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    Supplement for pollen allergy

    Pollen x liquid seems to be much more palatable, horses that wouldn't touch feed with the powder in would happily eat it with the liquid
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    Badminton XC!

    On my laptop if you go to iplayer, categories and then sport it is there also on bbc sport website
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    Badminton XC!

    It's on iplayer now
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    Horseflies in January?

    I've just seen a bee in my garden
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    Muck boot sale but be very quick!

    Thank you!
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    Best "pick me up" for horses

    Global Herbs have just brought out a supplement called Winter Boost. It has really helped my boy who always goes flat at this time of year but hasn't made him sharp.
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    Can anyone recommend an off the shelf painkiller ?

    You won't get it today but Global Herbs Relief is very good, it is boswellia based, similar to alpha bute for horses. I always have some in the house and it very fast acting
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    Europeans cross country thread

    I'm watching it seems odd without Mike Tucker, do you know who is commentating with Harry Meade? Start times and results are here
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    Bryan Cooper sacked

    Statement on his twitter page
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    best fly rug - not a sweaty one!

    Weatherbeeta airflow are good
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    Age/Joint Supplement

    Thank you I thought the science behind them looked doubtful so it is good to hear that they work, you never know if you can trust reviews on the company's own site. My retriever is 8 and slowing down a bit and if she does too much is lame in her right shoulder . I tried a bioflow collar but it...
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    Age/Joint Supplement

    I switched from Yumove to Joint aid for dogs and saw an improvement. Cahill could you tell me more about the Streamz collar please
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    Vibes for this week please!!

    Sending loads of vibes to the gorgeous No Name and also to your aunt that her passing is peaceful. Your kindness shines through your post and you will make a great vet xx
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    BD points - can anyone check for me

    If you join as an associate member which is free you will be able to check it or I am happy to help
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    Happy retirement Valegro

    It's on the red button or BBC online from 7.25 tonight
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    Swimming Pool Lights

    What a great idea do let us know if you find out what they are
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    Boots at 5 months. More puppy pics!

    He is adorable. I love his "freckles"
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    DIY Livery charges

    If it is your yard you would need to charge about £60 a week to cover the additional costs of having liveries eg insurance/rates and make it worthwhile doing it.
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    Horsey clothing - where to shop without the massive price tag!

    Mountain warehouse are good for jackets
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    Burghley trot up on NOW

    On Burghley tv
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    Showjumping qualifiers start today, 2pm UK time

    Do these scores carry forward or is it just a qualification round?
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    Missed all the xc

    I think it will be on iPlayer later, they have got all the eventing dressage there.
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    Rio 2016 - how to watch equestrian sports

    Dressage times and more info here Sky channels are 472 onwards not the usual 980
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    Bramham 2016 Thread

    Event masters tv are streaming the Masters competition not sure about the whole event
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    Anyone else having trouble with ******?

    They used to be brilliant, but recently they seem to take much longer and goods seem to be sitting in despatch for ages. The other annoying thing is if you buy something heavy you get DPD 1 hr service, but I had an order for £60 of light stuff and they sent it second class mail. There have been...
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    I'm a muppet

    You're not the only one. I had a comment on a dressage test sheet from the judge which said " try to breathe before the final halt":o
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    Le mieux fly ears

    XL for a 16.1 warmblood, be careful washing them a friend's shrunk when she washed them in a machine, but mine have been ok handwashed in cool water
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    Badminton Red Button Recording

    I think the highlights programme was on iPlayer but not the xc red button coverage
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    Where can i listen to Badminton?

    Radio is working for me from the Badminton Home Page there is a black bar about half way down on the left, play it from there. If you open the live streaming in a new tab and have the radio playing on the original tab you can listen to Carl and Pammy's...