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  1. Elsbells

    Jalex Flex?

    Has anyone heard or used this joint supplement please, it looks good and I thought Iight try it but there is nothing on the Web??
  2. Elsbells

    Burghley Tickets Where?

    There's 4 of us that are car sharing and will want to go on the xc day which I think is the Saturday? What is the best way to buy tickets do you think, as I'll be buying all 4 and the parking too in advance. TIA.
  3. Elsbells

    Fly Tipped Horses! Subject Discussion Jeremy Vine Today!

    As per the title. Let's see what the relevant bodies have to say, plus you can call in and have your say too. On in 10 minutes!
  4. Elsbells

    Sending Away, Who Feels Guilty?

    I'm sat here, it's late and I should really be in bed asleep, relaxed and relieved of all my worries as my pony went to his lovely loan home today, but I'm not. Instead I feel dreadful, I feel guilty and sad too!? As some of you know from my previous posts, I've badly broken and displaced my...
  5. Elsbells

    LWVTB. Safe To Do As A Seller?

    I have buyer for my pony. Theyve tried him this afternoon and are very keen to have him. They appear to offer the perfect home and for him to go to a young girl and go out and have fun I couldn't be happier with although I know it will be a hard wrench to my heart to let him go. They could...
  6. Elsbells

    Road safety for horses and riders? Commons Debate.

    Commons debate this afternoon at 4.30pm and they'll be debating this very subject I believe. If anyone fancies watching it it will be live.
  7. Elsbells

    Brushing or?

    Hi, My 14.2 pony brushes and catches himself on the inside of his foot just above the coronet band during fast or jumping work. He has short legs and a lot of bone. Hes a heinze 57, some Fell, some NF, some sec D we think. He has 9 inch of bone but only 9 inch length of cannon, so you can see...
  8. Elsbells

    PTS Tomorrow and Frightened That I will regret It!?

    My beautiful horse of a lifetime whom I've had for over 8 years, who was a quirky and difficult project back then is booked in to be PTS very early tomorrow morning. I'm still swinging from yes I'm absolutely doing the right thing to No, there has got to be another way other than this!? She'd...
  9. Elsbells

    Shires Turnout Rug Fit?

    Hi, I'm considering buying the Shires four season rug for my new boy, he's 14.2 and a Sec Dx. He was a trekking pony in his past, so although unfeathered he's a tough little chunk with a good chest and bum, more of a horse on short legs. I've only bought for warmbloods before and I was...
  10. Elsbells

    Channel 4 now!

    Make my body better. Horses!!
  11. Elsbells

    Vet Stud/Breeding Packages. Who Uses Them and Why?

    Hi, I'm breeding a foal for myself out of my mare and at home. She's at a stud to be covered at the moment and I've been advised to take out the breeding package to save costs etc. She's been swabbed and tested clear which I've paid for anyway and having looked at the package on offer, I don't...
  12. Elsbells

    Old Sinclair Trailer Parts/revamp?

    Good morning all. I'm hoping you clever shoppers can help with this one please? Well this was the first place I thought of to ask and not Google! I've recently acquired an old Sinclair trailer (as recommended by you) by swapping my lorry and cash as I've downsized to a pony and would love to...
  13. Elsbells

    BBC4 now!!

    Toughest horse race!! Palio
  14. Elsbells

    Horse Out of Action & I'm Shocked At How Depressed I feel!?

    I'm getting quite worried and my OH had suggested I see our doctor! I posted previously how my mare had become cast in her stable and damaged several tendons above, below and on her hock which means she'll be non ridden for a year at least and possibly for ever. We have plans to put her in...
  15. Elsbells

    Tendon Damage x 3! Any experiences please?

    It'll be four weeks since my mare became cast in her stable and damaged herself. This is what the discharge notes say from our vet, She has damaged her Achilies tendon- the superficial tendon has some damage to its attachment to the underlying bone on the inside of the leg and she has damage...
  16. Elsbells

    Anti cast! Roller or rail?

    My mare cast herself last week and is now lame although only bruised thankfully. She's done this once before 2 years ago, she a great one for have a roll in the stable, even with me in there and I don't want it happening again. I'm looking for advice please. Should I buy a roller or have...
  17. Elsbells

    Coat Changes Affecting Performance?

