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  1. ShowJumperBeckii

    Using your core?

    Hello! Something I seem to really be struggling with is engaging my core when riding/jumping which obviously is effecting my riding and how the horse goes, I am a regular gym goer (weight lifting/little cardio) and would say i actually have a good strong core which is really engage while in the...
  2. ShowJumperBeckii

    Suspensory rehab? Coming back?

    thank you for the replies! im just thinking of my options and which may be best for the horses too, im obviously more then happy to just hack and understand will involve lots of walk work (for either of them) the mare who has gone lame again would need w whole work up to find out why with no...
  3. ShowJumperBeckii

    Suspensory rehab? Coming back?

    He has been medicated before, so I am aware and more than happy to do so again if needed! I spent 8 months and thousands of ££ rehabbing my other mare last year for her to go lame again now but in another place so I’m toying with my options if she doesn’t come right of which one may stay sound...
  4. ShowJumperBeckii

    Suspensory rehab? Coming back?

    How long have you been in walk and trot? If you don’t mind me asking?
  5. ShowJumperBeckii

    Suspensory rehab? Coming back?

    It is hind.. which I know has less potential than front… I’d say more on the straighter side but not worst (Iv tried to add a photo but failed) he’s an 9 year old Irish sport horse. (No known breeding)
  6. ShowJumperBeckii

    Suspensory rehab? Coming back?

    Before I start I understand each horse is completely different and what works for one may not work for another! And of course there is so many other factors that come to play but… i have a gelding who 2018 had suspensories scanned and we found desmitis, long story short- different vets...
  7. ShowJumperBeckii

    Horsebox insurance and breakdown cover recommendations?

    Had all my lorries insured with seib (3.5t, 7.5t, 17ton and now the 18ton) they have always been very good! I think the 7.5ton was recovered 3 times!
  8. ShowJumperBeckii

    Ulcer treatments?

    Oh thank you! Shall look into that, vet has called back and said we could treat without scope if happy that I could lose a large chunk of money if that isn’t the issue… so scope booked in!
  9. ShowJumperBeckii

    Ulcer treatments?

    Thank you for the replies! I have had mixed options off the forum too, how some just treat and risk it and some say def scope!, unfortunately not insured and know it’s the treatment which is the worst part (money wise) she is on acid ease and I mean little things she’s not as girthy etc I would...
  10. ShowJumperBeckii

    Ulcer treatments?

    Will a vet treat a symptomatic horse without the scope? horse has had everything under the sun checked etc everthing else ruled out etc, Has anyone had vets do so? I guess depends on the clinic? Obviously best thing to do is ring my own practice (which I shall) but just curious? thanks!
  11. ShowJumperBeckii

    Best calmer (human)

    Thanks guys! I’ll try out the liquid version! I did think alcohol but im a bit of a heavy weight so may need a bottle to get me going! :p How much is recommended before a round?;) The mare jumps at home and the warm up beautifully, size of fences I have no worry etc it’s just when im in the next...
  12. ShowJumperBeckii

    Best calmer (human)

    As title… I have a anxious mare due to bad past, she is slowly getting better but after 9 months out the ring we have taken a step back! Problem is my nerves get the better of me when entering the ring (due to lose of confidence when competing) which obviously can’t be helping her underneath me...
  13. ShowJumperBeckii

    Do I need a 400 stable rug

    I brought one years ago never used it! Even when fully clipped, now horse is turnt away and doesn’t get a rug even in the coldest part of winter!
  14. ShowJumperBeckii

    Horseboxseller ltd

    I’m sure the company was just put into someone else’s name and carried on trading! It’s changed a few times!
  15. ShowJumperBeckii

    Horseboxseller ltd

    I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole after number of issues and a losing a large sum of money!
  16. ShowJumperBeckii

    For those who use VIP pads

    Thanks for the replies! I always thought would it be more effective straight on the back but good point that will also depend on an individual horse! :)
  17. ShowJumperBeckii

    For those who use VIP pads

    For those of you who used the VIP pads when you ride where do you place the pad? 1. Under the saddle pad directly on the horses back or 2. between the saddle and saddle pad after a discussion with my OH who seems to think it works better as Option 2, But does it actually make any difference...
  18. ShowJumperBeckii

    Lorry food ideas

    Some of the things we do..Fatijas, New potato’s/mash, any meat can fry, (pork chops/steaks) sausages, omelettes, curry, burgers
  19. ShowJumperBeckii

    Does everyone compete?

    I was out most weeks for past few years lower stuff up to 105 as I’m a wimp, now my horse has been in rehab since January and really missing it! Obviously horses health comes first but don’t think I’d have horses if couldn’t compete! Bumbling life isn’t for me
  20. ShowJumperBeckii

    Cleaning lorry interior?

    Hi! those who clean their own lorry interior (rather than yet a Valet) what cleaning products do you find work best? Lorry living is carpet and fabric, been sat at garage for months so carpet and fabrics could do with a good scrub! TIA X
  21. ShowJumperBeckii

    Which girth?

    After my mares pyshio session she has trigger points both sides where the girth sits, was treated and thought no more about it, treated again and same spot same trigger points and it dawned on me I am using a different girth! I have always used my short stud girth on her as all I had but was...
  22. ShowJumperBeckii

    Liquid titanium mask or racing hood?

    thanks guys! When they first became popular I didn’t really buy Into the titanium ones as thought it’s just another fad, horse is on week 15 of walk rehab work and is feeling rather well it’s not enjoyable to ride so thought of trying anything to try chill her as sedating her isn’t really an...
  23. ShowJumperBeckii

    Liquid titanium mask or racing hood?

    Can anyone tell me if there is any difference to how these work? If there is any? the racing hood is cheaper in price is this because the titanium hood has more benefits or your paying extra for a brand name? thanks!
  24. ShowJumperBeckii

    Paying for professional services

    Pay most as soon as I receive the invoice, some of the smaller things such as pyshio/farrier may have to wait a few days as I get paid weekly! Vets used to be within the 15 days of invoice as they request but now have the pay on the day discount so always pay on the day now to get full...
  25. ShowJumperBeckii

    Competition Long Riding Boot Recommendations

    Tucci boots, most comfortable boots Iv tried!
  26. ShowJumperBeckii

    Hock arthritis experiences please

    Talk to your vet about polyarcylamide gel! It’s more expensive than your normal joint steriods but has many more benefits!
  27. ShowJumperBeckii

    Grass livery visiting

    Mine is in a herd and looked other by farmer/over liveries daily i just tend to go up when my livery is due so I see him one/twice a month or obviously sooner if there is an issue
  28. ShowJumperBeckii

    Selling a horse with arthritis

    My first horse had hock arthritis, loaned her out to a lady very honest with what she had and that she needed steriods what things to look at for when steriod where due etc... I never wanted to sell her butshe ended up buying her as loved her so much and the issues never bothered her as she did...
  29. ShowJumperBeckii

    Transport...which option is best!? Lorry owners 3.5+ I need your views please :)

    My 3.5ton never had an issue was the cheapest lorry ever owned! Always passed mot few bits here and there to fix as years when on but never major, now my 18ton 10 plate (Id say young for a lorry) is going to cost me nice 4 figures to get through mot this year. payload and space is The reason we...
  30. ShowJumperBeckii

    Lorry lights?

    Thank you for that, I mean I’ll check this!