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    Feeling Used and Taken advantage of or am i just a mug? *LONG*

    be careful people like that will try to put the blame on you if anything happens as in your fault, be careful as a yard owner you have a duty that your clients horses and owners are safe when running a yard if your a livery and the yards not yours then you have advised her and shes ignored...
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    Am i just rubbish or was she trying to tell me something?

    dont get off-- stop and count take a deep breath and carry on as forwards and focus every time you get off the horse wins so knows your no.. so dont-- just stop have a recount take a deep breath and try again
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    WANTED - Assisted DIY livery Crowborough area

    try home farm livery yard warren road crowborough or beechwood farm crowborough
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    To buy or not to buy..

    not into treeless would rather have a saddler come out and fit the horse with a proper saddle that can be altered as the horse developes treeless saddles can cuase bad backs as well
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    think will join you sophie221 with a glass of wine
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    Recommend a fly/bug rug please ..

    go here and get one from these
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    Help, advice needed on arsenic poisoning...

    dont ask -- if in doubt the 1st place you should go is a vet -period
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    Kicking flies on tummy and hitting front legs!

    sweet itch does that go here and get a rug and then get a fly mask
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    Look at this. Could be fun

    a scam---would one for the internet police as they love scams
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    Black lab with bald patches - not horsey but if you've any ideas?

    grass mites do that-- go to it will help if not take him to the vet and get some stuff for it my daughters dog got it its not fleas its grass mites commonly known as fox mites or something once you recognised it and get the stuff it heals up pretty quick. but then you...
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    ha ha because people think they are lucky, wether they are or not depends on the myth and you have to remember some people havent actually seen a real live worn horse shoe in all its glorey now i am a betting if that come off some top notch horse who would buy it, say one of john whittakers--...
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    Getting smacked on the butt by cantle over jumps!

    was it a shop you brought your saddle from as saddler a master sadller is qualfied person,, they would have brought you out saddles in your price range fitted them to the horse and then to you -- sounds like its just sales person of whom sold you the saddle and doesnt want it back if the...
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    Insect Bites, any ideas?

    yeah go get the rug and buy a decent fly mask
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    have see at least 3 others the same and in usa to be honest it only lenghten their life by a year ask yourself is that fair i dont think so i would rather the animal put to sleep a horse is one of the few animals taht bears its weight mostly on front legs they arnt like a dog or cat that can...
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    Trailer servicing in the South East - Kent area

    trident trailers maidstone - rice dealers its in yellow pages or john page traillers - beneden-- look under ifor williams dealers for addy or castlehill trailers-- sinclair/pegasus dealers brenchley which is cooper lane, matfield brenchley kent --
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    Sec D's

    my sec d jumps 120 130 easily so yes they can i always like to have something either welsh or part welsh they are an all rounder and make excellent jumpers, eventers, dressage even driving horses what ever you want the welsh d is aworker loves to work more work you do better the horse is
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    Would you buy a horse with a cataract?

    depends-- as cataracts can be cause by many things for exsample - moon blindness or uv , if thats the case then the cataract is only part of the problem as with uv-- ie equine recurrent uveritis cataracts ar sometimes developed by either a dengenative disorder or by decease with...
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    u,- you sure its a melanoma-- and not a rug rub as in back strap to tight-- that can cuase a sore if to tight or to low on the inside of the leg
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    Fire-fighters tackle blaze at stables

    glad the horse was ok
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    Herbs for headshakers?

    have you horse looked at by a vet head shaking can be numrous problems not just flys migdes or pollen can be anything from bad tooth to gultinous pouch to sinus to cancer as the flys and pollin arnt out yet and having had a head shaker and lost him due to brain tumour so get a vet and...
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    Shannon Matthews alive

    the most important thing is shes safe tend to agree with allycat as i to am an older londoner they do say its nearly always some one you know or know off and i know only to well the implications of when a child has been lets say hurt by others as my sister son was got at by a peadefile of...
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    Small ponies tanking?

    try a kimblewicka volcanite one its just a tad stronger than a snaffle and most kids use one as they only have ankles below a saddle falp and not a calf and they arnt as strong as adults
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    How do you become a course builder?

    get in touch with bsja they do courses for it you have to get in touch with the local rep for your area i know as i am doing it-- there are two types of courses a course builder or train to be a jump judge you have to do one or the other the course is two years
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    Eric died today :( :(

    rip eric a nice careful horse with a big heart so much so he took care of his rider until the end what a cracking horse he was rip eric and hugs to rosie
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    Harry Withdrawn from Afghanistan.

    um american media leaked the storey spoilt it and put him in danger great shame for him he could have been there for yonks longer had they not and noone would have been any the wiser hes been there 10 weeks but its putting his fellow members also in danger but always a but he did sign up in...
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    I have no brakes...

    try a vuconite kimbleiwck its a happy medium
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    Castration how much

    get your vet to check and if he needs doing do it now when flys arnt about leave it much longer and you would have to wait till november again 200 quids tops horses can pull the whatnots up tight inside when cold
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    Capped Hock

    thick beds and banked sides and good old clay poultice that you can buy from any tack store clay reduces capped hock if soft still put on in the evening wash off mornings and re apply twice daily clay is mud -- type so when drys tightens
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    COPD - 20 year old pony getting worse

    i will add shes 20yrs old and the damge to her lungs can be severe she might and i say might as i have lost one to serve cpod as i re hab horses anyways i will tell you about rona lisa she was 12 when i got her, and had a dust allergy or so i was told she had chronic copd-- i had her 5mths...
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    COPD - 20 year old pony getting worse

    keep the pony on shavings dampen feedstuff feed haylage buy a water pistol when mucking out-- turn ned out then muck out as dust pariticals go in air then use the water pistol to spray the air so dust settles or water spray bottle alwaysdo it before you bring her in fly mask fly sheet...