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    Monica Edwards' Romney Marsh stories and East Sussex Then & Now

    I have been rereading my favorite horse books, Monica Edwards' Romney Marsh series, and hoping to be able to visit East Sussex the next time I come to England. Is there anyone here who knows these stories, and/or the area around Rye Harbour, Rye, and Winchelsea? I would love to hear from...
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    A Question About Land Rovers

    Once upon a time my dream car was a Land Rover. The old two-door, tire-on-the-bonnet(?) 4wd classic. Here in the US, where I live, a lot of people have huge pickups to haul their huge gooseneck horse trailers. Soemtimes I think they are over the top. So now I'm working on a short story...
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    Moving to New House With Cat

    I am asking this for a friend. His family is about to move from their old house to a new one about an hour away. The move will involve the moving company packing up things at the old house on Saturday and unpacking at the new house on Sunday. My friend and his family plan to spend Saturday...
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    Spain's Horses Facing Slaughter Can anything be done to help them?
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    Horse Brasses

    What do you know about horse brasses? I have one that was given to our family 40 years ago and I want to clean and condition the leather. I have no idea how old it is but it is lovely.
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    "GB" Olympic Team (not "UK" Olympic team)?

    A friend here in the US asked me this question so I thought I'd ask it here-- Why is the British Olympic team not called the United Kingdom team? Just wondering ... (During the 1996 Olympics the university where I was working at the time put flags of all the participating countries...
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    Dressage Test Readers/Callers/Commanders?

    What is the difference between having your test called/read/commanded? Where I live we say "called" -- now I'm getting confused.
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    Horse Show Rosette Colors

    Could someone please tell me the colors for horse show rosettes? I have been looking for them online but keep finding different colors for the various places. This is what I have found: 1st - red; 2nd - blue; 3rd - yellow; 4th - green (or white?); 5th - pink or green or orange; 6th - purple...
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    Bitting Question

    I have recently started riding a retired TB field hunter. We are doing ring work, and some trail riding. In the ring, on the flat and a little (very little) low jumping, he is just fine in a snaffle. His current bit is a plain single-jointed ring snaffle. Out on the trails, however, I think he...
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    UK - Ireland Horse Shows

    I live in the US and would like to know what horse shows are like in the UK and Ireland. From the little I've seen online, they are different to shows over here. I go to dressage shows, combined training, one day events, and occasional hunter-jumper shows (I have a friend who does...