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    Leading by the noseband

    A riding school I used to have lessons at back in the day has just posted their instructions for parents on how to lead ponies for beginners during C-19 when regular staff are not allowed to lead. The entire instructional video shows them with fingers looped through the back of the noseband...
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    I’ve found a 10 y o horse who is perfect in every way, except for a large splint on the inside foreleg. It seems healed and he’s sound in current work, but seems to only be ridden lightly so not sure how well tested it’s been. Does anyone have any experience of whether this is likely to cause...
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    Dealer recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a reputable dealer for ponies (13-14.2 range) in the Scottish Borders area?
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    Dealer recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a reputable dealer for ponies (13-14.2 range) in the Scottish Borders area?
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    Cheapest way to keep sheep out of fields

    Summary: Does anyone have any suggestions for cheap, horse safe sheep proof fencing? There is a herd of approx 50 sheep which I believe belong to a local farmer which are regularly breaking into my fields. I’ve left it a year in hopes that I can find out who they belong to or their owners...
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    Which clippers?

    One of my mares has some rain scald which doesn’t seem to be clearing up fast enough on its own. My plan is therefore to clip the affected area (most of her back) for easier treatment with hibiscrub etc. I therefore need to buy some clippers which: - are as cheap as possible- my herd live out...
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    Mudfever boots

    I’ve just seen an advert at premier equine for mudfever boots. I’d never heard of them before, but mud fever is a constant battle with the state of my fields. Description says they can be worn for up to 12 hours, but likely to be more like 14 hours if I was using them given my turnout...
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    Obtain full known pedigree for foal

    I am trying to get hold of the full known pedigree of my foal for a project. Sporthorse database etc seem to have the data, but will only go back 5 generations. I know they have plenty more info than that as I can go back a further 5 on his 5th gen ancestors etc. Cobbling it together myself like...
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    Predicting yearling growth?

    My warmblood yearling (18 months) is taking 6,3 rugs this year. I dont have any bigger than 6'6 so hoping to get him something for next winter now in the sales. Any semi-reliable methods for predicting what size he might need next year?
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    Insurance claim if policy not renewed

    I find myself in a strange position re insurance, and was wondering if anyone has found anything similar. My horse has had a skin lesion since late last year. Her insurance expired in March and did not auto renew as I expected (my fault for not checking). However, my vet has advised the...
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    Ad lib haylage

    My horses are currently out on (basically mud) fields during the day and in with hay at night. They also get a small amount of hay in the morning so they aren't too hungry in the field. Clearly not ideal though, so I have bought some large bale haylage to leave in the field for them to have ad...
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    Residential training north west

    I have a few days of leave to use this year and was looking at taking my youngster on a camp, but they are either full or the dates don't work for me. I was a bit nervous in any event as I'm not sure how she would be in a busy environment. I thought a better option for us might be to take her to...
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    Passporting a gelding

    My beautiful colt foal was born this week. Mum passport AES, not graded, sire Balou du rouet. I do not have the facilities to keep a stallion so although I am considering investing in having a few straws frozen for personal use down the line, he will be gelded and consequently not graded...
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    Appaloosas at royal windsor

    Watching the Appaloosa classes at royal windsor yesterday, and noticed that both the winner in youngstock and at least one competitor in the main class had no spots- and appeared to be 'just' bay. I'm now going crazy with curiosity trying to figure out what makes these horses Appaloosa- will...
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    Bedding for foaling - non straw options?

    My mare, due in summer, is not great in the stable. Box walks when bored/ stressed, which trampled her wet poos over all the straw, plus she eats straw (sometimes in preference to the hay in her net) which makes it almost impossible to keep a deep, clean straw bed in her stable. After one night...
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    Registering foal/ pregnancy

    My AES mare from a Zangersheide stallion is in foal to a Zangersheide/Oldenburg stallion. I had planned to register foal with AES for cost reasons but wanted to check if there is a reason I should try to get it in with one of the better known stud books instead. If with AES do I need to...
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    Advice on my plan?

    First time breeder looking for some advice on my plan! I have wanted a Baloubet foal for about 15 years now. I finally think I have the pieces ready to try for it, but would welcome advice on the key factors I have missed from people more experienced than me. I have a very nicely put...
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    Where do you find vet, farrier etc.

    We are shortly relocating to a new area, where we have no horsey contacts so no recommendations for new vet, farrier etc. from friends. No tack shops particularly nearby with helpful adverts. There is a riding club I would like to join to meet some local horse people, but they appear to meet...
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    manege in the back garden?

    We are currently looking at a number of equestrian properties, and it seems that whilst land and stables arent too hard to find, a decent sized arena is pretty ellusive, but as I could only ride after work most nights a lit riding surface would be pretty much essential for me in winter. I...
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    Scurry driving day?

    I would like to buy a friend a scurry driving lesson/experience day for Christmas. The only one I can find seems to be hideously expensive though; has anyone been on one they would recommend? I would ideally like to find a full day/half day scurry experience in region of £150 for 2 people, but...
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    Is it possible to give too much rein?

    I have noticed recently that when a jump doesnt go quite perfect, I tend to forget to give with my hands properly. So tonight we were working over a pretty straightforward jump and I was really focussing on making sure my hands went forward enough to create slack in the rein (overexagerating the...
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    Mens size 12 boots?

    Following on a bit from the post about boys riding below, where would you go to find mens size 12 boots? Are there special shops somewhere that have them all? Robinsons and all the local places around here seem to stop at at 10. Given the number of male show jumpers/eventers/jockeys etc. there...
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    Heels down, Toes in

    After seeing some recent photos of me riding, I have realised just how appaling my foot position is. There are a couple where it looks ok (probably taken when I was thinking about sitting correctly) but the rest look better suited to some hideous ballet. My ankles look positively deformed in...
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    Equestrian travel insurance

    Does anyone know of a (preferably cheap) insurance company which covers horse riding abroad. We are spending a week on a ranch in the USA, so it is pretty essential that we are covered for riding accidents. Thanks in advance for any help
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    Proposed African Horse Sickness Regulations - Vaccination

    Does anyone know why the DEFRA AHS response document proposes to make it illegal to vaccinate against AHS? In the absence of any information to the contrary, it seems to me that allowing/expecting everyone to vaccinate their horses the first time it is seen in the UK would be a much better...
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    Navicular fractures

    Does anyone know anything about the impact of a healed navicular fracture on the long term working life of a horse? Is it likely to lead to and increased risk of traditional "navicular syndrome"? And if the horse is still lame on that foot intermitently (i.e. if jumped heavily or worked on hard...
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    Riding holiday reccomendations

    I am considering using up spare leave in late feb / early march by taking myself off on a riding holiday. The entire plan is finance dependent, particularly as I think I am being terribly optimistic about what I can get for my money, but I thought if I could find out about good places anywhere...
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    how much?

    Hiya, am trying to decide between two horses at the moment and was wondering if people who have more experience with youngstock could give me an idea of what a reasonable price on them would be: Colt yearling to make 15.2-15.3, feet not in excellent condition atm (lots of cracks), by grand prix...