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  1. VictoriaEDT

    HH just debited me £145.20 from my account!

    Having just checked my bank account, I see Time Inc. UK Ltd have debited me £145. I had no idea who this was and Google told me they took over from IPC media so must be my HH subscription! Never has it been that price!! Is it right?!
  2. VictoriaEDT

    Odd bruising in mouth? Ideas?

    Hi there, so difficult to say without seeing but I am pretty sure this is trauma related either from chewing a rope and getting it stuck for a millisecond and then throwing her head up. This is quite low for butting trauma but is the kind of bruising I would expect to see from it. V doubtful it...
  3. VictoriaEDT

    experiences with (blind) wolf tooth?

    If the wolf tooth is blind it will have to be removed by a vet as it is deemed as a "surgical procedure" due to an incision having to be made to expose the tooth. I tend to be of a "if it aint broke dont fix it" but rarely do blind WT not cause a problem. Also, yes you can get lower WT, I...
  4. VictoriaEDT

    no teeth help on feeding please

    Allen and Page fast fibre AND allen and page vetran vitality
  5. VictoriaEDT

    teeth - vet or dentist?

    FionaM12 - Mark Thorne is v v good!
  6. VictoriaEDT

    Equine dentist North Yorks

    Agree completely P - people need to understand that we do this on a daily basis 40-50 horses a week in my case and I certainly wouldnt use power instrumentation on unsedated horses if I didnt believe it was safe to do so. We as BAEDT EDTs are not stupid or human guinea pigs; our safety, the...
  7. VictoriaEDT

    Equine dentist North Yorks

    "power instrumentation" is incredibly broad spectrum and yes the exert you have refers to category 3 procedures such as pulp burring/capping and diastema widening etc and cannot be legallly performed by an EDT anyway regardless of whether it is sedated or not. However, power instrumentation...
  8. VictoriaEDT

    Equine dentist North Yorks

    Alsiola. just to clarify the current legislations taken from BEVA and the BAEDT: "A further group of procedures has been deemed suitable to be performed by Equine Dental Technicians that have passed a Defra approved examination such as the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) /...
  9. VictoriaEDT

    Anyone use Equipack??

    My horse has had it on for 5 years and not once has it fallen out. You have to make sure it is put in properly and mesh is used - its expensive but without it I think Romeo would be glue by now!!! He also has equi casts on - now they are clever! this is him...
  10. VictoriaEDT

    Carrot and Spud.....RIP spud :-(

    A link to their donation form:
  11. VictoriaEDT

    Carrot and Spud.....RIP spud :-(

    Have just seen on Bransby home of rest for horses that Spud was put to sleep on the 18th May after several bouts of Colic. RIP spudlet, I hope the two years after your rescue were the best years of your life
  12. VictoriaEDT

    dorset physio needed!!!

    I second Celia - she is ace
  13. VictoriaEDT

    Wolf teeth?

    Im of the "if it aint broke dont fix it" opinion where WT are concerned! If the WT is "blind" (under the gum line) then always advise removal but with normally errupted WT I let the client know they are there, if they want them removed then arrange a re visit with the vet to sedate...
  14. VictoriaEDT

    A field spraying question....

    depends on the water/herbicide ratio. If too weak (but goes further so cheaper for farmer!) it may not be strong enough to kill some of the tough weeds and buttercups. I sprayed mine last wednesday (2 days ago) and everything is dying off pretty speedy! I used Relay P - its the only thing...
  15. VictoriaEDT

    Eating Wood

    If its uncharacteristic behaviour then its usually because their teeth are sharp or youngsters are trying to dislodge caps (baby teeth).
  16. VictoriaEDT

    Wolf Teeth Shock!

    My theory - if it aint broke dont fix it! Esp the case in older horses as the root of the WT tends to ossify to the alveolar socket making it v hard to remove and more likely to fracture
  17. VictoriaEDT

    Teeth checking !!!

    Sun shine, I have seen both and worked with both and agree I wouldnt dream of running motorised carbide or tungston discs/burrs unsedated, as they would cause soft tissue damage. The LeClair is diamond coated and is similar to plaster cast removing instruments at hospital; they cut through...
  18. VictoriaEDT

    EDT's in north east somerset area?

    If you have a look on and click on members that will give you a list of qualified EDTs there. All are good!
  19. VictoriaEDT

    Teeth checking !!!

    you love her really!
  20. VictoriaEDT

    Teeth checking !!!

    I know I know ive not forgotten! she just loves the taste of wood!
  21. VictoriaEDT

    Teeth checking !!!

    Its perfectly safe Sun shine - in the right hands. I quite happily run the power disc on the underside (more sensitive skin) of my arm and hold it there for 5 seconds, no mark or damage. The horses tolerate it a lot more as well, even the ones that freak out at clipper noise are quite happy...
  22. VictoriaEDT

    Dentist - Word of mouth or qualified?

    Both! surely?!
  23. VictoriaEDT

    Dentist aged horse ?younger than expected

    From the BAEDT: "Currently in Great Britain, a wide variety of people perform equine dental procedures. Some may be well trained and appropriately qualified Equine Dental Technicians, some may be Veterinary Surgeons, some are both, and some may be very inexperienced people who have had...
  24. VictoriaEDT

    Dentist aged horse ?younger than expected

    Sun-shine thank you yes they are mine and Charlie was the most handsome horse in the world - he meant everything to me. Unfortunately I lost him last March - he will never be forgotten though and I miss him terribly :-(
  25. VictoriaEDT

    Dentist aged horse ?younger than expected Hope this clarifies it!
  26. VictoriaEDT

    Dentist aged horse ?younger than expected

    Glenruby that applies to EDTs with no recognised qualifications - If BEVA/BVDA qualified (and WWAED) and a member of the BAEDT then they are allowed to perform Cat 2 procedures. Having said that I know about 90% of non qualified EDTs carry out cat 2 procedures regardless of legislation...
  27. VictoriaEDT

    Dentist aged horse ?younger than expected

    Send me a photo and I will double check for you :-)
  28. VictoriaEDT

    Took the Red Head out for some schooling ..

    Oh for christ sake people, why are you leaping on Lucy? For those who seem to think Ruby is uncomfortable in the mouth, then I can vouch that she had her teeth done about 3 weeks ago. I did them. Ruby is a really happy horse and loves her jumping - I would like to see some of you (to...
  29. VictoriaEDT

    HELP!- Dentist NW/Lancs/Mside?

    Diane Holliday is fab. Just looked at Rachel Houghs website and she had copied part of mine!..........great......
  30. VictoriaEDT

    question about a youngsters teeth

    Try not to worry, if its a corner incisor then it would be due to come out in the next couple of months anyway :-)