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  1. Faithkat

    For BHS members!!!!

    I have a cheeky request . . . is there a kind BHS member out there who won't be using their RIHS ticket this year? I'd love one please ;) Happy to post SAE
  2. Faithkat

    so we've lost an Olympic show jumper :(
  3. Faithkat

    Eventing inspection last Friday

    If the video works, the Brits had just gone through when I got there - they are at the end of the vid (if you click on pic, it seems to work . . . . .) Andrew N & Nereo Caroline P & Lenamore Toddy!!
  4. Faithkat

    Few pics from GRP

    Back home for a couple of days after 5 days straight of GamesMaker shifts and I'm knackered!! A few "behind the scenes" pics (some from my phone as my camera decided to run out of battery at a crucual moment :(): Tina & Miners Frolic WFP failing his BHS Stage 1 lungeing test (boots...
  5. Faithkat

    Greenwich Park plan

    Scanned this as I thought you might find it helpful (and it shows the plan of the XC course :))
  6. Faithkat

    Just back from first Games Maker shift at Greenwich Park

    Shattered - 10 hour shift but got to meet some competitors (sorry to get excited) and have started the pin badge collection (thank you Canadian Equestrian Team :)) Went to the dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony last night. I'm not giving away any secrets but it was BRILLIANT; there are...
  7. Faithkat

    RIHS/BHS tickets

    I'm on the scrounge . . . . is there anyone out there who is a BHS member and who won't be using their ticket to RIHS? I've got mine but I'd like one for a friend if poss .. . . . cheers
  8. Faithkat

    Badminton on tv????

    Is there any red button coverage this year? The only coverage I can find is 12.30 - 2.30 BBC2 on Monday 7th.
  9. Faithkat

    "Woman dies falling from horse" anyone know anything?
  10. Faithkat

    Tattersalls Yearling Sale Live

    If anyone's interested:
  11. Faithkat

    War Horse Exhibition

    Watch the lovely video especially the end bit where they are loading Joey into the lorry! Just brilliant
  12. Faithkat


    I have just been informed that I have been chosen as a volunteer at the Olympics for . . . . . . . . . GREENWICH PARK!!!!! To be part of the Acceditation Team (doing the security passes) . . . . . I don't believe it. I actually asked for the Equestrian events at my selection event but I...
  13. Faithkat

    Horse collapses on top of girl in Norfolk

  14. Faithkat

    Does anyone know . . .

    where I can buy spare headcollar rings? The only ones I have managed to find thus far are these...
  15. Faithkat

    There was an ad "you can take a white horse anywhere" . . .
  16. Faithkat

    Laura B's new horse Dear God . . . that is 3?????? poor chap, just how much work has he been doing at an age when he should barely have been sat on [IMHO]
  17. Faithkat

    Insurance company . . .

    Anyone who insured with KBIS, what are they like? I received my renewal notice from NFU today and am reeling with shock. The premium will go up 37% at renewal on 1st March and I haven't made a claim in 3 years! I rang to query it to be told that they are "getting a lot of calls like this. ...
  18. Faithkat

    Manuka honey

    Never used it before so have a few questions: How often to apply? once a day. twice a day, once a week . . . . ? How thickly to apply? Use a dressing and bandage on top?
  19. Faithkat

    Ballincoola dies
  20. Faithkat


    Don't know if this has been posted anywhere else but TV coverage as follows: Eurosport has also announced its dressage coverage, as follows: Tuesday 28 Sept. 2100 - 2330 Broadcasting the team final live. Wednesday 29 Sept. 2135 - 2240 Grand Prix Special live. Saturday 2 Oct 1700 -...
  21. Faithkat

    Burghley on tv

    As far as I can see this is all we get (from BBC website) Burghley Horse Trials Sunday 5 September Cross Country highlights and show jumping live: 1400-1600, BBC Two the Red Button schedule doesn't mention it . . . :(
  22. Faithkat

    What happened to the bit bank?

    That used to be on here somewhere? I have a few bits to sell (young nags keep growing out of them) and need a new one . . . am I allowed to say what I need or would that be a "wanted" ad???
  23. Faithkat

    Bring back capital punishment!
  24. Faithkat

    Loose horses nightmare
  25. Faithkat

    Young Event Horse Championships next week

    Anyone got anything entered for the Young Event Horse In-hand champs at Tweseldown next Tuesday? Before I pin my plaiting lady down to a time, I'd just like to know if it's worth bothering going . . . .
  26. Faithkat

    Looks like fun!
  27. Faithkat

    Blair Castle Horse Trials

    Just discovered that these are on BBC i-player and Virgin's Catch-up tv . . . that's my next hour sorted then . . . . . .
  28. Faithkat

    Does anyone have . . .

    [OK, so it's advertising but I've got ads all over the place that haven't produced a response] . . . a lightweight turn-out neck cover that they no longer need? large cob/full size? Anyone . . pretty please . . . ?
  29. Faithkat

    Do people actually buy 2 year olds?

    Serious question. I've been trying to sell my (now) 2 year old basically since she was a weanling and have advertised her periodically on various websites, forums etc. In almost 18 months I have only had one phone call and they didn't even bother coming to see her. She really has to go sooner...
  30. Faithkat

    New Forest Verderers press release

    I know (hope) I'm preaching to the converted here but this is (was) my friend's yearling . . . if you look closely at the photgraph, the red spot on the top back leg is where her hoof was severed from her leg . . . I do so hope they get the ****** "person" who did it...