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  1. guido16

    Grade A mare

    Folks, need your help. Can anyone recommend a "good" dealer. A friend is having to give up immediately due to personal circumstances and therefore the mare needs a new home ASAP so she isn't left on a long holiday! Sad situation so no nastiness please. Thanks in advance Ps PM any...
  2. guido16


    Afternoon folks, I am moving in about 8 months to the area in title. I know of burgle and have emailed them but can anyone recommend a yard for my horses (2). Need stables and grass, part DIY, part full (I work away at times) and one that had good hacking, maybe competitions and a nice bunch of...
  3. guido16

    Well excited

    Well, My lad is half way to his new home. Tomorrow at 4 am I will set off to Cheshire to meet him arriving. Just had to share it. He is going to an eventing yard to start a new career. I still own him, he is on loan so the best bit is he gets all this fab training and it doesn't cost me...
  4. guido16

    Anyone near Nantwich?

    Any of you lovely Cheshire folk near Nantwich?
  5. guido16

    Anyone in Aberdeenshire or NE want...

    A horse. Won't go in to details as TFC won't like it but if anyone knows anyone looking right now, please PM me.
  6. guido16

    Beard trimmer...for horse?

    Ok folks, clipped OH newish horse today. Don't know if he has ever been done but was a total eejit so think not. Managed to get most done, except round back of head. Granted my clippers are noisy so can anyone recommend some quiet beard trimmers I can buy tomorrow to tidy him up? He just...
  7. guido16

    Well chuffed

    Very happy bunny. I got a phone call and an email wishing me merry Christmas. Sold a wee mare last year to a very well known eventer who does badminton etc. they bought her to produce and sell on. Anyway, she is apparently showing such star quality that they are keeping her to event! My...
  8. guido16

    Please be vigil

    Folks, Looking around here there is an abnormally large number of us who have lost horses to colic over the pased few weeks. I don't know why but this really is not sitting comfortably with me. Why? Please keep a close eye on your horses and ponies for any signs. I don't want to hear...
  9. guido16

    Need you help please

    Ok folks, you all know what a crappy weekend I have had. Also had to spend 2 hours last night digging a trench out the yard as it had flooded and boys were standing in 2 foot of water. What poor lads, they are getting it all thrown at them just now. Anyway, I want to buy a tree to plant...
  10. guido16

    My mare is dead

    Thats it. My best friend, my soul mate. She is dead.
  11. guido16

    Today my horse told me...

    She has colic. Was pottering about out in the yard and she kept nudging me. She looked fine but wouldn't leave me alone. So having known her 16 years I knew something was up. Needless to say, she now is in the full throws of colic. Had painkiller and buscopan, now it's a waiting game...
  12. guido16

    Putting bubble wrap on my horses hooves

    To let me get a bloody nights sleep!!! They are right next to the house at night and sound like they are all doing river dance!!!! All flipping night! They muck about all night and the only solution is earplugs, cotton wool to cover the entire yard or flipping bubble wrap on their hooves...
  13. guido16

    At last, I have done it!

    So despite being a crap member of the csi club, I think I may have spotted a troll type being. Someone who has started two controversial threads and not posted on them after original post! Get in there..oh yes, high five to Guido.
  14. guido16


    So tonight I went out to give hay and found one nag with no rug. Rest who had rugs were wearing theirs. Then I noticed that the very big free standing metal hay manger was nowhere to be seen... Turns out that the rug and manger are both half way down the field. Rug is perfectly...
  15. guido16

    So, what do you all....

    Pay for large round bales of haylage? Just wondering as I usually make my own but this year had more horses than expected so bought it in.
  16. guido16

    Controversial topic

    So, the barefoot Taliban are hot topic, but, I am interested to know, off those who shoe, who does hot shoeing and who does cold shoeing? I ask as having done both, I hate cold shoeing. It's very much make the hoof fit the shoe style, as opposed to hot shoeing where it's shaped to fit the...
  17. guido16

    Safety check

    Right, I am off out on OHs new 17.2hh. It's quite windy and he isn't here so if I don't come back on this thread by half 7 then send a rescue helicopter, ambulance, search dogs and probably a priest.....
  18. guido16

    The OH's new horse

    So I rode the enormous horse out tonight. Also measured him......17.3hh. He didn't put a foot wrong. Passed turbines, schooled at friends, driving rain, the lot. Tacked up next to trampoline, dogs running about. You name it, he didn't put a foot wrong. Dressage pal who rode him thought he had...
  19. guido16

    Oh god, what have I done

    So! My OH doesn't like horses much. Certainly doesn't like any of my lot. Last week, a new horse arrived at neighbours (small dealer) and I put said horse in my field (often do as lots of grass) OH has fallen in love with him. Now, OH doesn't ride, but thinks this horse is the bees knees...
  20. guido16

    I HATE showing

    Only here to get horse to experience it. Classes running an hour and a half late. What a joke this is.. Ggggrrrrrrr
  21. guido16


    Just been with friend having horse PTS. Horrible. She got it spot on. Knew it was time, no fuss, horse went peacefully and gone. Always nice when it goes right in these horrid situations. Buried her at home within half an hour. Don't care if your not meant to. I organised it. So shoot me...
  22. guido16

    Is there such a thing?

    Ok, question for you competition folk. I have a horse (won't describe him incase seen as advertising) who is doing prelim dressage. Actually, did his first after moving from intro and won it, with a good amount of other competitors, many more experienced than my lad. I am going to get him...
  23. guido16

    Hurry, quick, quick

    Ok, first person to reply makes my mind up Do I sit in front of log stove and put numnah, bandages etc in wash and watch tv, or, Do I get a horse out of the field and ride? First reply makes decision.....
  24. guido16

    Boys first intro. Fingers crossed

    Ok, only doing one post as got to go get ready, but its the young lads first dressage intro this morning! Hasn't been ridden since Wednesday as he got hives on thursday. Anyway, all cleared up so we are going to test! Will hopefully get some pics to put up. Hoping he will be good as we...
  25. guido16

    Another CC

    Right!!! I half give up, anyone want to put a price on this horse, just for fun. No details except, 5 yr old, being brought on. Take a guess Please dont push the button on me, I am not looking for a buyer on here just now, educating him...
  26. guido16

    those who sell

    Right, without making this sound like an advert, are any of you lot good at pricing horses for selling? I am looking for the common sense approach. so, anyone on here successful at selling horses?
  27. guido16

    Competition people...your thoughts please

    Right, Mainly talking to the eventers here. Wont post details as I will get my @rse slapped if I do, but, where is the best place to advertise a young horse for a future eventing career? Eventing in his lines and trainer now thinks that is the direction to go. Not Proven as an eventer...
  28. guido16

    bloomin bloomin effin effin

    My youngster went away yesterday to be backed. So today, before he is even out of stable, he has an abccess! Typical. Lucky for me the owner is a farrier . ( His wife and brilliant head groom do the backing) So my boy is having none of it. Farrier. Not well. Off I head with sedalin!! A tube...
  29. guido16

    Morning all

    Some of you may remember me and some of you will not know me at all. After 2 years in the abyss, I have returned to H&H. Happy Wednesday! G16
  30. guido16

    My boy will be very surprised

    My gorgeous TB 3 yr old is in for a right shock tomorrow! I am moving my friends horse out my field and swapping her over for............... His mum! So as of tomorrow, not only will he be henpecked by my ID mare, but his mum aswell! Cant wait to see his reaction She...