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  1. J

    horsey hoodys!

    Anyone :)
  2. J

    horsey hoodys!

    Let me see yours ! I really want one but have to design it myself ..... would love to see some inspiration :)
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    who has horses our 24/7 through winter? reassure me!!

    Thank you all so much! I feel better about it now! He will be in a herd of other geldibgs and he will be in at night when the stable comes available. I was just debating whether to keep him at the old yard until his New stable is available but upon reading your experiences, I will definitely...
  4. J

    who has horses our 24/7 through winter? reassure me!!

    Hi, basically current yard offers no winter turnout at all so for 6/7 months of the year they are confined to their box! I am really not willing to do that so have found a new yard that has a horse for when it goes i can have their box! However, until then I can have 24/7 turnout...
  5. J


    There are many fates worse than pts. If moving them will hamper their quality of life and keeping them where they are will affect you...... I think you already know what to do.
  6. J

    Meet Sophie **Pics**

    Bumppppp : any news??
  7. J

    Dog watching TV: recognising other dogs?

    haha our two get driven mad by the surround sound! Crufts was hilarious!
  8. J

    weight gain for dogs?

    he doesn't really do competition. He will sniff his food, maybe take a bite, stand and watch the others and then watch them eat his!
  9. J

    weight gain for dogs?

    s4sugar - I would never feed cooked bones of any type - I just thought chicken bones at all were a bit too small and spindley. :) Dexter - is fish4dogs a kibble/biscuit feed? Anorexia in dogs? wow, never heard of that! how awful! :( Glad he is ok now. Thanks for all the advice. Off to...
  10. J

    weight gain for dogs?

    Yes he has dental examinations although he is due for one. he has always been this way though! CinnamonToast.. is that analysis for tripe? Also, do you more info on lactol? or a link to more info? CaveCanem - can I really give a dog the carcass of a chicken once the 'good bits' are off...
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    weight gain for dogs?

    My Mother has an middle aged (not old, 6!) greyhound X. I know these breeds are on the light side but he has always been a poor doer! Does anyone have a dog similar? if so, what do you feed them? He doesn't do very well on biscuit meals, and never eats very many of them. He is fed on a diet of...
  12. J

    Dogs dying from commercial food?

    blue buffalo? eta -
  13. J

    I am back!! with 2 little questions :) and an update!

    I think chubb is just derivatives of an animal origin, I can't see them doing her any harm really....
  14. J

    crying is never an indicator of a good show... *show report*

    well I am afraid this strengthens my view on NOT going out in the cold weather. No good can ever come of it ... ;) However, if you would like me to come and be your fiery bodyguard.. protecting you and Delicia against whisperers and the human female dog variety. Tomorrow is another day...
  15. J

    Which clip?

    oops... what she said! lol
  16. J

    Which clip?

    how about a low trace type clip?
  17. J

    I jumped today!

    eek Well Done :) Achieving something you were previously scared of is the best feeling ever! Long may it continue. J :D x
  18. J

    can anybody recommend a bib?!

    Does this not inhibit hair growth? Thank you! J :D x
  19. J

    can anybody recommend a bib?!

    bossy bibs win then! Thanks guys :) I wonder if they do a pink.... :)
  20. J

    can anybody recommend a bib?!

    ooh Faracat - What are they made of? Am I being blind? thanks guys, currently trawling ebay!
  21. J

    Do you think horse people are getting softer?

    ooh Good post. I have not read all the replies... I think that people impart human emotions on horses too much. That being said, aslong as a horse is not uncomfortable I don't think rugging them for peace of mind is harmful. One of mine is rugged at the moment because he is out with other...
  22. J

    can anybody recommend a bib?!

    As title. My slightly scrawny youngster needs something to stop his rug rubbing his chest. Does anybody use one and can recommend... Or.. does anybody have one ;). Also.. What sizes do they come in? pony, cob and full I presume? in which case... He may need a cob?
  23. J

    apparently cows eat horses

    could you turn him out near cows? get a brave friend to walk infront of him? other than that, the only suggestion I have is ...
  24. J

    Horse, house warming present

    a painting or drawing of her riding a horse perhaps? Also - I don't know how sensible you are but I was bought a 'hunting scene' toilet seat, it's absolutely fantastic and I love it! lol :)
  25. J

    Am I allowed to advertise on here?

    and in the stickys above. Do him some justice and pay for an advert, you have more of a chance of getting the right, responsible audience.
  26. J

    What a day! Went to a comp and had to leave my boy there over night!!!

    ohhh dear!! Well done for him going so nicely though :) tomorrow is another day, children don't hold grudges!! Lucky you could leave him there though! :) I think you need the Crunchie biscuits more than me!! ;)
  27. J

    Help! Nasty horse in pasture

    It may come across as rude and unhelpful but in reality people are concerned for yourself and the horses welfare. You are not and cannot be competent enough (If I am to believe you have been riding since June) to be around Ex-racehorses, no 'rescue' in the right mind should have you volunteering...
  28. J

    would it make you cross....

    This is my thought! I may just dampen my anger and ensure it never happens again. Apart from this I am very happy at this yard.
  29. J

    would it make you cross....

    The yard comprises of the landowners son's horses and two other liveries (three inc me). The other horses all have this farrier, I have another as my horse has had trust issues etc... and there are other reasons (not that I have to justify my choice of farrier, I am allowed another one to visit)...
  30. J

    would it make you cross....

    Thank you Rhino. Thank you everyone else, I wanted confirmation I wasn't over reacting. I think a contract is needed. Still so cross though :mad::mad: