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    I have a young gelding who is now 5 years old and have had him since 4 months old, we had him gelded at 3 as his second testicle didn't descend, and he went for op. we have noticed over the years that he has become fixated on our next door neighbours gelding which we use to laugh at. But I have...
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    ems and treatment

    I have a welsh sec a that has ems and she has been on metformin for a month now and has a blood test on tuesday, when she was first put on the tablets she started to come sound with help from 1/2 bute each day and now has gotten worse the past 3 days she is back to laminitis this morning could...
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    Have a 11.2hh Welsh Sec A rising 12, have owned her for nearly 2 years and till the hard frost no problems with her not counting last spring when turned out on spring grass and got a little pottery brought her back in and after that no problem out for the summer. Now she has laminitis have found...
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    Trampled Hay

    Hi, after having an ear full from my OH about the waste of hay, my horses trample in the ground, if I put up haynets on the fence they end up standing in mud and leave the hay, so I've started putting it on the ground where they are at the moment standing on solid ground but they do trample it...
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    did kauto parade

    Did Kauto parade at Kempton today as didn't see anything on channel4
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    Hoys and FEI

    When will people realize that these bodies take no notice of the ordinary people they represent just happy to take their money and pay lip service. Look at the abuses on the Endurance horses so abuses that are done to SJ horses are neither here or there. As the high and mighty don't really care...
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    Has anybody else notice that the HHO clock an hour out :D
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    Anyone else have a horse with Bone Spavin

    And how have you managed the horse workwise.
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    groom beating up spoilt pony

    A previous thread, had a groom saying she beat up spoilt pony and hated it, pony being bottled fed as a foal and had no manners. My point is how many of you on livery, what would you do if you found a groom? employed by your livery yard did the same to your horse/pony?
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    english saddlers

    After 1 broken clip on leadrope 2 broken clips on 2 lunge lines and 1 broken headcollar trying to load my youngster into trailer at the vets (he'd had a op for a retained testicle). He found out if he reared the clips just broke:( It took 1h and 20 mins to finally load him, so can anyone...
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    Galaxy rock

    Anyone know what happened to Galaxy Rock that AP MCOY rode into the first fence???:(
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    horse passports

    Hi, does anyone know how long it takes for a passport to be processed. Sent one off to Welsh Cob and Pony Society nearly 3 weeks ago and haven't received it back yet.
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    Sales receipt

    Hi, I'm in a pickle sort of. Me and the hubby bought a Welsh Sec A from someone we know and for once in our life forgot to ask for a sales receipt, usually the first thing my Hubby says make sure you get a receipt only this time he was with me and yes we forgot, so when we wanted to get her...
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    rabbit shooters

    Having trouble with shooters who have permission to shoot on next door neighbours property. They have been asked to keep away from my back boundry where my stables are, but they disrcard this, today they shot at something behind my stables and frightened the pony I'd brought home yesterday. Had...
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    Please tell me this isn't true Frankei Dettori

    My hubby says that he is on a drugs charge in France:eek::eek::eek:
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    weight problems human, dogs and horses

    Now I'm an old lady 5ft and weighting 9stone 8oz(cann't do kgs) and am told I'm a stone overweight, my old staffiex bitch who is 12 weights 22kgs, but she has arthistis and really doesn't want to go on long walks anymore and like me she is on a sort of restricted diet and I keep getting told of...
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    up forward fixation of the pattella

    Hi, a couple of months ago I said about my young colt Lenny, Clydesdale/welsh had a stifle cramp,well this morning it was both hindlegs, the right as before stiff,left not so bad but picking up leg as in stringhalt. Did watch a video of a horse in one of the Arab states I think doing the same...
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    RIP ANGEL(sweet itch)

    On friday morning I had my old mare Angel pts, her sweet itch had gotten worse.Bought her 12 years ago not realising she had the condition,not told by the owner,she didn't help herself much as she didn't like vets farriers, couldn't do her teeth with out 2 vets to sedate bigtime and you couldn't...
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    Displacement of stifle

    Put this in NL, This morning feed the 3 boys and went and picked up droppings,when we got back to where the boys were,Lenny my 17 month old colt was dragging his right hindleg, he's a Clyesdale/welsh. Not heat,no swelling and we cann't/hubby cann't remember if he was ok when fed,I was busy...
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    displacement of stifle

    Hi, has anyone had the same problem in an 18 month old colt,this morning we fed the boys as usual and went and picked up droppings, when went to pick up their feed bowls, Lenny walked towards us but dragging his right hindleg. Panic stations, but there was not heat/swelling he was not stressed...
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    Stolen dog

    How do you go about registering a stolen dog, my next door neighor had 1 of his bitches stolen on the 14/7 between 2pm-7pm the reason I think the older one was left behind, because she is lame. He's had several things nicked that he hasn't worried about (very laidback person) never reported to...
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    Surprised nobody has picked up on dead foals

    Am surprised that nobody has commented on the 14 dead foals that had been dumped all colt foals.
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    Frog growth

    Hi Lenny is coming up 12 months end of this month,he has I think congential bad feet. They are long and narrow and looking in one of my books, they are called mule/boxy, in 3 of his feet the frog isn't to bad but one it's witherd did think of Corcusine anybody have any other ideas, that will...
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    I'm finally an old nag

    Which my hubby has been complaining for over 40 years,but I'm now a fully qualified NAG on this forum.:D:D:D:D:D
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    Animal Aid

    First time I've heard about them, was at lunchtime on Radio 4, but seems to me they have an agenda on the whole.Does anyone know anything about them.
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    Hi, my young colt was booked in this morning to be gelded,only 1 testicle had dropped (size of a marble) the other no sign of,vet said maybe the autumn or next year, as far as I know he's roughly 11 months old,bought him off some traveller friends,who had bought him and his dam at a sale,they...
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    Chainsaw noise and headshaking in horses

    A couple of times my OH has done a bit of woodcutting with his electric chainsaw and each time my foal has gotten distressed, he's not worried when OH started machine, but the noise, he just kept shaking his head, first time it happened when he was in his stable, having his supper as you do the...
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    Foal and microchip

    Well today, I made myself legal after buying a foal from travellers and had him microchipped today and his markings etc for his passport. I did buy him unhandled, but in the past 6 weeks he's come along leaps and bounds till today, he was suspicious of the vet straight away, have belated...
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    Not sure how I got onto Youtube, BUT!!!!

    I'm still not sure how I got on to youtube and have seen some really crappy video's. Americans are the worse (Rodeos)most probably not as bad as made out as they must have animal welfare people there:(:(:(:(:( But what are people thinking when they put these stupid things online, that they are...
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    Taken aback by friends attack on NH racing

    I have known her since she was 9 so 30 years. Tonight I was telling her how my foal that I bought was doing(he's my old age ride, perfect). I left him out all day in a secure area, for the first time, went home and watched the the racing, told her how well he did, but couldn't wait for the NH...