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    Kissing Spine

    Hi, just wanted to ask some questions about kissing spine, as a friend has just had his mare diagnosed with it. The horse is in her early teens, and hasn't the best conformation in her back (slightly sunken back and also slight roach back) but has never had any problems before. What is the...
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    Newforest stallion - Smiler of Sheepwash

    I was wondering if anyone could help me find any photos or info on him? I know he was killed in a road accident but that's it. He's my pony's sire. I've also posted this in New Lounge, hope thats ok! Thanks =] xXx
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    Smiler Of Sheepwash

    He was a newforest stallion, and I was wondering whether anyone could help me find a photo of him? I've searched google and couldn't find anything, but I'm not great with this sort of thing =p Thanks =] xXx
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    So I made a website...

    Here Please tell me what you think, and if it works =P My screen's a funny size so if it's all squished up I'll have to change it xD
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    The photos from today =) Comments + Crit again please?

    Hehe sorry for all the posts these last few days Should this be in photo gallery? There's only a couple, the weather was nasty, very wet and windy and the ponios weren't too helpful :P They both look terrified :P They're not, I swear xD The grey is completely neurotic and wouldn't stay...
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    Okay you loverly lot =P

    I am going up the yard tomorrow armed with a fully charged camera =D I'm taking my backdrop (old tatty sheet haha) and some polos. I've got a whole sketchbook full of ideas, so if I can get ponies to co-operate I should get some okay shots.... I'm praying for a bright day :P And taking the...
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    Some of my photos... Do you think people would pay? =P

    I doubt it... But ohwell xP Basically, I've just started AS levels and have too much school work to get a proper job... And I've completely run out of money... So I thought maybe I could try to sell prints/original photos to people at my yard? It's a huge yard, but I have no idea about prices or...
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    Strangles!! :S

    A yard VERY local to us has had a horse come down with strangles... They are literally across the lane from our fields, and horses from a yard who has contact with them have been using our arena... What should we do? Thanks!
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    I have a pretty pony! And a quick Q

    My crazy spotty horse was messing around in his field today so i got some photos and the question... does anyone know wat is goin on with his legs in this one??? i thought he was trotting when it was on the camera but then i looked at the full sized thing and couldn't work it out.. is this...
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    Royal Windsor Horse Show bars travellers from entry
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    A how much? Irish Sports Horse =)

    I did this a while ago, but I actually have some decent photos now, so how much do you think Solo is worth? He'll probably never be for sale, but I'm curious He is a TB x RID. He's 12 years old, 15.1hh and has done all PC activities, he pretty much always goes clear up to 2'9 SJ and adores XC...
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    how does he look? hes been doing quite a lot of work and has built up muscle along his back I hope this was from the same day, its probably a better photo to judge condition but he looks a bit scrawny and wierd
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    Caption this! :P

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    Quarrystone Stables near Kingsbridge in Devon

    Has anyone had any experience with them? PM me if you'd rather.
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    well, basically, Smoochers can do this wierd running walk thing, it's about as fast as his trot but much smoother... i thought it was just him rushing/being his usual unbalanced self, but then i learned that 'foundation' bred appaloosas can do an extra gait called the Indian Shuffle. i sent a...
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    Which photographer?

    does anyone know the website of the photographer from the SORCY open show today? their website was Cyfn Equine photography or something... Fyn Cefyn or something along those lines... thankyou! -smoochy
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    Sitting to an overjump

    Now when we first got Roo, he would jump everything as if it were about 4', and he's settled down a lot at home, but out and about he REALLY overjumps!! he jumps 2'3 as if it were 6'! i know that if i ride fairly fast into the fence he won't need to leap so high, but tbh even if i gallop at it...
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    Another showing post - which classes can we do?

    what breed and height is he? Traditional Cob (ridden or in hand) would be ideal for him i think also M+M or part bred M+M if he fits in there!
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    Showing Help Please

    Okie, basically i took Roo down to a PC show last sunday, to get him some experience in showing classes. it was so fun that i'm hacking down to a RC show this sunday!! and i really need help with well, everything! so here's my pony: (scuse state of stable, he likes to chuck his water bucket...
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    Breaking In

    What age would you first back/break in a horse? in the US it seems pretty normal to ride and compete 2yos, and occassionally rising 2yos, though i've always been taught that you break in age 3, turn away for a few months, and then start proper work/competing age 4.
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    Theodore O'Connor Euthanised

    So sad!
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    Greenguard Muzzles - Safe?

    hello our new pony could do with losing a bit of weight, and we thought a greenguard muzzle would do the trick, but there are quite a lot of low trees and stuff in his field, and we were worried that the muzzle might get caught on something? does it have a safety release/snap, so if he did get...
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    Confo/Condition - Opinions please :)

    Here's Roo tonight! he's a 13.2hh Newforest (forest bred) gelding, and is 5 years old. he's quite fit at the moment, but i was wondering what you think of his condition? also any comments on conformation would be very appreciated i think he's a bit long in the back, but apart from that he looks...
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    NEW PONY!!!

    His name is Roo (Rusty-Roo) and he is soooo cute! He's for me and my little sister to share Jumped him today (only a couple of feet) and he was FAB! Try to guess his age and breed He's 13.2hh.
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    My Badminton Photos

    are in the PG!
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    Is it mad?

    to (when horse hunting) want to buy the first one you see? we're all really worried that we're rushing, but in truth we have phoned up about 20 ponies so far, and although he's the first one we went to see, he ticks all the boxes - he is basically perfect! so are we being stupid, or is it ok...
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    Belmont Photos!

    In the PG
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    Belmont Horse Trials - Photo Gallery

    I posted my photos from belmont in the pg just now, please take a look!
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    Unusual Colours

    Do you own/know a horse with an unusual colour, marking or pattern? Post a photo! I found this on horsemart - click And I've never seen something that colour before! Very cute it is, too