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    Thought there would be Olympic fever in here as the tickets are being allocated but cant find a thread so thought I would start one Anyone got tickets to see any of the equestrian events?
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    Cheval Liberte - advice

    A friend of mine is looking for a second hand Cheval Liberte....she plans to tow it with her Octavia car so really wants a lightweight trailer. There are several models on the market and she wants to get the right size to fit her 16.3 warmblood (she only intends to put one horse in) She has...
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    Mare and foal back into main herd

    One of the mares in my horses field (all mares) foaled in February overnight in her stable. Noone knew she was pregnant and it was a bit of a shock. Mare and foal were moved to another field with no other horses but the field is small and over time the foal is getting stronger and more...
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    Bulldog Saddle Lock

    Hi all...looking for advice/info. My saddle was stolen a week ago.....pesky theives cut the padlock on the steel container which is used as a tack room and made off with several saddless (bizarrely they left a wintec saddle so must have been very discerning theives lol) Anyhow my new saddle...
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    East Yorkshire - Tack Theft

    A livery yard at Walkington in East Yorks was raided by tack theives on Friday, various items of tack were stolen including. It is believed the theives visited the yard a couple of week previously in a white pick-up, someone was on the yard and they disappeared quickly when challenged. The...
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    Budding Romance - Help Desperately Needed.

    I need help. A friend of mine came to visit a few weeks ago and fell head over heels for a lady at our farm. He is visiting again before Christmas and actually coming to stay with me at Christmas so he can progress his romance. He wants to buy her a Christmas present which must be 'personal'...
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    Goodbye little friend

    I have broken my heart so many times on here reading stories about how one of you has lost your treasured equine friend......and also thanked my lucky starts that my two girls were fine and well. ....but its my turn now..... I took a call yesterday while out competing from the person who...
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    Do you travel with tack on?

    I often travel with saddle, breastplace, boots etc if the journey is short but draw the line at a would be too easy to get it fastened onto something. I put the bridle on when I get there.
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    Arena Mirrors

    After a lengthy period of fund raising we have finally collected enough money to purchase an arena mirror for our yard menage. However the fund raising has taken so long I have completely lost the details of the mirror we were budgeting for and I could do with some pointers and some advice from...
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    Horse Bed and Breakfast Holidays

    Hi, hoping someone can help me. I am sure I read somewhere that there are places which arrange distance hacking holidays with pit stops on the way which can accomodate horses and humans for overnight stays. I have checked the mags and the only thing I can find is where you ride horses...
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    Saddling a Round Horse

    I made a promise to post this for advice on behalf of a friend. She owns a Hannovarian mare who has had several foals and therefore has wider ribs, she is well covered with a very flat wither. She is narrowist just behind the elbow and is slightly croup high so the saddle has a tendancy to...
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    Dressage Diva's

    I really enjoy doing dressage to music and found a free download which allows you to edit music and I have pretty much got by using that..a bit wonky in places but okayish. Anyway I got a Dressage Diva's CD for Christmas and have pretty much ignored it because I havent done any Freestyle...
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    Potential Purchase

    I am in the process of selling my daughters pony because its time she moved on to horses. Athough I have not looked round for a replacement there is a horse for sale at our yard which does seem to be a possibility. The horse an ex hurdler, 4 years old by Polar Prince. It ended up being...
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    Advertising a Horse

    I appreciate that I am on the Horse and Hound forum and that may influence peoples answers but I need to know where the best place to advertise my daughters 14.2 pony is. She is a very beautiful dun so somewhere with piccies would be best. I dont want to waste my money and am a bit uncertain...
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    Prop Shaft - update

    Thanks for the advice about driving lorry to repair place and rough estimates of the cost. Thought I would update on how it all went. My lorry sharer drove the lorry and I followed in my car - so that I could give her a lift back later. Knocking noise was rhythmic and audible driving down the...
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    Prop Shaft

    Right then fellow amateur mechanics - need some advice. Set off for lesson yesterday and the lorry had a rythmic knocking sound. It only happens when the wheels are turning and gets faster the faster the lorry goes. Immediately turned round and went back to the yard abandoning the lesson...
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    Button Plaits

    I usually stitch plaits the night before if I have an early set off the following morning. Mine look ok but I really want to be able to do those lovely button plaits. Can anyone tell me where i am going wrong? I usually plait down - put an elastic band round the bottom. I stitch the thread...
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    Cloudy eye - update

    I posted about a month ago about my daughters horse who exited the stable one morning with a cloudy film over her eye. She is still in the darkened stable having drops 3 x a day which she is tolerating very well considering. We did go through a phase when we used a twitch but it really didnt...
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    Mane Pulling.........

    .............banned in Europe I reknown dressage trainer told me that mane pulling had been banned on the continent because it was considered to be cruel. I cant find any links but if the info is true the legislation is quite likely to make its way to the UK. Could be heading for some pretty...
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    Changes to BD Competition Structure

    What do BD members think about the proposed changes to the competition struture? See linky
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    A Very Sad How Much?

    After a long heartbreaking discussion we have finally decided to sell my daughters pony because it is time she moved on to horses. Pony is a really stunning Golden Dun, 14.2 and 9 years of age. We have owned her since she was 3 years old and she was originally imported from Ireland (Kilkenny)...
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    Cloudy Eye

    Went up to the yard first thing yesterday morning and my daughters horse had a cloudy eye. It seems more opaque towards the inner part of the eye and spans about 1/2" across the eye. I immediately rang the vet (on a Sunday ) to get advice and to see if I needed a visit. Eyes really worry me...
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    BD Question - downgrading

    Hi, any of you BD buffs out there help me with a query. Someone I vaguely know has down-graded their horse and it now has 40 BD points - the rider has not been affiliated before and the horse had Elem points. Should the rider be in the Restricted or Open section if competing at Novice. I must...
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    Aggressive Farriers

    One of the yard farriers lost one of his customers a month ago for thumping a horse on the yard - the owner took exception and booked a different farrier next time the horse was due. My daughter witnessed the same farrier kicking another horse because it lost its balance and tried to snatch its...
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    Regionals Update

    Thanks for all the good wishes and I though the least you guys deserved was an update on the day. There I was parked in the car park after an interesting journey - lorry bouncing about in the wind. Declared and pulled horsey off the lorry. Removed travel boots which promptly flew across the...
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    ....tomorrow . Wish me luck
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    My daughters horse has always been regularly seen by the horse dentist. She has been progressively more difficult to do so on his last visit I had a vet sedate her and he was able to rasp all her teeth very thoroughly. 12 months later I tried to co-ordinate vet/dentist visit so she could be...
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    Dressage in the elements

    Having spotted a post on another thread about a poor horsey having to do dressage in driving rain/hail (and doing pretty well) I thought I would ask for others experiences. A couple of years ago I watched a professional rider doing her PSG freestyle in rain that was falling sidewards - she was...
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    Winter Regionals

    Whooohhhooo I have qualified for the Winter Regions - I must admit I thought I was only half qualified but someone must have been eliminated or been put in the wrong section at a previous competition so my placing must have been pushed up. So it was a great surprise to get my letter on...
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    A Near Miss

    Off to a competition yesterday - pulled lorry out and spotted a bit of flaking paint half way up the ramp. Investigated and my finger when through The ramp is covered in that liquid rubber stuff and it had disguised the condition of the wood underneath and I must admit I had thought the...