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  1. UnaB

    From Foal to Full Grown!

    Sorry, stole the thread title from our favourite book lol! I was looking through my photos of Ava earlier and it is amazing how much she has changed the last 4 years. Thought I would do a thread to show her off! :D Ava was homebred - my very first foal - out of a graded Friesian mare. Sire a...
  2. UnaB

    Seat Savers - Gel or not?

    Hi, Looking at seat Savers and had planned to get a bog standard sheepskin one but in my online hunting I have come across the acavallo gel seat Savers. Are these better than sheepskin? More secure? Worth the extra money??? Also, what's the difference between "in" and "out"? Thanks!!
  3. UnaB

    Am I Being Unreasonable??

    Hi all, I rent three paddocks (totalling about 4 acres or so) for my two horses from a local farm. I have rented these for about ten years and have a great relationship with the landowner, I even house sit for them. I rotate the fields through the year as the horses are out year round so do a...
  4. UnaB

    Kent & Masters S Series GP - Good saddle?

    Hi all, Had saddler out today to fit my 4yr old for a saddle and sadly none he brought fitted but he recommended a Kent and masters s series gp. It looked a very nice saddle and adjustable which he recommended as she is draft type and likely to change shape over the next couple of years and...
  5. UnaB

    Basenji Puppies (Pics)

    Hi All, Thought I would introduce my two newest additions. Both are just 6 months old. They have just hit the show ring and in three shows we have had a Group 4 and two Best Puppy in Shows (one each!!) - not a bad start!! This is Kaylee: And this is Malcolm:
  6. UnaB

    Basenji Puppies!!

    My beautiful new basenji babies arrived last week and they are just precious :D
  7. UnaB

    Basenjis *Pics*

    Hello :) Some new photos of my basenjis. Pim Pim: Maya: Alice: (Not many new photos of her as she hasn't been shown much since she was made up to champion) And new baby Ruby:
  8. UnaB

    My New Parrots *Pics*

    Hi, Meet my two new parrots :) Oliver is the Green Cheeked Conure (the smaller one with more green) and the Sun Conure is Jasper :)
  9. UnaB

    Nelson the Cape Parrot *Pics*

    Meet Nelson my Cape Parrot :D He is nearly a year old (20th August) and I brought him home November last year :) He is great fun, already talking pretty well for a baby - he loves to torment the dogs by calling them by name! :D He's a really sweet person, not had a single bite from him...
  10. UnaB

    New Swedish Basenji *Pics*

    Hi :) I haven't posted on here in ages so I don't think I have introduced my newest basenji Ruby :) She arrived in April and has just started showing, qualified for Crufts at her first attempt and has had two group placings :D She is a really sweet little person but SO immature for a...
  11. UnaB

    New Kitten *Pics*

    New baby :D And handsome Kaspar :D
  12. UnaB

    New Arrival From Sweden *Pics*

    He's actually been here a couple of weeks now but thought I would share :)
  13. UnaB

    Youngest Age for Freezemarking?

    Hi, Does anyone know what the youngest age is you can have a horse freezemarked? I want it done on the back (saddle area) so don't know if that will affect it at all. Horse is only 18 months at the moment. Freezemark has been booked for a while but not sure when is best to get it done...
  14. UnaB

    Best Puppy in Show *Pics*

    My little Amy only went Best Puppy in Show this weekend at just 6 months and 4 days!! :D So proud of her as she behaved perfectly all day and showed her little fluffy socks off. It was only a little local show as practice for her first "proper" show this week, but fantastic for her to have...
  15. UnaB

    Afghan Update

    Some recent pictures of Amy. She turned 5 months old a few days ago :) These were taken this week while I tortured her with a bath and blow dry :D 1980's "do" ;) Centre parting better? And a few more recent pics:
  16. UnaB

    Yearlings First Show *Photos*

    Hello :) Thought i'd posted these in here but apparently not! Ava went to her very first party last weekend. It was rather exciting as we had to walk there (no transport) which was a challenge on its own with TWO shows being held at two local venues so there were tonnes of lorries and...
  17. UnaB

    My Lorikee *Pics*

    Hello, Some pics of my beautiful pigeon :D
  18. UnaB

    Puppy Photos

    Hello :) Thought i'd share some photos of Amy from the past few days. She is getting big!! (Bad puppy!!! Poor Alice lol)
  19. UnaB

    Roland the Chameleon

    Hello :) Thought i'd share some new pictures of Roland from this afternoon :D
  20. UnaB

    Evie Says Hi!!!!

    :D She is a joy....!!
  21. UnaB

    Afghan Pup Update *Pics*

    Hello, Here's some recent pictures of Amy, now 3 & 1/2 months old. She is still perfect :D A couple of weeks ago during our weekend in the caravan at Windsor Show: And this was at her very first ringcraft class. I have been told off for holding the tail up so we're now...
  22. UnaB

    Best Online Tack Supplier?

    Hello, Looking to get a nice little bridle to show my yearling in hand this summer and the local tack shops have a rubbish selection so im having to look online. Not too keen on the Robinsons/Derby House selection for my price range (not really wanting to spend more than about £60 as she...
  23. UnaB

    New Chameleon!!

    After losing my beautiful Dennis last year I have been depressingly chameleon-less so when my local reptile shop got some new ones in stock I decided to trundle over there and have a look. I had planned to get myself another little Yemen like Dennis, but then I saw this little guy and had to...
  24. UnaB

    Friesian x Knabstrupper at 12 months old

    Ava today, tidied up a bit and i roped in a helper to get her stood up for her photoshoot :)
  25. UnaB

    Meet My New Puppy!!

    Hello, I got a new puppy Friday so thought id share. Her name is Amy and she's 8 weeks old :) I have no laptop as it died so in using my phone to post, hopefully these pics will work. She is a sweetie!
  26. UnaB

    Sad Update - RIP Little Gecko

    Had a bit of a rubbish weekend as had to have one of my little gecko's PTS on saturday morning. Checked on him while I changed the water and found him flat out and not moving in his hide with a very swollen belly. First thought was impaction so got him to the emergency vets and they thought...
  27. UnaB

    Farrier in Gloucestershire

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a farrier near Tewkesbury? Mine is out of action for a couple of months and my horses are overdue and foal definitely needs hers trimmed. Was given a number by carriers office for someone called Jim but haven't been able to get hold of him so any recommendations would...
  28. UnaB

    Alice Has Her Junior Warrant

    Subject to KC confirmation which we should hopefully recieve any day, Alice has earned her Junior Warrant :D A very tough thing to get with a numerically small breed - you need a minimum class entry of 3 and that is often tough to get so we have had to rely on quite a number of Best of Breeds...
  29. UnaB

    So.... I shaved the cat....

    BEFORE: AFTER: Hmmm...
  30. UnaB

    Crufts Photos!

    I realise my Crufts thread is a bit late but its been rather chaotic the last few days what with going to Crufts 2 days and then starting a new job yesterday and having a minor car disaster yesterday night too...!!! Annnyway... Showed the two basenji girls thursday. Had an OK day...