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  1. asmp

    Spot the hose leak

    Oh for some rain for the fields. (The leak is only when the hose is turned on to fill up the field waters so we’re not wasting lots of water).
  2. asmp

    Off-leash pitbull attacks terrified horse in Sydney park

    Another horrible attack 😕
  3. asmp

    Re: yesterday’s fires - are the horses all OK?

    After watching the horrendous fires on the news including the village of Wennington, the BBC say 14 stables went up in flames. Does anyone know if the horses are all OK? Everyone’s worse nightmare 🙁 (looking at our tinder dry fields)
  4. asmp

    Cushings test & Prascend query

    I’ve recently had my oldie tested for the first time for Cushings. He’s about 21/22 and I thought that his coat is a bit thicker than usual at this time of year. He’s has laminitis once a few years ago so I try and keep on top of his weight. The test results have come back with a reading of...
  5. asmp

    If you’re after an air jacket (or something else)

    Wychanger have 20% off until midnight. Daughter has bought herself a hi viz Hit Air.
  6. asmp

    Should I get the cat?

    We have only ever owned one cat at a time. The cat we have now was a rescue and we have owned her for about six years (she’s about 13 years old.). However I have just heard that no one wants the cat of my mum‘s neighbour who is about to go into a home (well my mum would but my dad says no and...
  7. asmp

    Another riding holiday question 🙄

    To those of you who have been on riding holidays abroad, what did you do about tipping? Do you just tip the guide of the ride or do you leave one tip for everyone at the ranch? Do you tip a percentage of the cost of the holiday (a rather large amount) or a certain amount per day? Holiday is...
  8. asmp

    Anyone taken a riding hat through an airport?

    Daughter is about to fly out on a riding holiday. She only wants to take a carry on bag but if she puts her riding hat in it, it will take up most of the room. Will she get away with clipping it to the outside of the bag and maybe wearing it through boarding? It’s a long haul flight so they...
  9. asmp

    Mares milk

    Just read an article in The Telegraph about non-cow milk and they mentioned this: Not sure I fancy it! Rather expensive too.
  10. asmp

    Liam Payne’s Titanium Z

    Watched Joe Stockdale jumping Liam Payne’s Titanium Z at the Royal Windsor Horse show on Thursday. Because of the limit of times you can read articles on the H&H website I don’t know anything about the partnership, nor can I find anything else on the internet. Anyone know how the...
  11. asmp

    Visited Royal Windsor Horse Show yesterday

    Had a good day yesterday at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. It was quite slow getting in as they were doing thorough bag searches (note to people in front of us - please get your bags out from under your buggy and opened before getting to security 🙄). Enjoyed watching all the show jumping...
  12. asmp

    LeMieux in trouble with the ASA To be fair though, it‘s not their product!
  13. asmp

    Unusual brand markings

    I was picking up a pony from the vets today and saw a horse being loaded with brand markings i’ve never seen before. They were numbers both sides of his tail. Is this UK or foreign branding? My Criollo has a brand on his shoulder and a very faint (McDonalds) M on his neck.
  14. asmp

    The price of trailers 😳

    I’m sure I saw an Ifor Williams 506 on FB yesterday that is older than mine for £6000! I paid £4400 brand new in 2014 and this one was the previous model (Mark 1?). It did have the front ramp on the kerbside so perhaps this made it more sort after but even so, what a price! I know it’s that...
  15. asmp

    Those of you who go on riding holidays abroad

    Who do you use for insurance? My daughter is going on a holiday to Canada for a trail ride. Any recommendations appreciated.
  16. asmp

    Classic (and not so classic) horse films

    Sadly these are going to be consigned to the bin soon as no one seems to own a video machine anymore. I’ve put them up on local free sites but no takers. If anyone is desperate for one, please let me know!
  17. asmp

    Yet another sad/frustrating ad

    I know there have been loads of threads recently about ads that raise your blood pressure but just seen one on a local site 😳. Started off sounding like a nice pony and went on to say lightly backed and ridden by a child. THEN it said will turn 3 in the spring.
  18. asmp

    Olympia (London Horse Show)

    Just seen that Groupon are doing 60% off tickets for Thursday and Friday afternoon. Unfortunately we won’t be going this year as it’s harder to get to than Olympia. Will miss it.
  19. asmp

    Magnetic stable boots - which ones?

    Now I realise I‘m going to get comments that there’s no proven evidence that these work but I’d like to try some on my oldie. His legs fill a bit now he’s being stabled overnight during the winter (yard‘s rules) plus he has large side bones. Any recommendations for the Equilibrium or the...
  20. asmp

    Lesson learnt out hacking this afternoon

    Don’t hack out when the sun is low. Horse and I were nearly hit by a car this afternoon. As it had been cloudy all day we decided to ride later on but by the time we got to the yard the sun had come out. We planned the route to avoid as much as we could to avoid riding into the sun but the...
  21. asmp

    People who let their dogs cock their legs over everything 😡

    Reading someone else‘s post about their dog cocking its leg and managing to wee on himself reminded me how cross I was the other day fence judging. My car was parked close by and at least two people let their dog cock its leg on it. I did shout out to one person but probably too politely...
  22. asmp

    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    Anyone else about to watch this? Heard on the BBC today that it’s going to a much shorter competition at the next olympics so assume that they’ll probably drop the show jumping. our Brit is in 6th place at the moment
  23. asmp

    Young pigeon query 🐦

    A couple of days ago I noticed a young pigeon in my stable. He might have been there longer but horse isn’t using stable at the moment. I assume he has fallen out of the roof as the birds like to nest up there. He scoots around the floor but obviously can’t fly yet. Read somewhere that...
  24. asmp

    Saw my first England flag on a vehicle 🙁

    Perhaps I’ve been lucky so far as I’ve just seen my first England flag on a vehicle. Thankfully I wasn’t riding as even our horses, who are brilliant in heavy traffic, get upset at the flapping noise. I wish they would give out a safety warning about them.
  25. asmp

    Horrible accident

    Just saw this on the local news pages.
  26. asmp

    Anyone lost a collie?

    Just seen this on a local newspaper’s website. A collie was found near Basingstoke but they can’t find it‘s owner as the microchip details aren’t up to date.
  27. asmp

    What’s the H&H’s free article limit?

    For the first time since I’ve been on this forum I can no longer see the articles on H&H’s main page as it keeps telling me I’ve reached the free article limit. Anyone know what the limit is? As it is now a new month I thought the counter might reset and let me read the articles again but it’s...
  28. asmp

    The Repair Shop - Texan Side Saddle

    Just seen on the TV listings that tonight’s Repair Shop has a Texan side saddle. Should be interesting. I assume it will be Suzy Fletcher working her magic.
  29. asmp

    A couple of ewwww moments this morning 😳

    Nice start to a Monday morning! 😀
  30. asmp

    Thought the pizza tasted odd 🍕

    After leaving the stables last night we ordered in a pizza. While eating it with my fingers I kept tasting something odd, a kind of chemical taste. It was some time later that I realised that prior to leaving the yard I had sprayed the field shelter with Ant-bite spray and had obviously...