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    Would you be mad if someone opened your birthday cards?

    Someone would straight up get a slap!
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    Vet scan costs

    I'm not sure; I'd need to ask :D Oh this is gonna hurt xD
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    Vet scan costs

    The thoratic vertabrae; just double checking because that's where we sit, I'm assuming. He just keeps throwing his head down, even after he's had the physio and osteo. But he doesn't do it when you lean your whole weight on him, just when you sit on him. He's not sore or tetchy...I'm thinking KS?
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    Vet scan costs

    Just so I can steel myself for the upcoming bill. Would anyone know the average cost of a back scan? There's something up with my boy.
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    Spring is underway! When are you going back to 24/7 turnout?

    Still got my field sectioned off as the grass hasn't come back to what I'd like yet, but hopefully, April is our month!
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    Muscle wastage/atrophy

    Yep, you've got it in one. She's happy with the new saddle and I've got excersises to help this. It was on both sides, clearly showing the pinching and he should be in medium work but I've had my confidence knocked so badly it's not even considered light work at the moment. When I got him, he...
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    Muscle wastage/atrophy

    He's on Soft n Soak Solution Mix and Mollichaff Calmer. But I've got an open bag of Calm and Condition, so I'm splitting that and the Chaff. My physio suggested something to do with Baileys but I've totally forgotten the number.
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    Muscle wastage/atrophy

    Nudi - thanks for the tips about the Sudi pads, I'm looking at them now. Long reining I can do, and lunging I can do, thank you :D And definitely hillwork.
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    Muscle wastage/atrophy

    The muscles behind his shoulders/withers. And I'm not switching as such, but it's more ruling out anything else the pysio hasn't. He's 15, I had him for 9 months and the bad fitting saddle was my mistake.
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    Muscle wastage/atrophy

    Hi guys, So, I've had the physio out for my boy and there is a ton of atrophy from where his saddle fitted so poorly before and although she was great with giving me a few excersises to work on from the ground, which I've been doing, and lunging; what else can I do to help him gain that...
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    What does bolting mean to you?

    After looking through all of these, you're right. He's just a bit of a knob, I think in that case. Thank god.
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    What does bolting mean to you?

    Hmm, this clears a little up for me then, he stops at fences, well, I say stops, has enough presence of mind to stop, avoid them. So maybe he's just pissing off with me, but I have no breaks at all...
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    What does bolting mean to you?

    Mine bolts and I think it is a total lack of trust and respect as well as bad riding on my part. I'm re-schooling him and having everything checked out. I have only fallen once from his bolts, and I now refuse to hack out on open fields. It's not a fun experience and yes, if you consider if you...
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    Limited brakes!!

    Se can go walk then, the horse isn't hers. "Just coping" can end you in hospital, if the original combination worked, then it worked. I would go with the original combo and reschool and lunge like everyone is saying. That's how I bring my boy back to basics. Eventually an eggbutt might work but...
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    Tips to get a horse more forward :)

    This is perfect, pretty much what I was going to say. Half-halts are also a great way to get them listening; I have a horse that can become a little stiff and wooden if he gets bored, so I spent a good two or so months on half-halts and just improving my position in the saddle and now; even in...
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    Conditioning Feeds & Joint Supplements

    Hi guys! So currently my lad is on Soft n Soak Solution Mash (the purple on) and Mollichaff Calmer, for weight gain and relaxation and he's putting on the pounds nicely, with three double handfulls of the mash and one of the chaff and he's looking really good for it. What I was wondering is...
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    Just been bolted with acoss the Mendips - no joke - Help!

    I'll tell you now a french link mouthpiece does nothing, I have a bolter myself and you have 0 breaks. I'm considering getting another bridle so I can stick my jointed fulmer on it and hack him out in that. In all seriousness, I don't believe anything will stop a tanking/bolting horse, so I've...
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    WWYD - livery hitting my horse when not around

    Why hasn't the YO dealt with this by now? This happened once on our yard and the livery was gone! I'd go with the camera and then go bloody ballistic!
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    How good is blue spray (Terramycin) for thrush?

    Someone used it once with good effects. I've got it t the moment, I'm just a little worried where to spray it...
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    Mounting Block issues

    This is the weird thing, he will walk round one, stand by one, eat by one, tacked or naked, but the second a human gets on that block, it's a reverse as hard as you can. You can move one around him, do anything with it, just the second you get on, everything goes pear shaped and sideways. Okay...
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    Mounting Block issues

    Hi there guys. I've just bought some new stirrup leathers...which are too short to ground-mount from, so I've got to start at the mounting block...which would be great, on any horse apart from mine. He's terrified of the mounting block, or at the very least acts terrified of it. I...
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    Roll up! Roll up!! Get the answer you're looking for RIGHT here. NO problem too big..

    Q: MY HORSE SEEMS COLD...shall I shave it?
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    Horse refusing to listen.

    Hihi, it's me again xD Okay, I'd stick him straight onto hay. He seems a little like my boy, anything to do with sugar and suddenly: YIPPEE KA YAY!!! Oh and hates crops. Okay so no crops. Right, I really don't like suggesting a change of bit at all, but what's currently in his mouth and...
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    Horse refusing to listen.

    A herbal calmer might work, or even teaching him cues like a one-reined stop? What do you carry on you whilst you're riding as well, may I ask? Is he getting his tongue over the bit, opening his mouth, evading contact or hollowing out? Sorry if I'm asking all these questions, I'd like to try...
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    Who's got a horsey blog and/or pinterest boards?

    I'm on tumblr, but it's mainly american equestrians and it's just a massive laugh. I need to follow more UK blogs because they actually make sense to me.
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    Another 'nearly fell off' story

    What a cruel response...
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    Looking down - breaking the habit

    I zip my jacket right up so I can put my head down, but can turn it etc.
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    Getting young horse more forward

    I've found if I ride with an "open thigh", and I have to physically and mentally relax, I have to make an effort to relax my body and open it up, because I was unknowingly blocking my horses movement because I was so tense. This now helps him respond with just a little squeeze now, and he's so...
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    Getting young horse more forward

    I'm going to keep an eye on this thread because I'm having the same problems. Even out hacking, he's behind the leg, drags his feet and even a decent kick doesn't work, and yes, it's a crude aid. I've invested in a schooling whip, and yes, I'm having lessons, my trainer is going to ride him...
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    Helpful exercises for strength and balance (off the horse)?

    Just joined the 30 day rider challenge because this post speaks to me.