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  1. Madam_max

    Livery prices

    Could people please tell me what you would expect to pay for part livery? This is 7 days turnout out, muck out, bring in, feet picked out and legs washed. Rugs changed. Outdoor school and walkers with fairly good grazing.
  2. Madam_max

    A small update. Pic

    I haven't been on here for ages. I do still lurk from time to time. Anyway, for anyone that remembers me Corroy is just hacking now and couldn't be happier. She's out with a group of girls and is loving life. She's still worked 5-6 times a week. Can't believe she will shortly be 21. Anyway...
  3. Madam_max

    Any colour experts out there?

    I am trying to determine whether my horse is brown, bay etc. if I put a pic up can someone help?
  4. Madam_max

    Medium canter help

    How do I help a horse extend his frame in medium canter? My horses only 16.1 but very short coupled with big paces. When I ask him to extend he spends more time in the air rather than lengthening us frame going forwards.
  5. Madam_max

    Saddle fitter Hampshire area

    Hi can anyone recommend me a decent saddle fitter in this area? I need to get my boy something to hack/jump in plus I think his Albion dressage isn't fitting too well and I have an Ideal Suzannah to get rid of.
  6. Madam_max

    Recommend me a saddle

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help. I'm looking to buy a saddle to hack my warmblood in as I don't feel that secure in his dressage saddle and quite uncomfortable for any long period. I hack my mare in a K2 jump saddle she used to jump) and love it. I have tried it on him and not so...
  7. Madam_max

    20 year old horse and Cushings

    Just a quck question. This year my old girl has the thickest summer coat I have ever known her to have. Is this generally a sign of Cushings? Iam going to have to clip her for the lightest of work. :(
  8. Madam_max

    Who turns out on this ground?

    After getting my two in today I have asked YO to leave my two in. They may as well have been turned out on a car park. Am I just paranoid? But with a 20 year old with a front suspensory sprain and a competition horse I am a bit worried.
  9. Madam_max

    What would you do. Help please

    So I have both Corroy and Felix on Livery. It's a good yard and they get turned out most days. My problem is Corroy is now 20 and I have decided just to hack her with the odd lunge and schooling session (which she hates). They are both very happy there and Corroy can be stressy if not happy...
  10. Madam_max

    How much Hay

    How much are you haying your horses at the moment?
  11. Madam_max

    Curious-what breed?

    What breeding would you say he is? :D
  12. Madam_max

    H Girths

    Does anyone use one? How do you find them? I got one today and he seemed fine in it. The reason being is that he shifts any saddle and is sensitive in the girth area. Also is there any cover you can buy as him being sensitive also rubs easily and I am a bit worried about rubs.:rolleyes:
  13. Madam_max

    Samshield Hats for BD?

    Yes or No?;)
  14. Madam_max

    Nose Bleed in older horse

    I wondered if anyone could help. I lunged Corroy today who is 19 and seems as fit as a fiddle. When I went to change rein I noticed she has a nose bleed. My concern is, that in the 12 years I have owned her she has never had a nose bleed. Is it something older horses can suffer from? I am...
  15. Madam_max

    Dressage Saddle Advice

    Can people tell me what dressage saddles they like? I am having a problem with my WB. He started off in a medium Ideal Jessica which kept slipping and he's now in my mares Albion SLK, which is better but not perfect. The problem is he has huge paces and just moves the saddle. I was...
  16. Madam_max

    Navicular in right hind

    Anyone had a horse with navicular in the hind/s legs.
  17. Madam_max

    Which feed-Gastric Ulcers

    Hi what is a good feed for a horse with ulcers but needing condition. Is Cal & Condition any good?
  18. Madam_max

    Gastic Ulcers

    Hi, do you think Gastic Ulcers would cause a horse to bolt/run off.
  19. Madam_max

    Hats for BD

    If you don't wear a Beagler, what do you wear? Pics would be great.
  20. Madam_max

    Do older horses keep thier winter coats?

    My mare is 19 this year and her coat looks horrible. It's healthy looking but is much thicker than normal. Her clip also grew back strangley this year is patches. Do older horses hold their coats more :(
  21. Madam_max

    Showing People. Is he a 'type'

    I thought I might do some local showing. Just wondered if he falls into any category? Doesn't have any splints etc etc. I think he has faily good confo. Suggestions? [/IMG]
  22. Madam_max

    Robert Pickles lesson/Felix update *pics*

    I haven't posted for a while as I haven't done much ;) I decided to try and organise things at home, but Robert told me I have to get on with it :D I have been trying to keep him relaxed and attentive as he has the concentration span of a gnat and a 0-60 which would impress Jeremy Clarkson...
  23. Madam_max

    Bling Browbands for a rolled bridle

    Where is the best place to get one? :)
  24. Madam_max

    BD Regionals

    Can anyone tell me what to expect as Sunday will be my first time. What are the arenas like and are they spooky :D? Especially anyone with experience of Kingston Maurwood. Even better if anyone has any vid they can share. Thanks
  25. Madam_max

    Kingston Maurwood Regionals

    Anyone there over the weekend?
  26. Madam_max

    A truly horrible weekend and a question

    First off all I am trying to get my new boy out to as many comps as possible as he has qualified for the regionals. Firstly, one comp is snowed off, the he had colic and on Saturday the Diesel tank fell off my lorry leaving me on the side of the road for hours. Sunday was even worse I went...
  27. Madam_max

    Gastric Ulcers

    I have posted in Vet section, but with little help :( Basically, I have had my new boy since October and he has always been girthy and really blows out. He has been quite hard to get weight on also, although he had been eventing all summer and was a little leaner that I would have liked...
  28. Madam_max

    Cholderton EC Wiltshire

    Has anyone competed there if so what's it like?
  29. Madam_max

    Gastric Ulcers

    Can anyone help me with the symptoms of this? My new boy is terrible to girth and I mean terrible he hates it and really blows out although he has got better. He also runs up quite easily if he has been out competing. Today I have had to have the vet out as he's got gassy colic. He's...
  30. Madam_max

    Temple Stud-Temple Salut

    I asked in breeding a few months ago, but thought I would try in here. Does anyone who anything about the above stud and a stallion Temple Salut?