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  1. J

    Kissing Spine Operation Recovery

    Hello, just wondering if any of you have any tips or tricks that work well for kissing spine op recovery. Obviously the vet will be sending me home with a plan tomorrow but just wondered if anyone had anything that they felt made a real difference. Thank you :) x
  2. J

    Equine dentist - Bridgnorth

    Any recommendations please? Have 6 horses to be done at one place. One has always been great with a tall male dentist then wouldn't let a slightly nervous lady near him last year so need to be sure of themselves. Numbers would be great too please.
  3. J

    Fitness at lower level eventing

    I was fence judging at Stafford yesterday and I was at an early fence where I could see both the start and finish. Horses were all starting well and personally the ground on the XC wasn't TOO horrendous but as they were coming home up the hill to the 16/17/18th fence some horses looked...
  4. J

    Dressage stirrup leather

    I am purchasing some new stirrup leathers for my dressage saddle and wondering what to go for. Normal leather with nylon core? Or single dressage leathers? Suggestions of nice makes which don't stretch please :)
  5. J

    Aston le Walls XC lesson with Nigel Taylor

    Had a lesson with Nigel on their amazing new surface, Herbie was a good boy and we are going back again in a few weeks :D We were working on curving lines, straightness and me keeping the rhythm and not always looking for the perfect stride! I am currently uploading...
  6. J

    Equine Rescue Services

    Not really CR but figured most Comp rider have transport! Does anyone use Equine Rescue Service for the horsebox breakdown cover? If so opinions/experiences would be good please. I feel I should probably get some specific horsebox recovery with the amount of miles I do eventing...
  7. J

    Aske International

    What's it like? Rather far up north for me but might make the trip as SoE is even further! Would be doing the CIC*, anyone know what the course is like and if they prepare the ground well? Thanks :)
  8. J

    Dressage tailcoats??

    Recommendations please, doing Gatcombe and Weston CIC/CCI and want to spend abit more money and look the part. All the gear, no idea comes to mind haha!! So recommendations please or alternatively if anyone has one they want to sell or hire out PM me :) Thank you Jess
  9. J

    The ups and downs of eventing...

    Me and Herbie have blotted our copybook recently! After Salperton where we went really well he had no events for 6 weeks until Chomondley Castle Novice, went there having not jumped a stick and feeling out of practice with not much canter work having been done due to the ground and not having...
  10. J

    Herbie Update! Catton & Salperton Park reports

    Disclaimer - I HAVE permission to use the photos posted at Salperton from Catton Park - 31.5 dressage which I was happy with as it was our first test we had ever done in sitting trot and we don't do much practice of it! 12 faults SJ. I had changed his bit...
  11. J

    Mount Ballan BE Novice - A mixed day!!

    Just a quick one before bed. Rushed around when we got there to walk the course, little sister aka trainer insisted on coming which means it took longer, rushed about hopped on for dressage, warmed up ok but didn't want to take the contact forward, nevermind did what we could and went in...
  12. J

    Saddles for eventing?

    Me again. I currently event in my Stubben Roxanne which is this Now I am finding that I can't get my stirrups up short enough and get my knees forward, my knees seem to be poking over the front if my stirrups are short. Also at the weekend the flap kept bunching up if you look on the...
  13. J

    Superhorse & I make our BE Novice debut!!!!

    So I am not banned for the moment so thought I would post out first Novice report!! Headed off to Llanymynech feeling super prepared for our first Novice as we had a fantastic schooling session at home the day before and had done some great gallop work in the week. Got there, got...
  14. J

    Badminton Grassroots - AMAZING!!

    Here goes, this could be long! I’m not going to lie I wasn’t overly excited when I entered Badminton Grassroots due to the fact we has been competing at 100 and I am itching to move onto Novices I even debated not going but mother persuaded me so we were entered and preparations...
  15. J

    Barefoot horses - feeding

    My 4yo is currently barefoot and I plan for her to stay that way so I can save some pennies! Should I be feeding her anything in particular to help keep her feet strong??? She is hacked out and is fine, unless she stands on a big stone! She is currently being fed split between am...
  16. J

    Excellent Eland!

