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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    Great, thanks ROG! Yes a trip to a weighbridge PLUS even more incentive to keep the Horse on a permanent diet!
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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    Hi ROG, please can I have your expert blessing for the following combination...? - B driving licence only - Ford Kuga (2019 1.5 ecoboost zetec 2WD badge power 150hp) - GWM: 2100, gross train mass: 4100, kerb weight: 1579, mass towable mass: 2000...
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    Kim Jong Un - where's the girth?!

    Any ideas how this saddle is staying on!?
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    Jumping saddles - knee blocks positioning

    Just had a look and I don’t unfortunately - just a few mid-jump pro photos that shocked me with my lower leg and I’m not sure I’m brave enough to put on the forum 😂
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    Jumping saddles - knee blocks positioning

    Thanks everyone. Sounds like probably not a simple fix with the blocks then! The tekna is great as it’s fully adjustable and has so far managed to fit every horse I’ve had with a bit of flocking/gullet changes (by a saddler, not just me) but it sounds like it’s not really doing any favours...
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    Jumping saddles - knee blocks positioning

    Hello knowledgeable people. I have two jumping saddles; a barnsby close contact one (like this: ) and a cheapy Tekna adjustable one (like this...
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    Transport Exeter to Herts - any ideas?

    Hi all, Any suggestions of a good, safe transport company to get a horse from Exeter to Herts next weekend? I have my own transport but it would be a 7 hour round trip, my van has recently had a breakdown and I'm worried I would find it all a bit too stressful doing it by myself with a new...
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    SJ Course Hire - somewhere in/nr Herts

    All, Anyone know of any SJ courses (ideally with lots of nice scary fillers!) that would be available for hire over a weekend (19th-20th), ideally somewhere within an hour;'s drive of Edgeware, north London? Amy
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    Coloured XC tape - could someone tell me the website?

    if you want to go really out-there....
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    Someone posted about a website 'Abler'

    I've been looking into all the options recently. Abler is certainly on my option list, but the FDA issued a warning about it (and others) back in 2014: Basically they are saying that it's not officially approved, and...
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    Badly Cracked Hooves... what to do?

    I have a retired mare who lives out 24/7 in a field with 7-8 other retired horses. They are checked 2x per day by the staff but are generally left in peace to be ornamental lawnmowers. I pop in every now and then to deliver treats and scratches and have always been pleased that my mare is...
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    Renovating/installing a 3.5t horsebox interior - South East

    Does anyone have any suggestions of where i could take my 3.5t box for a renovation over the winter? I've just had to replace the entire engine and so now it has a brand spanking new engine in it, I can justify tarting up the inside. (and respraying the outside, but i have a guy for that) I...
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    Blenheim Fun Rider - photographer?

    Anyone know who the photographers were at the Blenheim fund ride yesterday?? The stand was white with red and black on it, thats all i can remember! eta: sorry about the typo in title - should say Ride not Rider!
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    Insurance. .. do I ? don't I?

    You may find that your insurance is a bit useless anyway. I did the same as you - choosing not to claim for various things (usually small-ish) because the hassle wasn't worth it. However when I did come to make a claim for a sarcoid treatment, my insurance company refused to pay because I hadn't...
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    BE90 at Aston-le-walls (4) Entries

    i'm in the same position - went to book today and saw it was full. Would be interested to hear the asnwer - although I have entered the unaff 90 on the Sunday instead now.
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    Anyone based near Pachesham EC? Looking for local intel!

    oh dear, that's not what i wanted to hear at all :-( May be just going for the dressage and SJ then! Thank you both
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    Anyone based near Pachesham EC? Looking for local intel!

    I'm booked to do the ODE there on Saturday but I am very aware that Pachesham doesn't have the most forgiving ground and I don't want to run on really hard ground. Does anyone local know if the rain this week has helped at all there? (assuming there has been rain in the area!) Many thanks!
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    Manor Farm, Richmond - anyone know it?

    I'm trying to get hold of Manor Farm in Richmond/ Petersham but it looks like their number has changed. Does anyone know if it is still there? Thanks!
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    Does anyone know Manor Farm in Richmond/Petersham (London)?

    Please could you PM me? I'm trying to get hold of them but their listed telephone number doesnt work!
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    Ascott under wynchwood BE ultimate images - link above
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    (un)Successful Unaff at Keysoe and more DP Updates

    well done!! i was there too in the 80. Seemed to be a rather eventful day on the XC course so you did very well to finish on board. i must have seen 5 or 6 loose horses, several more falls and that first jump appeared to be causing no end of problems. And it was so windy in the dressage i...
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    West Wycombe Sponsored Ride

    What a beautiful day! Thanks to all those who replied to my original question. My mum and grandma came and met us in the field with the water crossings. They saw me v nearly end up in the river as my horse attempted butterfly stroke through the deepest part. On another note, does anyone...
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    West Wycombe Sponsored Ride

    Has anyone done the West Wycombe sponsored ride before? I just wondered if anyone knows how 'audience friendly' it is? My family may come to watch/support/walk around - is this possible? I know at Windsor they have 4x4s taking people around the course to different sections, is there anything...
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    Wanted: Resting Grass Livery in the SouthEast

    I have had my horse here over the last few months: PM me if you like
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    What liners fit in Premier Equine rugs?

    Thanks everyone! Off to research all those options, that's great thank you
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    What liners fit in Premier Equine rugs?

    I am desperate for some liners for my PE rugs as they keep going missing, but I can't find the liners on sale anywhere and I resent paying fll price for Premier Equine given their sales come round so often! I have some vague recollection that some other brand of rug/liner fits the PE stuff too...
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    Advice on Relaxing an Excitable Horse in Dressage

    My mare and I had a toned down version of what you're going through. I found the first time it really 'clicked' and we did an actually partly-relaxed dressage test was in combined training. She did a (tense, as normal) test first, then show jumping (both with the sharer), then I got on and did...
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    Molly - 16.3 Bay Mare - Wolfgang Symphony - South East

    There's Google results for her being ridden by Georgia Ashley-Smith and Sue Smith - quite a while ago though, so that may be you!