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  1. asmp

    Buying a second hand trailer advice please

    If you’re looking at a 506 have a look at this old thread It does astound me when I see trailers the same age as mine going for more now than when I bought it brand new!
  2. asmp

    Is it just me counting the days & hours till this heatwave is supposed to end??

    Could see rain coming down in the distance and hear thunder but nothing here ETA Yay! It’s started!💧💧💧
  3. asmp

    Help! Horse suddenly stops dead cantering on hacks

    Same here. I call it a splat. Many a time I’ve ended up on his ears and, once, found myself standing next to him!
  4. asmp

    So, if not riding due to heat, what are you doing?

    Laying on the sofa!
  5. asmp

    Lottie frys test…

    A joy to watch! I watched it live and then found it on YouTube to watch again.
  6. asmp

    TV Times for World SJ Champs

    I watched Eurosport last night and was trying to work out if the two presenters weren’t getting along - there seemed to be a few snide comments! Watched Lotty’s test again on YouTube this morning. It was brilliant!
  7. asmp

    Harrow or poo pick?

    Our farmer spread muck on the fields some months ago and because we have had no rain since it is just sitting all over the field, which the horses are now having to graze. Unless you have rain forecast I would poo pick for now
  8. asmp


    You must be lucky as they’re horrendous around here at the moment! Its the dilemma of fly rug vs over heating under them.
  9. asmp

    Advice on gettig our first dog - a whippet

    This has just come on and I thought of you. I’ve no idea about dog prices though! It may be on the other side of the country to you as well.
  10. asmp

    Allergy to Agrobs Wiesencobs?!?!

    Nor is ours - he’s half New Forest!
  11. asmp

    Allergy to Agrobs Wiesencobs?!?!

    What is it with appys? Ours came out in hives when fed Moles own brand chaff?
  12. asmp

    Horse shopping - assistance needed

    It probably also depends on where you look and how far you’re willing to travel. has some that fit your bill starting from about £6000. e,g.
  13. asmp

    How many times ?

    A woman knocked on our farmer’s door about our two once - they had just come back from a week at riding club camp and were shattered!
  14. asmp

    Wish us luck

    Good luck - have fun!
  15. asmp

    Spot the hose leak

    I’ve never known it this bad in the 11 years I’ve been at this yard. We strip graze so have a bit left (of dried up grass and weeds) for another week or so but the field that I shut off a few weeks ago hasn‘t grown at all. That field is supposed to be my autumn grazing 🙁. Last year we had...
  16. asmp

    Spot the hose leak

    Oh for some rain for the fields. (The leak is only when the hose is turned on to fill up the field waters so we’re not wasting lots of water).
  17. asmp

    Can you wear an air jacket only for hacking?

    I agree with all this! I have a hi viz one so no need for a hi viz vest.
  18. asmp

    Ground Anchors for field shelter

    I’ve thought about these (usually when the forecast for strong winds is that night) but after reading some posts on here do wonder if you’re more likely to lose the roof if the shelter is tethered down. One thing I do know is that at the moment there is no way I’d get any in the rock hard...
  19. asmp


    My cat seems to be covered too. Must be the time of year 😕. I’ve treated her and comb her regularly and am getting loads off her. Her jabs are due at this time of year and I always seem to take her to the vets looking very scabby.
  20. asmp

    Off-leash pitbull attacks terrified horse in Sydney park

    I kept willing the horse to boot the dog.
  21. asmp

    Off-leash pitbull attacks terrified horse in Sydney park

    Another horrible attack 😕
  22. asmp


    Not sure if this has been mentioned as haven’t read all the replies but just wanted to say our youngster started napping when his saddle no longer fitted. Replaced the saddle and he stopped doing it (so it could be discomfort).
  23. asmp

    Horse prices- ever going to fall?

    Looking at a local site, it seems that the horses are coming down a bit but people are still expecting crazy prices for ponies - whether they’re getting them is another matter. I suppose it is the season for selling ponies though.
  24. asmp

    Saving bees from drowning

    I keep a sieve next to my field water to fish out things - ice in the winter, leaves, bugs and occasionally birds!
  25. asmp

    Horsey artists and pictures

    I was given a set of placemats by this artist! My daughter bought them at Olympia. We’re big fans of Amy Goodman - She has her workshop nearby and it’s always interesting seeing what horse sculptures she’s working on.
  26. asmp

    How to carry my phone in my "smart" riding gear :)

    My daughter recently Went on a riding holiday and bought a lanyard and special phone case so she could wear it around her neck. I personally use an armband case but put it around my ankle. Mine is high viz but a black one wouldn’t be very noticeable Something similar to this...
  27. asmp

    Cushings - Grey area and Prascend

    It is interesting that you both say half a tablet. My 14.3 has just been tested and is just over the positive line and my vet has suggested trying him for a month to see if makes any difference. However, she has said to give him one tablet a day. I’m wondering whether to query it with her.
  28. asmp

    We have rain!

    Hopefully it’s coming our way 🤞
  29. asmp

    Ring Doorbell

    I was about to post on the forum to ask if they were any good. I nearly bought one on Amazon Prime day but the reviews seemed quite bad - mainly about wifi connection.
  30. asmp

    What feed changes have you made due to the rising cost of feed/hay/haylage?

    Mole Valley cubes have gone up a lot too recently. They often have offers on them though so I buy a few bags then.