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    Sympathetic instructor - Stratford Upon Avon area

    I have pm'd you - hopefully, as my phone isn't always reliable at sending them!
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    rental prices of land - Coventry area

    We have a yard to rent in South Warks, 6 acres, 6 stables and a further 4 for storage. Separate tack and feed room , small school that is prob 25 by 25ish, water and elec included. Owner on site. Was previously rented out for £350 a month. Does that give some idea?
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    Livery yard needed Leamington, Warwick, Kenilworth, South Coventry area

    What about Oak farm in Bagington, or is that too far out?. Also I think Bubbenhall Bridge is becoming a livery yard only, again might be too far.
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    livery yards coventry - tilehill

    I have heard that Beanit farm isn't so bad at the moment. It seems they only have about 8 liveries and the girl doing the services is reliable, so it might be worth a look.
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    Human hay allergies

    I'm like this too, I live on once daily antihistamines and beconase nasal spray. I tend to wear a mask when doing hay/beds etc which does work well. Because I'm a tad strange, when I can't be bothered with the mask I coat the inside of my nostrils with tinned lypsyl type stuff, which is...
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    Saddle fitter/master saddler

    I have to say I am suprised at this as Jo is always someone that I would recommend. We have used her for years and she has fitted five of our horses a variety of saddles. We have always been happy with her, and we are ultra fussy! Have never paid £90 for call out whether we have been 5 mins up...
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    Side Saddle

    I rode him too, which was really good, as I have loaned him to them for the past 18 months, and hence why I was pretty keen to get up there and have a go sidesaddle (as obviously have ridden him astride a fair amount). Can't quite bring myself to call him Graham, that's not his real name it's my...
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    Side Saddle

    I had my first lesson there a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it, so will definately be going back again. Which horses did you ride?
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    Saddlle fitter recommendation - Rugby, Warks

    I've used Jo Beavis at NSC for many years.
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    Had my NFU Insurance quote through, how does it compare?

    I pay NFU a £1020 a year for a 12 year old warmblood who does a bit of dressage and riding club stuff. He is kept at livery about 9 miles from home. No trailer cover included, that's done separately with another company. He had had 1 claim for treatment with the osteopath when this renewal came...
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    My first attempt at Sidesaddle

    Going clockwise was fine, the other way got a bit wobbly at times, especially the transition from canter to trot- I was a little bouncy! Have to go back for more now though.
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    The Mini-Clyde Multi-Purpose Cob!

    Well I think she is lovely. Considering that I have 3 matching warmbloods, she is just the type that I'm always drawn to. Maybe we will see you out and about in Warks at some point, then she can have a fuss too.
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    My first attempt at Sidesaddle

    Well seeing as I have the week off, yesterday I had my first sidesaddle lesson. It's something that I have been meaning to do for ages, and I really enjoyed it. Will definately be going back for more. I hadn't ridden for a few months due to varoius reasons, so really need to get myself riding...
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    Livery in South Warwickshire

    Finwood looks lovely, but full and with a waiting list and only does 7 day part livery. Yes that number would be good, thanks
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    Livery in South Warwickshire

    Thanks, saved me a phone call then as no turnout is no good for me. I have been on the hfstables fb page and it looks like they are full and probably a bit further out than I wanted. We are right in Warwick, so was hoping to limit the travel to 10 miles max. Will have look at the other one though.
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    Livery in South Warwickshire

    Thanks Rachel, probably not up to the Swallowfield prices as looking for livery for 2. Any yards that you know of please let me know though. It is proving quite difficult to find the right yard around here. Ideally would want assissted diy, as like to do most of it myself, but usually need am...
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    Livery in South Warwickshire

    I did put this in NL but was looking for a few more suggestions, as I have tried some of the yards and they don't currently have vacancies, so any more ideas would be good. Below is the post I initially did: I know I've asked this before, but events overtook us (job changes,1 horse having...
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    This may sound completely numpty...

    I used to get through about 5 bales of good hay a week for a 16.3 and 15.3. Both were turned out all say on good fields, usually had scraps left in the nets the following morning.
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    Just for Fun: What's your grooming routine?

    Hose feet and legs up to knees Pick out feet Go round body with plastic curry comb Knees, face, armpits get a going over with wire wool stuff, gently ! Spray mane and tail in said manes and tails, then comb through Go over body, legs, belly with one of the finer long bristles dandy brushes...
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    So what would YOU feed my horses?

    Just interested really in the perspective of others ? Have had the same sort of feeding habits for years, so how would you feed these two beasties ? 12 year old Belgian warm blood, up to now been a good doer, chunky build 15.3, can be lazy to ride but spooky too and spins fast when the mood...
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    Coincidence? Livery Yard threads

    I think there are a few of us in the area genuinely looking, me included, but the Knowle yard has popped up on all the posts! Any advice on those to avoid would be appreciated too.
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    4x4 Shopping help!

    This is an interesting one for me too. My Jeep is terminal, I think, - has definately been sat on the drive going nowhere since it was recovered earlier in the week !! I loved My Jeep Cherokee, and it has been really good up until now and I've had him for 8 years. However am now looking at...
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    Livery yards: Tile Hill, Balsall Common, Berskwell, Fen End, Chadwick End, Lapworth

    Any news from Cassie yet ?, I'm interested in yards in the area too.
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    Livery Solihull/lapworth/rowington Warwickshire

    Swallowfield and Finwood Barn both have good facilities and do full livery. Think they both have websites.
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    Livery yards near solihull

    I would be interested in any yards that people know of too. Been looking in the Warwick area, but would extend search out a bit for the right place. Mainly looking for assisted, or maybe 5 day part, with good school and turnout.
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    Help me find livery in South Warwickshire please ?

    Thanks for the info so far, and keep posting if you can think of anymore. I have contacted one or two mentioned, and they are either full (prob the wrong time of year to be honest), or have moved to different premises. Vanner- you are right, some of them sound lovely, but the full livery...
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    Help me find livery in South Warwickshire please ?

    Anyone got anymore ??
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    anyone else NOT feeding hay yet?

    I am seriously jealous, mine seem to be eating hay hay and more hay ! There is barely a blade of grass in their paddocks, so they have hay when they go out, which they scoff all of. They get another net when they first come in, which gets scoffed like they are savages, and then they have another...
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    how much are you charged?

    I am on part livery so Christmas Day has always been covered in my livery, however on the yard I used to be on I would usually swap days with the yo and do it myself as she had children and I don't. Another yard I was on would triple the amount of their usual full day care to cover Christmas...
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    Anyone fancy helping me horse hunt?

    Have a look at the HP Stables website based in Lowsonford, I don't know them personally but they are just up the road from us and we often see them out hacking. I've looked at their website a few times and they usually have a good few coloureds at a reasonable price.