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    BD Tack Rules

    Does anyone know if you have to have a browband on horses bridle for BD? Have read the tack section in rule book but it doesn't specify onew way or the other. Any help pls??
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    Sending saddle to America

    Has anyone recently sent saddles to US?? What company did you use? Have a Black Country saddle on the website & interest from America but not having much luck finding someone to ship it. Have tried UPS & UTI but both say they won't ship from residential address to a residential address...
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    Sarcoids, Tendons & Laser Treatment

    My horse has a sarcoid on back leg where suspensory tendons is. Have had initial email report from vet school saying only way would be happy to treat would be to laser it but can't guarantee tendon won't b damaged. Should say initial report came from vet seeing picture of sarcoid horse is going...
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    Hay in Ayrshire

    Hi folks Does anyone know where I can get small bales of hay in ayrshire area? Finding lots places not got it in yet but needing some soon Thanx
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    Riding Club Pairs Dressage

    Any anyone done the pairs dressage? Local riding club are running show next month including this & friends have decided could b quite fun to do this class. problem is I can't seem 2 find the test anywhere 2 buy it- can anyone help? It's pairs dressage 4 2004. Did see a 3yr old H&H thread...
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    Help Needed!! Very thin bit?

    Can anyone help? At the moment I have horse using a JP cuved loose ring snaffle but would like to try something with an even thinner mouthpiece. Horse spends most of time riddden opening/shutting mouth & i have to use a flash which I'd rather do away with. I suspect he is some sort of...
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    Those who shim saddles to help fit

    Question for those who use shims to help the saddle fit- if you put shims on one side only, what happens on the other side? Do you end up with space btwn saddle & horses back & how do u overcome this? Have ongoing major saddle fitting issues with my boy & have bought the nuumed shin half-pad...
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    Saddle slipping to 1 side

    For those of you who have saddles that slip to 1 side how do u correct this? Story is- horse been having physio for pelvis/back end/sacroilliac problems & general massage etc has shown him sore along spine where saddle sits on RHS. Now he does hav 1 shoulder bigger than the other at the mo &...
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    Physio says 1 thing, vet says the other??

    So decided 2 have physio give horse the once over & nice massage etc before his jumping saddle returned (long saga 7 adjustments in 8mths, horse not happy with it so getting flaired) Anyway I assumed physio would say-hes tight in shoulders/withers work on him & problem solved but no she feels...
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    Albion K2 Jump owners & bedding in problems!!

    Looking for peoples experiences with the K2 jump & problems with the flocking settling very quickly I got K2 jump for my boy bout March time & since then I've had it sorted 6 times!! I had heard that due to the type of flocking it can take a while for the flocking to be settled & may need...