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  1. madmav

    Clunky H&H!

    Is anyone else finding the site really slow to upload, browse? Or even to type in? Used to use it regularly. Been away for a while. It’s not my internet connection. Typing this is working fine, ironically! Anyway, good wishes to you all. 😊
  2. madmav

    Anyone in aldershot area?

    Just hoping for some local knowledge. If you were planning on living halfway between London and aldershot so that you could commute to a job on outskirts of aldershot and other half could commute to job in Bank, London, where would you suggest to make for a happy commute for both? Any...
  3. madmav

    Thin waterproof riding jacket. Help please!

    So my zip on Mark Todd thin jacket has died. Lovely lady up road who used to fix these things has moved to Germany. Have been googling forever trying to find a replacement, but failing to find a cheapish, thin waterproof jacket with hood and with a two way zip. Anything you've seen out there...
  4. madmav

    Hello to Hull!

    If anyone on here is based round there, any useful tips for a newbie going up there to uni. All info gratefully received. Also for the parents, a somewhere nice place to eat after long drive. Ta.
  5. madmav

    American racing - hang your heads in shame This is not a new story, and there have been others since. But this mare's story, which I have just read, touched my heart. She won £400k on the track, produced nine foals, and then was chucked on a...
  6. madmav

    Burghley TV coverage update

    I emailed the BBC re lack of Burghley on red button. Coudn't understand why they didn't show it live if they had cameras there. Here's what they said: Thank you for contacting the BBC. I understand you felt there was a lack of coverage of the Burghley Horse Trials on the BBC. We try to give...
  7. madmav

    For the over 50s....

    Have you seen the over 25s thread? Pah! What do they know about aches, pains, dodgy body parts, and....., what the heck else was I going to say? Oh, of course, remembering things.
  8. madmav

    The Dog Factory BBC1

    Watching this shocking documentary. Puppy farming on the most horrendous scale. Innocent/ignorant buyers buying them via internet. Oh God, they've just said these places (filmed by BBC Scotland) have received massive financial aid from EU as farming assistance. One in three puppies die from...
  9. madmav

    iPad users and H&H

    Does anyone else find this site blooming testing on an iPad? It always signs me off, despite doing the remember me tick. And constantly decides it can't find the server. Don't think it's my iPad as seems to work well with all other sites, better in fact than lap top, which will do buffering etc...
  10. madmav

    H&H magazine...what do you reckon?

    Just out of curiosity, wondering if people on here buy the magazine regularly. I do occasionally. This forum is obviously quite different from the mag, but they are from the same stable (sorry!), would be interested to know what you think. Sometimes feel mag is more for adverts and listing...
  11. madmav

    Aldi ski wear day

    I bought some pretty sound stuff on their equi sale day. So if anyone's off skiing, they're doing ski gear this Thursday. Just thought I'd share.
  12. madmav

    Signing out of H&H

    Not a huge problem, but is anyone else getting this. I'm signed out of H&H every time I click off any device. Did put in a message to the controllers, or whatever they're called. Not heard back. Maybe it's just me.....
  13. madmav

    Aldi does equestrian tomorrow

    For those, me!, financially challenged, Aldi are doing one of their 'specials' tomorrow. Jods for £13, other bits and bobs, too. I'm having a look.
  14. madmav

    Winter jackets, any useful tips?

    My ancient, but expensive, ski jacket that kept me safe and warm through winter on horse, dog walks, kids' football, etc, appears to have died. Zips, seams and all are now knackered. I have no idea what to replace it with. It was a trooper. Any budget, warm, waterproof ideas please?.. Don't...
  15. madmav

    Fly sheets that cover armpits, horse's, not mine..

    Please let me know if there is such a bit of kit out there. Sarcoid issue on front inner leg that is getting the hell kicked out of it by bitey b****rs. Or any other ideas of keeping them off would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  16. madmav

    West Sussex livery yards, close to South Downs

    Anyone with some suggestions of livery yards, particularly around Patching/Findon area? I am looking for part livery, with access to good hacking on the South Downs. Friendly place would be nice, possibly with a school, and also good turn-out. Any ideas would be fabulous. Trying hard to get a...
  17. madmav

    live-out livery in north-west Herts, any ideas?

    Hello to you all. Does anyone know of a yard that does a live-out arrangement in Sarratt/Chipperfield/Flaunden/Abbots Langley area for a 12hh mare. Child-friendly and a schooling arena is important. Very well-behaved child, and pony, by the way! Any ideas? Would appreciate any help. I ask on...
  18. madmav

    Hey, hey, H&H and the monies

    Just tried to do a search for some information on here re sarcoids and possibly garlic cure,yar de ya. But that is for subscription members I am told. Really? Think I'm getting off here.
  19. madmav

    Racing on Channel 4

    There was a lot of criticism of C4 coverage on here recently. This Guardian article may be of interest Personally, I don't miss John Mcrirrick (have no idea how to spell that). Think the girls, Alice...
  20. madmav

    Beach hacks, West Wittering

    I'm going to be down there for a couple of days and was wondering if anyone knows of a decent riding school that does rides on West Wittering beach. I did it many years on my own horse, would like to repeat the buzz of it. Ta.
  21. madmav

    Feeding an Irish cob living out

    What would you be feeding this horse? I ask this on behalf of a friend who rides another person's horse - stay with me! He is six, 15.3, rugged, lives out, gets some hay and from what I understand a bit of chaff and some nuts. He is not clipped as yet, worked two or three times a week, hacking...
  22. madmav

    Is Olympia on red button tonight?

    I can't see any trace of it on schedules. It seems to be on some nights and not others. Listing I can see is saying Casualty Xmas special. NO!!!!!
  23. madmav

    To the divorced and separated..

    ..any regrets? Just wondering if I could have done more to make things work. How have you managed to move on to new relationships or being happy single. If you have children, how are they coping? Struggling with all of these thoughts at the moment. Also, how do you get a new relationship...
  24. madmav

    Useful sites for shared room in rented student house?

    Do any of you know of any good sites to off-load a rented room in a shared student house? Son has crashed out of course. Guaranteed rent til June (me broke, too). We have done student union one, gumtree, spareroom and preloved. Any other ideas please! Or if anyone fancies a crash-pad in...
  25. madmav

    European eventing highlights on BBC2 4pm Sunday

    Just in case people don't know, just thought I'd flag up that BBC2 are showing highlights of it on Sunday at 4pm. Also doing it live online from 8.50am on Saturday and Sunday and repeated at 6pm-something on red button. That was a public service announcement. Good night and sleep tight.
  26. madmav

    10.40am BBC2 European highlights Monday

    If you have a recording device and, like me, have struggled to see any of it, it's on mainstream telly tomorrow! Thanks for the tip-off from my earlier thread, thought I'd share in case others didn't know. Happy days. And they've all done so amazingly well.
  27. madmav

    Charlotte duJardin just got mention on BBC1 10pm news

    That's great news for dressage. Mainstream are finally acknowledging her fantastic achievement, even if it was just one sentence. But that's progress from before. And I still want to see her test. Can't find it anywhere.
  28. madmav

    Using H&H on an iphone

    I can access ads and news on the all new H&H website, but cannot get into forums. The strip below banner saying Buy & Sell, Forums etc just doesn't exist. It was fine before they updated site. Does anyone know of anything I can do this to fix this? I thank you.
  29. madmav

    Wow, H&H looks different..

  30. madmav

    Horse whisperer - amazing documentary

    Buck Brannaman, who to my shame I'd not heard of, seems just the most incredible man. Docu was on BBC4 and is currently on iplayer. Link is below, I really do recommend watching it.