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  1. JoannaC

    Catlips Farm sad news

    I know a lot of you had the pleasure of frequenting the shop at Catlips and others like me had the privilege to keep their ponies there for many years. Sadly Sheila passed away at the weekend at the age of 93 after having a stroke. Sheila was the ultimate horse woman, she had forgotten more...
  2. JoannaC

    New (old) pony

    I bought a section A for my nephew back in 2005, I say I bought I ponies for my nephews but they were for me really, well I definitely got more enjoyment out of them than they did! Anyway he soon gave up but I had a little girl sharing him and I took her to pony club and shows and we had a...
  3. JoannaC

    Lets see your Lab pics

    Here are my two, Honey is 7 and Cyril is 7 months. He's the first boy dog i've ever had and has definitely been more challenging although he is still pretty good. Honey is very placid in the house and i've realised now she is probably more show lines although she is very athletic so always...
  4. JoannaC

    One bedroom equestrian property

    Would there be any market for such a thing? Just talking with my husband about the future and thinking when we are older we would downsize and move but then thought if we could split the land off with the Annexe which is a large one bed barn conversion we could stay in the house and have our...
  5. JoannaC

    New Herd Member after a sad goodbye

    Lost my 25year old suddenly at the end of October, I'm surprisingly at peace with it as he was great age and lived the life of riley the last few years. He still moved well and was a good weight so it came as a shock despite his age but he coliced in the night and needed operating so wasn't...
  6. JoannaC

    Affordable Dressage Equipment

    Has anyone used this website? Looking at some dressage boards and letters for at home so don't want to pay a lot and they seem pretty reasonable but can't find any reviews anywhere.
  7. JoannaC

    Horse shopping or any shopping come to that

    So having read thread after thread about the nightmare of buying a new horse was a little daunted at the prospect of purchasing a new steed. I hate shopping, any form of shopping, when I bought my wedding dress (not a conventional wedding dress as refuse to spend that sort of money on...
  8. JoannaC

    Carpet gallop manege surface - no sand!

    We're having a manege put in this summer and spoke to Carpet Gallop who have said that sand is not required with their product and that it is better for the horse not to work with the sand underneath. I just wondered if anyone has actually had a manege put in without sand as a base? I don't...
  9. JoannaC

    Equi Supermarket

    Has anyone used this? Just seen they stock the feed I used down South which isn't stocked anywhere up here and wondering whether to order it from them but not heard of them before.
  10. JoannaC

    Reseeding and paddock maintenance

    So finally how our own land yay but the fields are very full of weeds so planning to weedkill the current winter paddock after harrowing and then reseseeding. So just in process of purchasing a harrow that can be pulled behind our tractor mower and getting a knapsack for the weedkiller but and...
  11. JoannaC

    Seighford, Staffordshire

    Looks like i'll be moving here early next year, and finally have my ponies at home yay so excited. Just wondering if anyone knows the area I've seen a livery yard nearby called Ashton Hall I think so hoping there will be good hacking locally. Also seen another yard that seems to have dressage...
  12. JoannaC

    Fillongley and surrounding area

    Hi We are exploring various places in the Midlands as will be moving next year at some point. I've noticed a fair few equestrian properties on the market in this area but they seem to have been on for some time so wondered if anyone knows the area and what it's like for hacking or if there is...
  13. JoannaC

    H Tobago rip

    How sad just seen on FB that the gorgeous H Tobago had to be PTS after a field accident. Condolences to Kate and all his connections :-(
  14. JoannaC

    Hacking around Kidderminster, Bewdley area

    Hi We are hoping to move next year somewhere nearer my OH's parents who live in Shrewsbury but also commutable to Birmingham and found a few properties with land for sale around Kidderminster and Bewdley although they seem to have been on the market for over a year so wondering if there is...
  15. JoannaC

    Cutting Hay near Sycamore Trees

    Can't find anything on this but does anyone know if the seeds could still be poisonous when the time comes to cut hay? The trees aren't actually in the hay fields but are near enough to blow across. These fields are always used for hay and never a problem previously but yard aren't sure due...
  16. JoannaC

    Wales area tracing offspring of my boy

    My arab gelding Bouchan aka Bo, Beau was a stallion in Wales until he was ten. He was running with numerous mares at an early age, mainly cob, pony types. Would love to hear from anyone who has one of his children. They probably weren't registered though so guess people might not be aware of...
  17. JoannaC

    Horse box Inspections pre purchase

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good but not extortionate service for inspecting a horsebox before buying. Decided it's time to get another lorry or i'll never get back out and about as hackable shows are few and far between. Going to look at a box tomorrow but as I don't have a clue...
  18. JoannaC

    Link to Polite Notice Hi Viz

    Hi Somone put a link on recently to a website that sold a hi viz which looked like a Police vest but can't find it now. Could someone point me in the right direction. Many thanks Jo