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    Dalmatians - help and tips in choosing a breeder and pup

    Well I am finally in the position where I can get a dog! My job is changing and as a result I will now be in a position to give the time to a dog, as I have always wanted to. There are two breeds I am interested in, but the long held dream for me has been a dalmatian. I have done a lot of...
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    What would you do if your dog bit you?

    I got talking to someone earlier this week and something they said made me stop and think about it. They got a rescue dog which from outside appearances seems like a lovely dog to be around. Friendly, likes to play etc. However, all is apparently not as I thought. If dog is doing things he...
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    Boxer x lab update + any last minute cat/dog introduction tips

    Just as an update, thought you'd like to know that the boxer x lab is coming to his new home tomorrow. All research has been done, every last possible thing has been bought and he is booked onto dog training classes. He passed his cat test, although a little more work is required. The plan...
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    Opinions on boxer x lab

    Asking on behalf of someone else who isn't a member of the forum. They have been to a few local rescue centres and one dog put forward was a 3 year old boxer x lab who was a stray. Lovely looking boy (think mostly lab head with boxer forehead and facial markings, smaller boxer body with a lab...
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    Where to advertise for a sharer?

    Has anyone got any bright ideas about where to advertise? I put one in a local tack shop, at my yard and on a Facebook horse group (which I will do again) but I've either had unsuitable people reply or no one at all. I'm thinking I need to cast my net a bit wider but I'm not sure where...
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    "Not level most of the time but..."

    " times showed some lovely trot strides". This statement was said to me earlier this week by a dressage judge about another livery's horse. We had a dressage competition (low key unaffiliated) at the yard a few weeks back. I don't expect to get anywhere in these because Bailey is (how...
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    Got a lesson with Nerys Leer tomorrow

    It'll be my first lesson since my relocation from Buckinghamshire to Norfolk. She was recommended to me and I had a chat with her on Sunday and she sounds lovely! Let's hope she doesn't think Bailey and I are numpties when she sees us together! Pointless post, but quite excited :)
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    Recommendations for an instructor in Norfolk

    I have just moved to Norfolk and am moving my boy up on Saturday. I am looking for someone who I can have lessons with. I have had issues with nerves previously and so do have confidence issues at times. I would like to really start trying to get him out and about doing some dressage and...
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    Where to advertise for a sharer and livery recommendations for wymondham, norfolk?

    I will be moving to wymondham in the next two weeks or so and need livery recommendations. Will be for DIY or DIY with assisted turnout. I've put a post up on the Facebook page all things horsey Norfolk but just seeing if there are any recommendations here. Need a school, instructor, good...
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    Anyone used the equilibrium magnetic pad? Is it any good?

    May have the opportunity to get one and have been thinking about getting one for a while. Just wondered what views were on them and if the massage pad is better instead if magnets. It would be to help warm my horse's back and keep him supple as when he gets tense due to cold it can take a...
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    Anyone got any tips for cleaning those difficult areas on saddles?

    I'm talking about those really tiny nooks and crannies which I never seem to be able to reach properly with sponges or cloths. Any tips? I'm getting ready to sell it so want to get it looking as best as I can, but horse hair seems to have got everywhere at the moment!! Thanks :)
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    A huge "big up" to Saddle Doctors today

    It is so easy to hear bad stuff about retailers, saddlers etc so I thought I'd do a "big up" post for my saddler who came out today. Kate from Saddle Doctors came out to us to do a check on my GP and try some dressage saddles. She was helping two friends as well with their checks and new...
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    Recommendations for stocks and stock shirts please!

    Jacket is pewter so white is best...any recommendations for decent shirts and stocks which look nice but don't cost the earth? Thanks!
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    I think I've just set myself up to do my first dressage test!

    ...and now I'm getting all nervous about it! Assuming that we can get transport sorted, I will be going to the unaffiliated walk and trot test at BCA. I'm quite keen to get B out and about and we'll only do the W&T test, although I'm thinking of going in for both tests that they are running...
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    Wellies - need a pair! Any recommendations?

    As title :D After 4 years of neglecting and therefore killing my Ariats and replacing them, I have decided that I should probably get some wellies for general yard work, the added bonus being that when it is wet and muddy I'll have warm and dry feet and won't have ruined my riding boots! Are...
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    How does your horse get on with the dentist?

