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    Good grief...............

    Can't believe anyone would think this is a good way to advertise a pony!:eek::eek::eek:
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    Murphy again, please read

    Please bear with me, I know I have asked before...... But I really would like to find someone who knows our lovely boy. He is such a poppet and you can do most things with him. Load, clip, pull, traffic...
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    Hoof boots for round hooves

    I am going to try to keep our big lad without shoes if possible. He hasn't had shoes on for at least a year, but when we bought him he had dreadful feet all with seedy toe and thrush. They are now looking good and my farrier is really pleased with them and supportive of trying without shoes...
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    Worming programme

    I have recently moved to a new yard where they have a yard worming programme in place. I didn't know this when I moved there. However, after worming our lad when we first got him i the Autumn, we have since had worm counts done, which came back zero, and comments of "lovely healthy poo"...
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    I have tried putting Murphy on the relevant tracing horses section (ages ago) but since then have realised that this area seems to have a lot more people looking so I hope it is OK to put something on here too. We bought the lad last September from the field. We know nothing of him except...
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    trimming feathers

    I have done a search on this subject but can't see exactly what I want to know, so please bear with me!:) I have a hunter type who has some feather in Summer....and lots at the moment. He doesn't grow a thick coat and is not clipped, but does look a bit odd. After a lot of thought I decided to...
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    No coat

    We have a new horse, a 16.2 hunter type, big lad, but he hasn't grown a proper winter coat. He is very well and has a lovely sheen to his coat, but apart from his chin, slight feather and a bit of soft wooliness around flanks.....almost a summer coat!:confused: We have had him for a couple of...
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    To those in NW England

    Can I please ask all those in this area who see a lot of horses moving around to look at the thread on Tracing horses, Murphy Irish Cob, to see if anyone recognises him? I know myself that I rarely get chance to look at all forums with it being so busy, but would dearly like to know something...
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    Hi Can anyone recommend a good mid-range brand of clippers for clipping a couple of horses 3 times a year. Checking on Ebay and Amazon there seems to be a huge choice, but few reviews to make any comparisons. Thanks
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    Murphy Irish Cob

    Hi My wife and I have recently purchased a 16.1 bright bay Irish Cob called Murphy (very original name) and are trying to trace his history as where we purchased him from they could not provide any information. His passport states that his DoB is 2001 and that he was first registered in...