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    please help and sign petition and save the 35 ponies left

    my friends in usa are having difficulties getting the rest of these horses out of a naughty rescue place there are 35 left they have 4 they are able to re homed to better organisation and private owners to accomodate the rest its just getting them out please sign the petition...
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    who nkows results for vjr at addington manor

    anyone know the results on all four days
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    they have found the souce of foot and mouth

    due to a lab or something found this on another bb but an american one anit that about
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    my pony belived to have been stabbed keep him kent

    went up yesterday and found one of my ponies with facial wounds at 1st i though he had caught himself ie putting his head through the fence but not so, one wound on his cheek is sliced with downwards trail the other much bigger and deeper wound straight through the throat like as in two fingers...
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    warning very graphic louisanna mare rescued after/dragged/shot this mare plight was up on another bb and its disgusting that the man did this to her i have no words this mare was brought for 35$ sold for 100$ all becuase she didnt go in the trailer was haltered by barewire dragged behind the the trailer becuase she wouldnt go in...
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    Bredhurst woodland action group sponsored ride 1st oct

    I am the founder of the group the sponsored ride is aid to raise monies for the Woodlands its self to help stop 4x4s destroying it and fly tippers abusing it The group has been running since may2005 and we have done a huge amount to improve the woods already to include taking out over 100...