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    GPS Tracker for horse trailers?

    Can anyone recommend a GPS tracker which can be used for an Ifor Williams horse trailer. Hopefully one that doesnt cost the earth but is affordable to buy and if necessary (preferably not) to subscribe to. I need one with movement warning (that notifies me if the trailer is moved) and...
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    Wintec Cair Saddles - PROBLEMS YOU HAVE HAD

    Im trying to get an idea of how many people have had problems with Wintec Cair Saddles. Please can anyone who has had issues with the Cair saddles, please list what you have had in detail. For example: Cair panels 'breaking' or failing. Cair panels making a noise. The saddle being...
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    Wintec Saddles (Weatherbeeta), Independent Saddle Inspection?

    Does anyone know who Wintec uses to have an 'Independent Saddle Inspection' when they have saddles returned to them? For some unknown reason, they are refusing to give this information out to me on my saddle? They had an agreement with me that they were sending it to be to be assessed but now...
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    Made to Measure Saddles? Is it worth the risk?

    Im having a mare to find a decent saddle to fit my horse, so looking at the made to measure market so i can get it tweaked to what we need without a ridiculous budget busting price. My biggest concerns are: It not fitting when it arrives, Not being suitable when it is being ridden in...
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    Pessoa Amo?

    Has anyone got one or used one? Good and bad reviews please
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    Event or Jump Saddles?

    What do you prefer if doing courses up to 1m for jumping, and for XC / HT etc? Looking to get a new one for my lad but unsure if a jumping saddle will be secure enough for XC or an event saddle will be forward cut enough for SJ? On a budget (under £1k new/used) so need to get it right first...
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    Jumping Arabs?

    Does anyone compete SJ / BE on pure bred Arabs? What level are you competing at? Especially if adults riding 14.1-2hh height ones. How do you feel against adults on horses? or children on ponies? Also what saddles do you use, event or jump?
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    Legs filling in stable on box rest, bandages or stable wraps?

    My lad will be on box rest for a 1-2 months box rest and as he usually lives out so his legs will fill (did on 2 day riding club camp). Looking at PE Stable wraps (not magnetic) / rhinegold stable (medicine) wraps OR using quilted wraps/pads with bandages on top? Which offers the best...
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    Legs filling in stable on box rest, bandages or stable wraps?

    My lad will be on box rest for a 1-2 months box rest and as he usually lives out so his legs will fill (did on 2 day riding club camp). Looking at PE Stable wraps (not magnetic) / rhinegold stable (medicine) wraps OR using quilted wraps/pads with bandages on top? Which offers the best...
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    Minimum Horse Age for Riding Club Lessons?

    Just wondering if there are any official regulations what the minimum horse age is to attend lessons? Generally i know its 4 to compete so it is the same just for lessons with an affiliated (not for my horse i may add as i think 3 is too young)
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    Webber / Dressage Leathers - how to measure the length you need?

    My riding length of normal leathers is 18-20" for jumping, 24-26" for flatwork so i need to buy webbers which would work out these sizes. No local shops sell them so how do i know which length to order? None of the descriptions tell you the shortest or longest lengths these can adjust to and...
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    Show Jacket,Quality on tight budget -£70 Equi-theme Competition?

    Hunt is on for a mainly black show jacket (or white/grey/silver trim) to use for dressage and jumping. Max budget is about £70 and ideally new, but also hunting second hand. Ive longish arms (not daddy long legs length tho lol) and tried the Caldene Waterton but sleeves were incredibly short...
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    Futuristic Hunter Trials - What are they?

    There is one being held local to me - but what are they? Sadly entered a different comp in another area so cant get there on the day to go look around.
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    Henri de Rivel Endurance Saddles?

    Any feedback - good or bad welcome please as looking to buy one for my Arab. Its very cheaply priced for a brand new saddle due to shop closure but as ive never seen one i have no idea how good quality they are.
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    Dressage Saddles, Mid price range for TB?

    My Tb is having an upgrade from his synthetic Thorowgood T4 which has done him for a year of basic schooling, but now we are both moving up a gear we need a saddle to come with us. He needs 17 MW with a half decent wither clearance. He doesnt have a real sharks fin but he does suffer...
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    Keiffer Kiel OR Ideal Suzannah Dressage Saddle, Which one?

