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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    hhhhhm food for thought, thanks. I would need to somehow allow a mare and gelding track as they are grazed seperatley.... hmmm
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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    Thanks, I appreciate the advice. Im a bit of a naturally 'feeder' so I have some work to do on finding a solution for the good doers, aside from using mine as the yard lawn mower! I think i need to get the whiteboard out and start experimenting with the electric...
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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    thats getting towards a solution.. however, with mares and geldings seperate we would need a gelding and mare 'poor paddock'. The only hesitation is that the yard is fatty heavy so we would end up with the whole yard bar a couple of sport horses in the poor paddocks. Im getting a headache!
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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    because that will restrict all if them (for eg mine is an enormous warmblood baby who needs all the space/grazing he can get). Its tough managing them together when they have such varying needs��
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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    Hi there, looking for help and advice from people who manage 'fatties' on grass livery. I am taking over a grass diy livery yard (14 horses), mostly good doer native types. There are two large mare/gelding summer fields and two large mare/gelding winter fields. The problem I am having...
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    SmartHorse Nutrition

    brillant in theory - i met with smart horse nutrition guy. quite expensive but i was very excited about it, however, horse ate it for a week then would not entertain touching it 😞. The only other one I cant get him to touch is Equimins AC pellets - but then opening the tub makes me heave...
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    What bit should I use?

    Kimblewick - great under rated bit and will lower head carriage
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    Can I be missing something other than pain???

    discomfort after a canter.. i would want to rule out gastric ulcers. (squamous splash ulcers in top of stomach can be painful with faster pace splashing acid about)
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    Professional to Re-back/bring on sympathetically?! SE

    Thanks. I am just finding it very hard to come by professionals who are that way inclined in the SJ/eventing world. I would ideally like him bought back into work and got going again by a more talented rider than myself but one who understands the way I like to have him treated and handled and...
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    Professional to Re-back/bring on sympathetically?! SE

    My 4year old 17.1 KWPN is currently turned away for winter after having treatment on some physical issues that arose shortly after backing (kissing spine/hock & stifle effusion/pain and bilateral hind psd). He will be ready to bring back into work in the new year and im considering utilising...
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    Kicking out in hind brushing boots

    My youngster was a problem wearing hind boots when he had suspensory problems
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    Ginger mares' reputation: fact or fallacy? Discuss!

    yes true in my experience. mine is a total sweetheart on the ground - not 'marish' in any way but incredibly sensitive/sharp and fizzy. and typical sensitive ginger skin (mud fever/scars as she doesnt heal well). every other one ive know has been hideous (but to be fair so has every other mare...
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    Ariat Bromont Calf Sizes

    i have bromonts in a 5.5. im technically a 6 but if i get the 6 it makes the legs too wide (reg width). the 5.5 reg are also a bit big - my legs measure about 13.5. ive now got volants in 5.5 slim leg snd they are perfect ☺️
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    Albion KB Bridle

    They are standard size (if you google you can get measurements). My full size horse wears full and extra full horse wears extra full
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    Height, weight and horse size

    5'4 and 10st 10. I have a 4yr old 17hh warmblood. I am happy weight wise but feel i would be a bit more effective with longer legs!
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    Acavallo Gel Anatomic Stud Girth

    Just bumping this up to see if anybody has experienced these yet? Look nice and comfy but the tack snob in me is disappointed its pvc not leather!
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    eventing stallion choices

    Apologies, that was unclear. I didn't breed him but have just purchased him. (He is out of a numero Uno Mare so have gone with the jump breeding to SJ but obviously the Sire is also good for eventers). So far his temperament is totally unbeatable - a genuinely lovely animal admired by all...
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    eventing stallion choices

    Very happy with my Karadasj baby :-)
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    Poss SI pain (or owner going loopy!)

    I would be inclined to think gastric ulcers/hind guy discomfort. Fits symptoms (especially hind gut). (Touchy, sour, stuffy, cold backed, change of field, lush grass, perhaps not eating much while travelling? Etc)
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    Unhappy horse any idea what it could be?

    Sounds like classic hindgut discomfort to me....
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    Has anyone seen/tried the new Coligone fibre cubes?

    Its on their FB page. From memory it contains seaweed, yeasacc, sodium bicarb i think in addition to that mentioned above
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    Has anyone seen/tried the new Coligone fibre cubes?

    Sadly they contain alfalfa and molassess so are a no go for me
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    Buying wood pellets

    5% and delivered to the middle of a stable yard ��
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    Dressage Stallions - any advice?

    I had a millenium son recently - absolutely stunning! Temperement and movement you can only dream of. He was uphill even when he had his nose on the floor! Veryleggy like his dad (he was out of a Welton event mare)
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    Ulcers not responding to reduction in gastroguard!!!!! H.e.l.p!!

    As above. In my experience if they dont go its because you have not yet found the source of pain. They are often found alongside things like navicular/kissing spine/psd/arthritis etc. Unfortunately i think you need a full work-up. And hifi/pony nuts would not be my choice for an ulcer prone...
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    Views on ''gadgets''? Ridden & Lunging

    I love my equi-ami for the rare occassions that i lunge. Otherwiseno gadgets
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    Jin or freejump stirrups?

    Ive got jins on the dressage saddle and free jumps on the jump saddle. Both good, but the free jumps have the edge for me. Although i have to ride in thick tread boots as the sharp grippy treds hurt my feet through my boots
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    Equimins Advance Complete - Anyone else horse doesnt like/eat?

    Yep, great supplement but my horse wouldnt touch his feed with even a spec of it in, it smells vile! I was told the pelleting process makes the smell stronger and that the powder isnt quite as strong but mine wouldnt touch that either
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    Passed vetting. Failed x-ray

    Im glad i posted, you guys are so sensible! I shall delete the videos of me riding her so i stop watching them
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    Passed vetting. Failed x-ray

    Thanks, its what i need to hear! Every time i try another horse that feels like a camel im tempted to go back for her! Im just really gutted because i liked her so much. But yesbony changes in a rising 6yr old are not good :-(