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    Unable to balance in trailer

    Friend's new pony has mainly travelled in a box before. We've now had him out half a dozen times and he just can't seem to balance in a trailer. I drive into corners at a snails pace, round the corner, out of the corner, and all the while we can hear him banging around trying to find his feet...
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    Controlling Ragwort

    Hi, has anyone tried killing ragwort in the field using one of those gas canister weed burning devices? Does it kill them? For one season or longer? Any opinions? Thanks
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    Types of hay -does this exist?

    Hi My little 11.2 welshie holds weight a bit too well and gets a terrible cough off dry hay so I always soak his hay firstly to help his cough and secondly to try to remove some of the sugars to try to help keep his weight down. I try to get second cut hay as first cut can be too rich...
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    Horrendous New Scam...

    My friend told me a horrendous story experienced by her ex-husband a few days ago around Cardiff... He is a lorry driver, was driving along a quiet country road in his HGV when a coloured gypsy cob type horse came hurtling out of the bushes at the side of the road and ran straight into his...
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    In anticipation of weight loss over winter...

    Hi My pony has always been a good-doer, I've generally struggled to keep his weight down in the six years I've had him because he tends to look at grass and put weight on. However last winter he dropped weight for the first time and actually looked a bit poor at one point (well, for him...
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    Horse First "Relax Me" - opinions please?

    Hi, have been experimenting with/researching calmers to see if i can take the edge off my spooky horse, and thought I had short listed this one to try, saw it, bought it, got home and realised one of the main ingredients is sugar which has kind of thrown me a bit😳 Anyway I'm wondering...
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    Laura Collette in intensive care following fall

    Hi, Apparently she fell at Tweseldown yesterday and is in ITU. Does anyone know any details about it? Wishing her a full and speedy recovery!
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    Saddle "handle" to help child learning to jump

    Hi. As title, pony only very occasionally puts in big leaps over small cross poles which is unseating his new little rider. Any ideas on something she can grab hold of if necessary - we've tried grabbing his mane but it is slippery and theres not a lot of it, and we've tried holding onto the...
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    Low energy feed for lightly worked spooky good doer with poor concentration

    As title really! 15.2 ISH 7yo doing light schooling and hacking 5 days a week. In at night with ad lib hay, out on reasonable pasture for 10 hours a day. Can work nicely but is unpredictable and spooky, can be quite opinionated and finds it hard to concentrate. Back/teeth/saddle check all...
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    Mediumweight Turnout Search -Need Help!!!

    Hi I'm looking for a mediumweight roomy 5'9 or snug 6'0 mediumweight standard (no neck) turnout for my horse who unfortunately lives with a rug-wrecker! There's a million 600denier rugs out there (which is what I normally use) but I'm now looking for 1000denier or more rug to see if it fares...
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    Nut? Which can be fed soaked or dry? Suggestions please?

    I am looking for a feed ideally a "nut" that will break down to become mushy/sloppy when soaked, but can also be fed dry when required, for my Welsh section A. He could do with a little bit more energy, however is a very good doer so I don't want to risk him putting on weight if I can...
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    Jodhpurs or Breeches, which do you prefer?

    I had a pony as a child, always wore jodhpurs because that's what all kids wore back then. I've returned to riding as a mature "curvaceous" adult female, and have bought a load of jodhpurs, probably because that's what I know best and feel comfortable in. But I keep eyeing up breeches...
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    Yard/Field Security

    Hi Someone posted a few days ago worrying about undesirables nosying around her yard/field, and was asking for advice regarding security options but I can't find the thread😳 At the time i couldn't remember the name of a company I saw at the royal welsh last year that have remote...
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    Greenwich today -wellies or not?

    Anyone know what the ground is like? Do we need wellies? 😳
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    Basildon to Greenwich - any ideas?

    Am staying near Basildon/Billericay, any ideas what would be my best route to Greenwich on X-Country day please? One suggestion is train from Basildon to West Ham then tube to Greenwich - does this sound reasonable? I've been told it'll take just over an hour. Are you local? Can you...
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    Showing "up to height" please explain...

    What is the big deal with horses (and ponies) having to be up to height in classes? As long as the animal in question is the best example of what the judge is looking for within the height range of the class, it should win, irrespective of whether it is amongst the tallest or the shortest in...
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    Cheshire Show

    Hi, Has anyone been to the Cheshire Show today? What were the ground conditions like? I'm just going for a mooch tomorrow without the neddies and am wondering if I'll need my wellies?????
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    WFP Interview

    WFP has just been on British Olympic Dreams on BBC1 being interviewed at his yard. it'll probably be on catchup/iplayer later!
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    Essex people please help!! How do I get to Greenwich for the Olympics???

    Hi, Please feel free to self-punctuate this post with smilies etc. , I can't get mine to work! I'm coming down from ooop noorth for the Olympics, staying near Epping, and we've luckily got tickets for x-country day, but Greenwich is miiiiiles away and either hours and hours by public transport...
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    Secure tack storage -ideas needed

    Need to find some kind of secure tack storage box for a communal area which doesn't get locked. I was thinking of the tall metal tack cabinet from Robinsons, and perhaps screwing it into a wall at the back for additional security but the door latch/lock doesn't look too secure to me. What...
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    Do you know any horsey people in Thurles, Ireland?

    I'm trying to trace someone, can you please PM me? Many thanks
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    Yes, yet another post about chaff!!!

    So what is the best completely basic, ie: non-heating, low energy, no-fizz-inducing, low fat, chaff just to introduce a bit of fibre and bulk to a feed and to keep the gut moving, readily available from feed stores (in your opinion!)?
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    Loose hock joint - advice needed?

    Hope someone can help me. I've a pensioner friend with a small companion dog - I think he's a Yorkie cross. Anyway its a long story but his hock joint is very loose in its socket and has slipped out a few times (it then usually slips back in by itself). She has had him to the vets but the...
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    Burning Ragwort with a "weed burner"

    As the title really. Aldi have an offer on weed burners this week and it made me wonder if it is so useful for killing other weeds, so would it kill ragwort? - certainly esier than using Barrier Thingy and having to keep horses off the area for x number of weeks. What do people think?
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    Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano?

    As per title really, those of you with 3.5 tonne boxes, which option to you believe to be the best?
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    Ground Hay Feeder

    I hope someone can help me? I'm looking for a way to feed hay to my 11.2 pony off the floor, but not directly from the floor....keep reading, all will become clear! He is on a woodchip type bedding, so it is not suitable to feed directly off the floor, there have been suggestions to people...
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    Insurance when the rider is not related to the owner

    I have been looking for insurance for my 4yo lead rein Section A, and possibly more importantly, insurance for his rider(s). All of the policies I have seen so far cover riders if they are the owner or a relative of the owner. The kids I have riding my pony are friends' children, and I would...
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    Insurance when rider is not the owner

    I have been looking for insurance for my 4yo lead rein Section A, and possibly more importantly, insurance for his rider(s). All of the policies I have seen so far cover riders if they are the owner or a relative of the owner. The kids I have riding my pony are friends' children, and I would...
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    Buying/Selling/Trial Query

    Hiya, Having not bought or sold to a "stranger" since I was a kid and not involved in any of the financial part, I just wondered what people tended to do with regards to money exchanging hands when buying and selling horses? How is payment normally made for a horse? Given that we are usually...
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    Bit for Youngster

    Hi, My 4yo Section A has been backed and is being ridden away. He is very slow, not working forwards much, but he is getting better each time and is getting to grips with listening to and understanding his riders aids. We are aiming at lead rein classes hopefully in 2011, perhaps first...