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    Burghley trot up on NOW

    On Burghley tv
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    Andrew Nicholson wins at Aldon

    Fantastic to hear that he is back competing after his horrendous fall. He went clear xc on all 6 horses and won the OI
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    Olympia on red button

    Freestyle dressage is on the red button from 8pm. I haven't seen it advertised on the TV so thought I would post in case anyone is interested. Start times are here
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    Why is dam not shown on breeding?

    Apologies for what is probably a stupid question, I have been watching the European Championships and the breeding shown for the horses is the Sire x Dam sire. Is this normal and why is the Dam not shown? Is it felt that the stallion qualities are the only ones that matter
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    Aachen xc on now

    Clipmy horse are streaming the XC from Aachen. Link here
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    Hickstead eventers challenge on now

    link here
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    The Trainer & the Racehorse C4 tonight

    The story of Frankel & Sir Henry Cecil is on C4 at 7pm tonight
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    Gatcombe Sunday cancelled

    Just in case anyone was going to watch, Gatcombe has been abandoned due to bad weather
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    Getting rid of rubber smell from feedbowls

    I have bought a new rubber feedbowl and can't get rid of the rubbery smell. It has been in the garden for two weeks and I have just brought it in because of the storms tonight and it still smells strongly of rubber. I was going to use it to put all my horses Christmas presents in but he won't...
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    Recording Weg Sky have a red button channel

    I have just seen on another forum that Sky now have a BBC red button channel on 980 showing on the Sky+ guide so it can be programmed to record in advance. Apologies if everyone already knew this, but I am excited that I can record the dressage tomorrow and the XC on Saturday
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    Charlotte's Test

    On you tube if anyone missed it
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    WEG TV Guide

    Team GBR have just published a TV guide for WEG
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    Anyone from Holkham

    A lab and a cocker spaniel were found in Holkham Park last week. Lovely looking dogs but no one has claimed them yet. I read about them on twitter and this is the dog lost page for one of them I wondered if they might have been...
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    Good luck to all heading to Badminton

    Hope all the Grassroots riders have a fantastic time and really enjoy the experience. Will be watching for reports. :)
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    University of Guelph Lameness Lab

    I was sent a link to this site set up by the University of Guelph in Canada. It was set up to help riders identify lameness and includes some videos to help show different types of lameness. I haven't read it all yet but thought others might find it interesting...
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    New Coursera courses from University of Edinburgh

    Edinburgh University are running 2 new Coursera courses which anyone who did the Equine Nutrition course might find interesting. One is on Animal Welfare and the other is an introducion to Veterinary Medicine which is aimed at anyone who is thinking of becoming a vet but they say it is also of...
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    New Coursera courses from University of Edinburgh

    There are 2 new courses coming up which might interest anyone who did the Equine Nutrition course. One is on Animal Welfare and the other is an introduction to Vetinary Medicine which they say is ideal for those thinking of becoming a vet but also of interest for animal owners. The Equine...
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    Mark Todd knighted

    In NZ New Year Honours
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    Laura B on Superstars now

    BBC 1 6.45
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    Lost horse Checkendon

    I have just received this alert about a horse that escaped from a field in Checkendon. If you are in the area could you please look out for him and pass it on. I know it is on dog lost but it is a horse.
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    Mark Todd Helmet cam from Boekelo

    Link here for anyone interested
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    Dressage team on BBC breakfast about 9

    British Dressage have just posted that the team will be on Breakfast about 9
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    Printing start lists

    I am trying to print the start list for Thursday and nothing I try seems to work, if you copy and paste it expands all the rider details and gives 30 pages. I printed the times for the special with no problems but couldn't print the gp times. Anyone else with the same problem? Any solutions...
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    SJ on BBC3

    For those without Sky it is on BBC 3 now
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    Dressage horses pass trot up

    Quote from Carl on Twitter All 4 dressage horses passed trot up beautifully. Uthopia did his usual celebration and tried to put his front legs around my neck!
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    Thank you to all the gamesmakers

    Just back from a fantastic day at Greenwich and would like to say thank you to all the volunteers who were so helpful and smiley all day long. It was a magical day.
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    Has the food situation improved at Greenwich

    We are going to the xc tomorrow and would prefer not to carry too much food. Have they improved the catering from yesterday?
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    Wi Fi at Greenwich

    Is there any wi fi access at Greenwich? I'm with BT so have access to BT fon hotspots if there are any.
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    Will Connells blog

    Will Connell ( head of team GB Equestrian) is writing a daily blog on the build up to the games. Interesting read
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    Sky tv guide BBC channels

    Has anyone got the BBC olympic channels showing on their Sky tv guide yet. They are showing on Virgin but I can't see them on my Sky guide