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    Budget feeds vs branded names

    Do you get what you pay for or are we paying the extra for nutritionists, helplines' and advertising? Edited, sorry. it says video .... Typing without my glasses on
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    Turnout and livery yards

    Mine are managed on an equicentral system so are technically out all the time be it in fields or in loafing areas, prepared especially with hard standing or wood chip or sand and rubber. Three horses four and a half acres
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    What time do your horses get turned out and in during winter?

    I just have a round bale, netted and on pallets on the yard and feed there if fields are impassable. No set routine.
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    eBay seller refusing to send back my blades

    I think it's all solved now. I sent him a message apologising for kicking off so quickly, as Auslander suggested, and agreed to close the case and remove negative feedback. Someone else then responded to my message by apologising for an emotional colleagues responses and promising to return the...
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    eBay seller refusing to send back my blades

    Yes I have done this. He has refused and tells me I must close the case and remove the negative feedback and only then will he send me back my blades. Or I can simply just get a refund only and he will close the case.he has ended communication with "Your choice"
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    eBay seller refusing to send back my blades

    How would you get the blades returned to you now, Auslander?
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    eBay seller refusing to send back my blades

    They are also saying I didn't send them a return address, and are using this reason to try to get me to cancel my negative feedback but this would have been provided on the eBay invoice .... I also followed it up with another private message, following the purchase, on the 23rd telling them who...
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    eBay seller refusing to send back my blades

    Yes it was a 24 hour turnaround promise. But they're saying they only received the blades last Friday and consequently I am unreasonable to expect them to respond over the weekend.
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    eBay seller refusing to send back my blades

    Mhe can't have got them Friday when I sent them recorded second class on 23rd, surely?
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    eBay seller refusing to send back my blades

    Advice please ladies. eBay .... I sent three sets of blades to a company for sharpening. Have used the company before and they were fine. I posted second class recorded delivery. Not received my blades back. Four messages sent and ignored as well as three telephone calls to company with my...
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    Am I right to hold off rugging for a little while longer?

    I haven't rugged for two years. Best thing I ever did! Now the horses grow their own most luxurious coats. The hot boy still has to get a bib and belly clip though and his arthritis is so improved without the rug as he seems to move more to keep warm. I put round bales in the field and they...
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    Chain v Spring Tine Harrow

    Congratulations on your new dream. So exciting! It's difficult to answer that without knowing your stocking rate as well as the length of your grass and the makeup of your soil. I prefer a chain Harrow if I have a churned field and want to spread poo, like after winter. If it's got some moss or...
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    Is non branded feed as good?

    Mine are only happy hackers, with a bit of schooling for flexibility though they are shires and clydes ...... they just get micronised linseed in their dengie original chaff and haylage, maybe grass nuts soaked when there is absolutely no grass in February. When I compared the non branded...
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    The newest member of our family... Merry Christmas, Mum!!

    Brilliant, they sound like a match made in heaven! And you will get to spend more time with mum too !
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    Does anyone NOT stable?

  16. Achinghips

    Does anyone NOT stable?

    You say in or out. Do you have a middle ground ie., hard standing? .... I think with tha lack of grazing in winter, this is becoming more needed now and more liveries are realising it. Mine love mooching about the yard where I put my round bale, my stables are a bit small anyway. It does save...
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    Items you need when you get your own yard

    Hard core in gateways and a good yard surface for turnout, water troughs in fields, CCTV and burglar alarm
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    Ice and mornings, what can you do?

    Over stabling that resulted in stable vices was cited as cruel, not stabling. What the heck did you read?
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    Does anyone NOT stable?

    Well, I turned mine out into the yard and left the arena gate open last night! Poo picking was easy as they went back to yard to do it! Can see where they all laid down in the sand and rubber like horsey snow angels! Brilliant, I will be doing that from now on! Don't know why I didn't think of...
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    Taking on a horse with arthritis?

    As a field companion and a hack, yes, if the price were right and horse was viceless, bombproof and balanced and a good doer. Some of those are fabulous, especially if a fully established horse. For competition, even low level, no.
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    Anyone hack in a Heather Moffett Flexee?

    Some swear by them. It made my well schooled horse just go backwards continuously though haha, he didn't like it at all!
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    Would you get back on?

    Yes, all mine bolted when I first had them, haven't since though.
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    Does anyone NOT stable?

    Free range horses? Lol imagines chickens .... I think theses free range horses are just horses in a field with access to some hard standing, maybe on a yard and or a shelter. Nothing special. That means you get minimal mud and therefore save time on field management, stable management, bringing...
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    Does anyone NOT stable?

    Where does it say that stabling occasionally overnight in a 12 X 14 or 12 X 16 stable is cruel? Lot of extrapolation there!
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    Does anyone NOT stable?

    I don't. I find it interesting to hear how others keep their horses, having horses at home or accepting the way things are without questioning it, means you tend to live in a bubble sometimes....
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    Field Craft tips

    It's so much easier when you have them home. I just open the field gate permanently and they bring themselves in, waiting outside the feed room door for me to bring supper out lol
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    Does anyone NOT stable?

    One of my lads has copd, so can't be stabled. He just wouldn't cope in a stable, another of mine has arthritis and needs to move around and a third doesn't seem to mind her stable. I have seen DIY stables at livery with a small turnout pen attached to each stable, I remember the clay there was...
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    Does anyone NOT stable?

    I think we all try our best with what we have. But there's no doubt about it ... stable vices are there for a reason. Ideally we would keep them in fields all the time and have enough land to go around. I have rubber matting outside my stables to make hard standing easier on the old joints. I...
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    Does anyone NOT stable?

    I didn't read it as confrontational, just someone with an opinion about over stabling. Trouble is many but not all, of course, liveries these days don't offer enough turnout due to the fact they pack them in on the land to turn any type of profit. Livery prices are just too cheap for yard...
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    Does anyone NOT stable?

    My stables are 10.5 X 11 ... Unusable, for my big neds.