    My horse LOVES it! I try and be with him wherever possible, but his reports always say "very good to do." He likes it so much, he wiggles his nose like he does when I've got his itchy spot, and he likes to move his head up and down as if rasping himself! He either had his ears all floppy and...
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    Premier Equine rugs - any good?

    Looking for a new heavyweight rug as the one I have is falling to pieces and have been eyeing up the PE rugs. I haven't had one before, and just wondered what they were like? Are they worth investing in? I'm also on the lookout for some travel boots, and the PE ones caught my eye although...
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    For which colour jacket do you wear a shirt and tie or stock?

    I have got a pewter coloured jacket for low level dressage, and have got myself confused as to whether I would wear a normal shirt and tie under it, or if that is for tweed jackets and I actually need a stock and stock shirt? Apologies for being somewhat dim, but I just cannot remember...
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    Does your horse "work" to earn you/them money?

    Just something that piqued my interest after looking at catalogues etc. Does your horse "earn a wage" :D for example, through competition, modelling products for companies etc? Or something a little outside the box that I haven't thought of! How did you get your horse involved in their...
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    Recommendations for livery yards near Cricklade/Swindon/Malmesbury and...

    Cirencester?? Ideally assisted DIY but can do DIY. If Part is an option that would be considered too. Ideally would like an indoor school but if the rest of the yard is immense then I can move on that. 24/7 turnout is a must, good hacking, instructor onsite or option to have own and...
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    Trying to raise awareness - please read this thread in SB My friend is trying to raise awareness - please take 5 minutes to read the thread and the attached articles and spread the word :) Thank you.
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    Anyone else seen? Dun horse and pony society!

    I saw this in a friend's H&H and thought would spread the word! Applies to dun and buckskin horses and ponies apparently. Going to make my enquiries and see if I can transfer Bailey's passport :D Quite excited about it! There are some shows lined up for next year too, so maybe we'll go!
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    Tweed jacket help - help needed!

    Right, I have been looking for a tweed jacket for ages and just haven't been able to find one I like. Originally I wanted a brown one as I thought it would look better with Bailey's colouring (dun) and I was looking for a pair of brown long boots. However, I couldn't find any brown boots to...
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    Livery in/near Guildford or Earlsfield

    I need some recommendations for livery in/near Guildford or Earlsfield [London] - I appreciate they are two slightly different locations! I liveried previously in Ripley, but that was an unmitigated disaster and I don't really know the area particularly well considering. If you wouldn't mind...
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    Excited! On my way to Greenwich Park for XC!

    I feel like a kid at Christmas! Sooooo excited! Completely pointless post, but I'm so happy I might burst! Anyone else en route? :D :D :D
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    Would like to start taking Bailey out; ideas for quiet nearby venues?

    I would like to take Bailey to a walk and trot test soon and start getting him out and about so he adjusts to show atmospheres. I think he should be ok; however, I don't want to take him to a large venue which blows his mind. I'd like the experience to be as positive as possible for him and...
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    Update re sarcoid and Thuja cream and tablet treatment

    Well we've been giving Bailey Thuja pills in his feed every afternoon and applying the Thuja cream to the sarcoid that sprung up for about 2 and a half weeks now. I poked my head under to have a look at it on Sunday evening and it had gone! Completely dropped off and where it was is just...
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    Grooming for friend at BE90 yesterday - quite shocked!

    I helped my friend take her lovely new pone to Wokingham to Wheatlands Farm for their first BE90 together; it was my friend's first ODE in about 18 months (due to health issues with her last horse) and new pone's first ODE. They were fantastic and we had a brilliant time! They eventually...
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    Sarcoids - where to buy Thuja cream??

    Unfortunately, one of the little grey ones around and up in Bailey's near hind appears to have had the top kicked off [suspecting a fly and Bailey caught himself instead]. It doesn't look anything like the aggressive one which we ended up have to Liverpool cream on his ear [thankfully] and as...
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    Update on canter issues - lesson report and a bit of Bailey matchy matchy

    Thanks to all that gave me some tips on how to get over my canter mental block. I had a lesson last night, and we decided that we would do a lunge lesson because i would take the element of control away from me, and stop the voices in my head saying, "he's going to bob off with you." True to...