

    Two questions 1.Anyone had one of these done and been surprised by the results. I've just had one done and the results have saved me a fortune ! 2. Anyone have a forage analysis done and do the results correspond with the soil analysis, as I'm told they often don't.
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    Granulator/fertiliser, seeder, muckspreader

    Anyone know if there is one piece of machinery for a compact tractor that does all three jobs in one please?
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    Hollow tine question for land owners

    What do you do with the bits that are removed? Leave them there and lightly spring tine Harrow or try and remove them altogether, before top dressing?
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    Solariums/infra red heat lamps

    Do any of you have one? Are they a waste of money or really useful? Do the horses like them? I read that two heat lamps either side of stable does job just as well, especially for arthritic legs as the heat is more side on rather than above .... Any thoughts on that and so you have to cross...
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    Why so many troll posts lately? Has horse and hound been overtaken with bored teenagers? Is there another horse and hound forum somewhere that doesn't waste my time?
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    Bute .... Long term use

    Bute for arthritis. I've tried turmeric, Devils claw, no bute, boswelia ..... You name it, I've tried it and nothing comes close to improving comfort in my old boys hocks. He is a massive heavy. He's due his second steroid injections soon into hocks. I'm warned of the over use of bute, but...
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    Pink mash

    Can't remember what it's called, it has the beetroot and probiotics for healthy digestion in it ..... A y experiences please?
  15. Achinghips

    Rugs that cover belly?

    Used to love the dress circle Sherpa but can't find them anymore, the snuggly jams seem too thin. Any know of anything else warm enough that can be used to cover belly as a base layer on fully clipped older lad?
  16. Achinghips

    Best wood pellet?

    White horse energy .... Which is best .... Woodlets or platinum plus? What's the difference, anyone know? Anyone ordered lwp recently. My last order was a couple of bags short and they ignored my emails ...
  17. Achinghips

    Hip protection?

    Came off big lad yesterday and landed on my hip. Can't walk today. I was wearing my body protector and hat. I'm over 50. Is there any body armour for hips? A hip landing fall ended a friends riding career so I'm worried.
  18. Achinghips

    Swollen sheath. Any advice please?

    Lad developed a swollen sheath last winter due to poor circulation. Vet involved and cause was eventually traced to hock arthritis. Although out 24/7, he just stood around his round bale as he didn't want to move. Hocks were injected, and he was happier for about a month but then injection wore...
  19. Achinghips

    Equifest security

    Is anyone concerned about security for this year? I'm near and I have some secure stables available, if so. Please pm me.
  20. Achinghips

    Moss, buttercups, clover and applying iron sulphate

    Any advice please. Need to put iron sulphate on to kill large pools of moss in some of my pastures. This will acidify the soil slightly. I am on clay. I've tried scarifying but it's hardly touched it and so I will be aerating soon too. Will application of iron sulphate mean my land will be...
  21. Achinghips

    Back on track rain rug, Spavins, sore back

    Anyone got any reviews on this please? Fit, effectiveness etc. It's about £200 so want to be sure it's good before I invest ... Ned needs a new rain rug anyway, and has been diagnosed with Spavins and associated drop of muscle on one side as a result of compensatory movement which must give a...
  22. Achinghips

    Grass question

    Anyone else finding that the grass is taking longer to come through this year than in previous years ? Not sure if this is the case, or mine are just munching the new shoots quickly ....
  23. Achinghips


    And the moss gets left there. Ok, the ground is better aerated and it's been over seeded too, but the moss is still plucked up and sitting on the turf laughing. Better to have done it than not, but how much difference have I made ?
  24. Achinghips

    Moss and scarifying

    Not a post about drainage of fields, but is this weekend the right time to scarify to remove moss from paddocks ? Clay fields are fairly hard now, a few new shoots but lots of moss.
  25. Achinghips

    What's with all 600d turnout rugs?

    Been eagerly awaiting the lw turnouts from premier equine, but this 600d is never really waterproof enough and lasts my rug rippers two minutes. Had to send two back last year. Can anyone recommend a higher denier lightweight please?
  26. Achinghips

    Mild winter, fat horses

    Mine are all maintaining very well, too well but I've seen some mahooooosuve great pigs about this winter. How are yours all doing with the grass still growing. Anyone not feeding?
  27. Achinghips

    Best hi viz for slowing traffic and passing wide

    In your experience, is it the one that specifically tells the cars pass wide and slow, the ones saying you're on camera or the polite range or anything else?
  28. Achinghips

    Hunt Seat?

    ..... Pros and cons ? Interested to know as ive been taught to ride light. However, i still feel safer and gain better control when ned is frightened or over excited to adopt hunt seat on a hack
  29. Achinghips

    Getting cast

    What predisposes a horse/pony to getting cast in the stable? It's one of my worst fears .... And what do you do if it happens?
  30. Achinghips

    RSPCA being investigated

    For improper use of funds to persue prosecutions. Noticed this on news today.