    My 13 yr old warmblood mare has always been sharp, forward and full of energy, not in a bad way, it's just her and I love it. But in the last couple of weeks she's become quieter and tbh a little lithargic out on hacks, whereas she was always up front she's now plodding along at the back. Now I...
  18. Elsbells

    Lloyds bank it!

    Ok whose seen the new advert, we are all going to love it!
  19. Elsbells

    Mare Left Out on Her Own This Evening! Should I Rant?

    My mare was left out tonight on her own for at least an hour, she was stressed and so pleased to see me and I had to wash her off as shed got herself, not in a huge state but let's say uncomfortable. I'm on a small yard and the other stables are taken by a family that don't work and so come...
  20. Elsbells

    Best Temp Elect Fence Kit? Taking The Po Camping!

    I've been trawling the web, asking friends and looking around the country stores for a set to corall my mare(who is fence shy) but there's to much choice and I have still, no idea! So could I request a personal shop please, all ideas considered, knowledge gratefully received. It'll be our...
  21. Elsbells

    Treeless saddles...........why?

    As title really and please excuse my ignorance but could someone tell me the advantages of using a treeless saddle. I ask as there have been a few for sale lately and it's raised my curiosity.
  22. Elsbells

    Rolling in Gateway at Bringing In!?

    Ok I feel daft asking this, but it's annoying me as to why she's doing it and I'm hoping one of you knowledgable peeps can answer me please? Every evening for last week or so, Ive been standing there in the open gateway waiting for my mare, headcollar ready in hand. She's been waiting for me...
  23. Elsbells

    Mare Thinks It's Spring Tonight!?

    Well she wandered about around me at the gate but refused to be caught. She then stole the Apple I'd kindly brought for her as a reward, then bleeding well cantered off with it! When I walked out in disgust and back to the yard,she called annoyed from the hedge. Later I went back in prepared...
  24. Elsbells

    Quiet Yard, Busy Yard for Your Horse? Mine Struggling to Settle!

    I moved my mare close to home last week, so that I could bring her in with company. The new yard is great, only 7 horses and 4 liveries and it's completely DIY. I'm not complaining about the yard or the liveries but my poor mare is finding it difficult to settle, though I'm sure she's trying...
  25. Elsbells

    Help! Novice Livery Owner Insists I Stable My Horse Alone!?

    All of a sudden, the yard pony is not allowed to come in although I did all the chores and looked after her well last year!? So I've asked to move to the new barn where she'd have 2 others for company and again it's a no. It seems that I don't know my horse and she and her help do, my mare is...
  26. Elsbells

    Why Keep So Many? And Especially without Riding??

    As winter heads our way and the promise of another wet and miserable season looms ever closer, I thank the heavens that I only have the one horse to look after and ride. I often wonder as I pass private yards on our hacks why some owners have so many, some up to 10 or 12! They are often unridden...
  27. Elsbells

    Horses That Do Better Coming In & Not Out 24/7

    I brought my mare in tonight, not because of the weather, or the lack of grazing or hay as she has plenty of that, or that she's unhappy, although tbh she was at the gate. I've realised that she's not looking as great as she has in prev years at this time of the year and the only difference...
  28. Elsbells

    Could it be teeth or something worse?

    I've bought a smart little Connie x from Ireland who is absolutely perfect in every way and gorgeous looking too, so I'm already quite attached to him. He has been hunted by a man for the last 4 years but is only 15.2. The guy by his own admission liked to be up with the hounds and so this...
  29. Elsbells

    A Good Show Cob Coloured Colouring?

    I hope I'm in the right place? But if I'm not, please Admin move this post to the correct one please. I bought a nice 15.1 coloured hunting cob in Ireland, brought him back to the UK and turned him away while I decided what to do with him. He's very nice in every way a real sweetheart...
  30. Elsbells

    Fort Lauderdale USA......riding pleeeeeease?

    Hi, I hope you guys on here can help me please. My sons American company are flying us out in a week which is great of course (well done son) x, but I know that this old bird will struggle to go 2 whole weeks without horses and riding!:( So can I ask, does anyone know of or could recommend a...