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    Livery near Bideford, North Devon?

    Hi, moving to Bideford, can anyone recommend a livery yard nearby? I need stables and turnout for 2 horses, must be sensible driving distance.
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    running out of hay

    I am running out of hay, does anyone know of hay or haylage for sale within sensible distance of Uckfield, East Sussex?
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    Youngster walking at 2beat gait? Any ideas?

    Well I have a TB x Shire that paced as a youngster, he is also a shiverer. He is now 19 years old, he has hunted, RC evented, competed at level 3 TREC. He still paces occasionally, tending to roll downhill. However I keep him fit and he loves working. So don't worry too much, I am sure you...
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    Hickstead - taking a lorry but no horse

    There is some parking the other side of the main car parks for lorries and trailers. I've parked there in the past, however to get in there I think you would need to arrive really early and drive in the car entrance. As someone has already said you definitely can't get into the horsebox park...
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    TREC , great to see TREC in horse & hound magazine

    I agree, TREC needs all the support it can get at the moment as it moves from BHS to TREC GB. The article gives a good description and hopefully will encourage riders to have a go. I combine TREC and hunting which works perfectly as the hunting season is starting when TREC is finishing!
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    Riding a newly backed youngster alone

    There is so much you can do without having to ride. Leading the horse can be equally as rewarding. My 3 year was seeing the mounting block as a very scary place so every time she comes in I line her up and brush her from the mounting block so now it is no longer scary. Try a bit of in-hand work...
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    Rope Halters - fitting?!

    You slide the fittings to ensure that when you pull on the lead rope it is tightening and loosening under the jaw. It have often seen rope halters adjusted to tighten over the head, this would be incorrect. PM me if you want more help as I use them all the time, really useful as no buckles to do...
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    Badminton 1st timers - top tips & helpful hints needed

    Every day the starting list for the day is available at the secretaries tent, i.e. dressage start times, xc start times, sj start times. Very useful to keep up with who is going when.
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    Defender/Ifor or 3.5t

    The Land Rover Defender is the best tow car there is, it tows my IW 510 with a 17:3hh hunter, I don't know it is towing. However I reckon it is also the most uncormfortable car there is. They are noisy, cold in winter, shake you to bits driving however I've had a defender now for about 10 years...
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    Saddle bag recommendations (JFTD - might be useful to you too)

    Raddery Equine sell a good pommel bag, holds bottle on one side, big pocket on the other, plastic cover over the wither that can hold notes like pace counts etc, all of this sits on a specially shaped poly pad so comfy for horse.
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    Deep litter beds (again...sorry!)

    I have a very wet horse, found wood pellets eventually became like a peat bog! I have recently switched to Miscanthus (Easypack) and with deep litter this is working and staying reasonably dry over a week, so one bale a week once started.
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    Saddlers in east sussex

    Dragonfly Saddlery, Burgess Hill have been very helpful to me in the past. They will visit and bring saddles for you to try. There is also Sian Saddlery, near Uckfield where they have a big selection of saddles, and Penfolds near Haywards Heath. All are reputable.
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    I find wellies last me on average 3 months irrespective of make as I wear them roughly 3 to 4 hours a day. Now I buy Dunlop wellies for £10 and super thick trainer insoles for £5, this gives you warm feet at a very reasonable cost. Once they start leaking throw them away and buy another £10...
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    Not all Pellets are the same! Wet comparison (pics)

    Please PM the premium pellet bed you are using, thanks,
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    Hunting jacket *wanted* size 36 & 38

    My Moss Bross hunt jacket is now on ebay, put in id 150921380777.
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    Hunting jacket *wanted* size 36 & 38

    I have a 38" Moss bros heavyweight ladies wool jacket. Lovely and warm, has tattersall wool lining which lines the sleeves as well. I am about to put it on ebay, pm me if you are still looking.
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    Fat horses and spare fields grass too long?

    Similar problem at my yard, the horses needing to watch their waistlines wear muzzles. That way they have the whole field to run round, just can't eat quite so much grass quite so fast!
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    any treccies here?

    You can find a forum dedicated to UK TREC here,
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    Mud Fever, back legs now swollen, what bedding is best when stabled?

    I have had exactly the same thing happen to my horse, white hind legs became very swollen when standing in box, ok when out in field, mud fever like scabs could be felt under the white hair but not visible. This went on for some weeks until I realised it was mud fever. Mine are in during the...
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    Why does my 17.2 horse keep falling and tripping????

    My horse is a 17:3hh Shire x TB and when he was first backed as 3 year old, he did tend to trip up, however never fell over. Anyway my farrier rolled the toes up slightly on his front shoes also used hind shoes on the front, i.e. 2 toe clips, not just 1. Rolled toes cured the tripping and to...
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    This weeks Friday Ad has a voucher for 2 adults or 2 children free, £8 for car, Sat or Sunday
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    Joint supplements for dogs?

    Yumove tablets for our 12 year old lab have worked wonders, website is here:
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    Le Trec report + Video :)

    Anyone interested in TREC, the BHS website has a lot of useful info here: Follow the links on the left, also there is a "UK TREC" website & forum here:
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    Your experiences....Jason Webb

    I have 4 different friends who have used him for both trailer training and backing of their horses. All of them have reported excellent results and all their horses seem to have responded well. I understand he is very sensitive and treats the horses very well so highly recommended.
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    do any of you ride before work?

    Yes, 5:50 amevery weekday, horses 1 mile away, drive takes 2 mins. Feed, muck out, turn out those I'm not riding then riding out roughly 7am with every hi viz accessory and lights I can attach this time of year. However this week I have finally had to give in to the snow and ice so not riding...
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    How to get horses that plant moving!

    I always use the same method as Suechoccy. The only problem I have had with this method is that one ride I ended up doing more backwards than forwards which is not good! However I can confirm it definitely works.
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    Starting a youngster hacking? How long? How often?

    Hacking out is brilliant experience for a youngster, just don't let them get tired. Try first just 10 mins round a very short route and increase the time out as long as they are taking it all in their stride you can take longer routes and daily is fine.
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    OMG....Clydesdale can jump!

    You have let the secret out! All draft horses can jump, the same muscles used to pull a plough are used to jump! My pure shire mare could jump really well cross country and I have kept two of her half-TB sons that are really good all-rounders and love hunting. They feel so safe too when you are...
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    Tips for combating hunting nerves aka how do I get some bottle?!

    Talk to other people that are out, you will be amazed how many people out hunting will understand exactly how you feel, we have all been there in the past at one time or another. Find someone competent to follow over jumps and ask them if you can use them as a lead. Most people are only to...
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    nfu insurance

    I have insured with NFU for years. They are very good with advice on the phone and have always paid out where I've claimed, no queries at all. The premiums of all insurance is on the increase, it is not just NFU.