    Im looking for a second hand dressage saddle to upgrade from my tried and trusted basic Thorowgood which has got us through the basics this last year, so here is the dilemma for my slightly high-withered young TB. Both are for sale which I like, both very similar priced, so very little to...
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    Horse and Pony Direct - Balancers?

    Does anyone have any good or bad views on these? HPD Performance Full nutritional analysis: (web) or HPD Everyday...
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    Wide tread stirrups for XC?

    Im looking for wider tread stirrups which i can use for XC Does anyone have any experience or recommendations (not the bank breaking brands though!)
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    Cirencester or Badminton Fun Ride ?

    I have been to Badminton for the find ride in 2013 which on the whole was great fun with the distance, trerrain, jumps etc. The only thing which sadly spoiled it was the road rage riders with no care for the fact we had a novice horse with very visible ribbons in his tail, thankfully a very...
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    Wanted: Equine cranio-sacral therapists South Wales

    Can anyone help with who may know one or used one in the past please? At least level 3 or ideally level 4. Equine Cranio-Sacral Therapist
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    Equitop Myoplast V Spirulina Supplement

    Ingredients in Equitop is: Algae powder (Spirulina platensis) 40%, Saccharose (sugar flavouring), Glucose syrup (add flavour/binding), Corn starch (powder). At a RRP of approx £70 for 1.6kg, dosing 25g a day. Spirulina powder is: At a cost of £50 for 1.8kg, dosing 20-40g day...
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    Wheel Clamp for Ifor Williams Trailer?

    Looking to buy a wheel clamp for the ifor trailer ive got (2002) What ones are easy to fit and actually do fit? I bought one which was mega awkward to get on the back wheel due to the other wheel and wheel guard being so close. (also got a hitchlock but want double security)
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    Skull Caps for Oval Heads?

    Has to be junior fittings as most adults are too deep and end up on my eyes, but struggling to find a skull for a fairly narrow, oval head. Daily riding is a brilliant Just Togs dial hat but with the regulations of no peaks in XC, I cant wear it :( Any ideas what makes / brands to try please?
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    4x4 Towing Vehicle for 2x17hh and under £3000!

    After some vehicle advice please guys. Max budget is £2700 stretching budget. To tow 510 - 2x 17.2hh. Need to change the 4x4 (got to have 4x4 as horses set off beaten track in Winter). Minimum able to tow an Ifor 505 which we have now for 2x 15.2hh but going to change it in future to the...
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    Ifor 505 Trailer plate in German - can someone explain what is what please

    I have a 19yr Ifor 505 recently purchased but the plate is in German. Some i know such as the frame: Typ: KF 27. Ausf: A1 but underneath is the weights which i cant translate lol: zul. Gesamtmasse des ctnachsigen Anhangers von: 1400kg bis 2700kg zul. Fahrgeschwindigkeil uber 25km/h...
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    Towing Vehicles

    I am looking at buying a Nissan X-Trail (2002-2003) -does anyone have any experience of towing with these jeeps? What is the best size engine (currently to tow Ifor 505 with 2x 16.2 tb's but maybe changing to a 510 in time) ? Petrol or Diesel? How are the off-road with the automatic 4x4...
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    Feeding the Barefoot Horse

    Ive just brought my new horse into work following quite a few months off with tendon then hoof absess issues! Ex-racer, last raced Oct and just gone 4 yr old. After all the time off I thought its perfect to trial him barefoot :) We have marquis boots on front, nothing on back. Seems to be...
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    Acular drops and Maxitrol ointment - GENERIC (cheaper) ALTERNATIVES?

    my mare was diagnosed with Uveitis last week. following vet treatment and mega stress she is home but needing meds 4x day and its a recurrent treatment. Is there a human or generic alternative to getting these meds from the vet (or online) Acular drops and Maxitrol ointment? thanks :)
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    Mare's HATE each other - what can we do?

    HELLO Let me get right to it. Back in October my husband bought a 5yr old mare halflinger,I have a 6yrold mare arab/morgan. they still are not getting along. The arab/morgan backs down but the halflinger still keeps coming at her. Now the husbands talking about getting rid of the halflinger (I...
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    Budget field maintenance tips

    Hiya im renting off someone who will not pay a penny to help with any maintenance let alone improvements to the fields so im after good budget tips especially cheap ways to deal with things. dont share with anyone and no big strong burly guys to help me either :'( 1. muddy areas! i can...