    So we finally got our first run of the season in the 100 at Eland on Sunday. We had very sociable times to with dressage not until 11:30 so plenty of time to get there and walk the course (with little 6yo sister in tow so took a bit longer!!) Got him ready went over to the dressage warmup...
  17. J

    Rockingham Castle or Mount Ballen Novice??

    Opinions please. Will only be our second Novice so don't want to try and kill us both!!! Both about the same distance from me, Rockingham about 20 mins closer. Thanks :) ETA: I can spell Ballan really!!
  18. J

    4yo's first outing and Herbster having a jump!

    Took my little 4yo for a play round Kingswood's arena eventing course and thought Herbie could pop along too for a jump round. I loaded her the night before a few times for some practice and she was really good on and off 3 times, walked straight on Friday morning and also went straight on...
  19. J

    Dissertation Survery

    It would be wonderful if you could spare a few minutes to fill in my survey please, it doesn't take long at all and would help me greatly. Coffee & Walnut and Lemon Drizzle cake on offer. Jess x
  20. J

    Llanymynech Abandoned

    Gutted for all entered/involved! Wondering if the season will ever get going!
  21. J

    Introducing Susie - my new 4yo

    So here is my new little 4yo mare (Primitive Rising x Samber). Bit of project, she is very weak and hasn't done alot but here are a couple of videos and some pics. What do you think? qQG2gSg2K7Y IVdxcggN9Eg Trying her First ride at home Little jump at home yesterday...
  22. J

    XC Schooling at Somerford

    Here is a vid of us at Somerford, pretty much in the order we did things minus the warming up as the video was getting very long! CC Welcome, I'm in need of a lesson! Also any tips for jumping downhill to skinnies and we were struggling to stay straight and took a flag out twice but we were...
  23. J

    Crazy XC Schooling

    Thought we better get some practice before our first event next week. He was WILD!! I had very little brakes or steering but he was good none the less so I still love him :) Dreading Somerford a little bit now as I don't think I am going to have control, the minute his hooves touched the field...
  24. J

    Equine Artists

    Not really CR but I didn't know where to put this! I am having a painting of my 3 ponies for my 21st birthday and would like some artist recommendations please. Do i recall a picture of Ryan Prater maybe on a grey horse? I love that! Any ideas much appreciated x
  25. J

    My super cob out hunting with the Albrighton

    At the meet [Content removed] [Content removed] The three amigos [Content removed] [Content removed] [Content removed] Now some more interesting ones [Content removed] Just after catching my friends horse! [Content removed] [Content removed] [Content removed] Sorry mega overload but he...
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    Solihull JAS

    Well last weekend I decided to withdraw from the 90 and enter the Novice having never jumped a 1.10 on Herbie but he's a hero so it was all ok. He went into the ring with his eyes on stalks but popped round the 100 sweetly finding it all abit small, and we did what felt ridiculously fast...
  27. J

    CCI* qualification.... help please

    Right I must be stupid as I can't seem to understand the BE website, how do you qualify for CCI1* ?? Also do you think it is a realistic aim for the end of the season having done 3 BE100 DC last year And our plan for this season is Somerford 100 Stafford 100 Eland Lodge 100...
  28. J

    Herbie winning at our first show of 2013

    So our first outing of 2013 was a winning one! Jumped the 90 Amateur , went double clear and came 4th, we were in the lead for ages until the last few. Then jumped the 1m Amateur and went clear in the first round, we were last to go in the jumpoff and I had told Mom I was going slow as I had...
  29. J

    Herbster having a jump - how's he looking

    Thought I better have a practice before the weekend and he was awesome, soo keen and we jumped our biggest course together :) Vid of him at our first show since Broadway a couple of weeks ago: And some of him...
  30. J

    Event/SJ trainers in West Mids/Shrops?

    Any suggestions for eventing or show jump trainers in my area, I ideally want to have some show jumping lessons then a few XC lesson before the season starts. Had a dressage lesson with Ruth Edge who I now believe is at Uttoxeter? No experience of jumping lessons with her though. Have...