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    Eating Ragwort

    I always thought it was a cumulative effect. ie once in the sytem it just increases the more they eat it. If they are starving they will eat it and then it becomes pallatible etc and dry The dose for liver damage I dont know??
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    Yep I agree with this. Dont let your heart and kindness rule your head. If you enjoy hacking how on earth will you ever be able to just pop on and go for a quiet hack alone. You will always be tied to finding someone to ride out with. Get an all rounder. Its true you will never find a perfect...
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    Dolly does a bit of bombproofing !

    Looks terrified
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    Hi viz doesn't make it safe...

    Most people are taught to pass a test not how to drive properly. If you cant see up ahead then you are going too fast. Back to the original point Hi viz does work and if you are riding two abreast on a bend you are nuts. Road users coming up do not know you are there and they are probably going...
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    Hi viz doesn't make it safe...

    Yes it does but its the behaviour of the riders thats at fault not the equipment. Cyclists are doing this all the time. And if you come round a bend what do you do if there is an accident immediately on that bend. Could you stop?
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    Bute for sale on ebay!

    I sort of agree but I think the horsemeat crisis is more to do with the powers to be ie legislation(yes useless government they are good at blaming everyone else and do 0) and control of livestock etc and horses where do they fit into this? Everyday horse owners knew this years ago. Someone...
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    What do you keep in your horsey first aid kit

    Thermometer hibiscrub bandages sudocreme vaseline non woven gauze swabs gloves empty syringe sterile water tweezers skin glue salt/saline solution wacking big dressing pad scalpel scissors iodine spray
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    What a long day

    Sounds like you got the vet out in time. Particularly as they could do something manual there and then. I have notice the horses overnight drink their whole huge container as it was only a few inches full this morning. Yesterday it hardly moved. Sudden hot weather etc after all that rain. Just...
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    Shocking Pony Abuse

    I havent read.watched it & dont turn a blind eye, but I suppose what suprises me sometimes is that some do gooders dont think that others can be so cruel and these kind of people will try to worm their way out as they are accomplished deviants(& quite often succeed in evasion). But its good to...
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    New riding hat advice please!

    Agree above.Yes I went along to buy a nice expensive hat as a treat and ended up with the cheapest harry hall as it was the most comfy. My son Charles Owen but even though we were the same size I didnt like his hat my self. Its very personal & you just go and try them all! Good luck though.
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    My horse fell out of his field on Wed...

    He doesnt look like he is starving and has the usual grass is always greener! Still he looks a nice boy and thankfully it wasnt worse ie broken leg etc. Those rocks look huge! What a silly boy. Glad he is ok though and he looks really good looking lad. Good luck. I hear click click electric...
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    Sleep Well Andy

    They are such a huge part of our lives and he looks wonderful in the pictures. Your care of Andy to the end without making him suffer was wise. A good owner would not put a horse through any suffering. Am sorry for you both. Agree Yes the forum is a tower of strength at difficult times like...
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    Time to say goodbye????

    Right thing to do if you think it, and your gut instinct is always right. My vet wanted to take my old boy for a ton of pointless tests when the horse was riddled with arthritis. My vet seemed to think I should wait until he couldnt get up. I did not agree and asked for PTS. My horse would kick...
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    Back on form

    I remember that programme too...dubbed wasnt it?
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    Why would you lie about your child's health?!

    Perhaps they have the other pony on a trial? I would be inclined to see if they ring you or not sell them the pony if they have lied so badly. I find the lies that folk make up are quite outrageous. Using a kid saying its ill well thats just quite sad. May be your pony is better off away from...
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    Recommendations please for stables/hay stores

    I have a Chart mobile shelter and it is lovely water tight. Our local farmer commented on how well it was built. My only thing I would NEVER have though is Onduline roofing. It is perfectly watertight but seems kinda absorbant. It is well supported as it is well built but it has sagged a little...
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    Grass cuttings when fields topped?!

    We had same a large vet bill after horse colic'ked on grass cuttings, they ferment too fast(I am guessing it depends what kind of grass weeds length etc ie if hay like you may get away with it but if its moist, damp am guessing could ferment a lot quicker. I would not feed cuttings to a horse...
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    Hunter Wellies

    I agree and most reviews now on hunter are not as good at all. I agree I keep looking at Hunter clones at Glastonbury too. Good advertising.
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    Dolly met her new owners today :)

    Oh gosh dont worry about doing the right thing!! I have seen too many ruined horses for folks that dont have the skill or time. So you are doing what is best for Dolly and thats all that matters. But good luck she has been one lucky foal to have had such caring owners and a great mum of course...
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    Just a happy thread :)

    Lucky you and he looks a laid back dude. Just my type can you post him to me? You have lovely riding and great pics. Paddy is a lucky boy.
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    New home for Ned! We made it!

    Wow well done that is a long way to walk! Is he your horse? or have you sold?
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    Back on form

    He is very handsome boy and he knows it! i dont do facebook so cant nose at him. Has he been in any films as I agree he looks like he stepped off a filmset coming out the woods. Not sure where the Shetland features in my film though? Bless him(probably thinking here we go again..)...
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    Petition the RSPCA

    Absolutely.I know for a fact the RSPB use the RSPCA as I rang the RSPB to rescue swans with fishing line and RSPB informed me only deal with the bird law and not rescue! They told me to ring the RSPCA who spent 2 hours catching the swans and removed all the fishing line with a stitch cutter...
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    The most useless horsy item you have ever bought?

    A full wax coat to cover the saddle (just like the queen wears). Horrid thing, smells of candle wax, is heavy, takes forever to dry out. Just utterly awful.
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    Pregnancy and riding You should avoid exercise or sports where there is a risk of being hit in the abdomen, such as martial arts. You should take extra care during activities where there is a risk of falling or losing your balance, such as...
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    The most useless horsy item you have ever bought?

    Face brush(like velvet) for a 24/7 mud cob Plastic mane comb(& metal one for that matter too...hoof pick works just as well to untangle) Horselyx(Molasses tub one....eaten in one day). Big hole hay net it all falls out Bot knife(it did sort of work but on cremello well waste of time) Devils...
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    how do i use benzyl benzoate for sweet itch?

    Yes it is quite fumey it smells quite lavendery and I wouldnt get it near her eyes. I use to use my hands but wear some gloves and it may be too thick to spray. You could tip it on a soft brush(body brush) or non absorbant type cloth and slap it on. I use to slap it on and rub it in well to the...
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    how do i use benzyl benzoate for sweet itch?

    You can apply it neat I used it many times and its very chalky. I think you are meant to rinse it off but I never did due to rain , rolling, long grass etc etc. You can buy it from chemists but you need to find a nice one who will order you a huge bottle ie a litre etc. Lloyds chemist has got...
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    Fencing help/suggestions please!

    Look up post basher(ebay) and also round posts I think they are about £2+ each plus roll of stock proof wire is probably what will cost but shop around and also the clips to secure. I would round post the lot. If you want solid you could concrete each post in(stop it from rotting as they will...
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    I hate cars! Legal Question!

    Sorry would say buyer beware and bought as seen! If you need it to work you may just be better to get it fixed(at least you know its done).