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  1. Copperpot

    Joint supplement for elderly dobie

    Has anyone had success with any? Or are they as hit and miss as horse ones. My old girl is 11 and I've noticed her back legs getting stiff. In the last month she's had trouble jumping in the car after a walk. She can still run and is full of life, walks have been shortened etc but just wanted...
  2. Copperpot

    Track system

    I have set up a track approx 12 foot wide around my 5 acre field. Have made 2 of the corners larger so they have somewhere to relax. One is under a large tree and the other on the bank of a little stream they sometimes go in. The track starts off the front of a 30 x 20m woodchip post and rail...
  3. Copperpot

    Lame horse

    He's retired but field sound. Put them I to summer field and noticed after a run around he was lame. No cuts, heat, swelling. Thought he had tweaked something. Gave danilon for 2 days and then stopped. He was ok yesterday but worse again today. He's never had laminitis and I have one who is...
  4. Copperpot

    Shoes off

    Horse has had hinds off for a few months no problems. Today my farrier suggested taking his fronts off. He said it will be good for his feet to have a break from shoes and to see how he goes. He advised that as he's not been worked much lately and I will only be waking on the road, horse will be...
  5. Copperpot

    Daisy - Missing staffirdshire bull terrier

    I can't post her dog lost poster as I can't post pics! But here are her details:- Please share. Many thanks.
  6. Copperpot

    Swapping hay for haylage

    I try to feed my horses on a low sugar diet, no molasses etc. The hay I have to buy off the YO is over 2 years old and frankly I no longer want to feed it. It's dusty and horrible and I've noticed one of the horses starting to cough. Soaking it is not possible as the hose often freezes in the...
  7. Copperpot

    Feed experts .....

    I am trying to feed a low sugar type diet to all my horses. They currently get:- Top Spec lite balancer. A cup per feed. A handful of Top Spec top chop lite Blob of unmollassed sugar beet. Small amount of micronised linseed (as they get turmeric in their feeds) Plus various...
  8. Copperpot

    Melonoma's in dogs

    My 9 year old dobie had a lump come up a few weeks ago. It grew very quickly and looked nasty, bleeding etc. Took her straight to the vets and they removed it and sent it off for a biopsy. Today they called to say it's a malignant melonoma. It was on her front leg. They said they got...
  9. Copperpot

    Selling a saddle - Saddles Direct classifieds

    Anyone used this with success? It's on preloved and eBay but thought this may get to a wider audience? If not where else do people look for saddles! Local tack shop doesn't sell second hand, so can't leave it with them to sell for commission etc.
  10. Copperpot

    A WWYD yard post

    Long story, sorry! My friend and I share a lovely little yard. We have 3 horses each and help each other, share feed and hay etc. I look after her horses and vice versa. I trust her implicitly with mine. Unfortunately she is having to leave. Her dog killed the YO's dog recently. And quite...
  11. Copperpot

    Horses grazing in a field of ragwort

    Is this something you can report? Or is it not an offence to do? I go past a field every day at work. It has more ragwort than grass. Huge, waist high plants. Up until recently there were no animals in there. Then a small herd of cows appeared. Now there are also 2 horses. Would it be...
  12. Copperpot

    What could it be ?

    My lovely little horse has changed over the last few months. He's become increasingly uncomfortable to shoe behind. Last time he was done I gave him danilon in the morning and he was much better. He's also become very spooky, a bit nappy and more recently we've had a bucking fit. He does...
  13. Copperpot

    Lump on penis

    Noticed last week my horses sheath was swollen and had a small spot on it. Guessed it was a fly bite, cleaned it up and put some aloe vera gel on. He lives out and I don't see him "drop" that often. However tonight he did so I went to check. It's grown to the size of a large garden pea and...
  14. Copperpot

    Electric fence question

    When putting a line of fencing do you just pass the tape through the holders on the plastic posts or wrap it round to keep it tight? I wrap it round but am thinking does this weaken the charge that goes through the fence?
  15. Copperpot

    Tips for relaxing shoulders when jumping

    I'm a naturally tense person I think, when I have had a massage the therapist commented on it. I seem to have cracked the not looking down thing, the giving with the hands more thing and the sitting up between fences bit, but my shoulders still tense up a few strides before a jump, making my...
  16. Copperpot

    Solar powered electric fence

    Has anyone used these? Did you find them ok. Am thinking of buying one to stripe graze a small section.
  17. Copperpot

    16" dressage girth

    Anyone know where I can get one? Brown, leather and preferably shaped??? Can find 18" ones, but I already have one and it's too long.
  18. Copperpot

    Kent & Masters gullet sizing compared to Ideal

    Anyone who has one do they come up narrow?? Tried a saddle on with XW gullet in which was fine, but was wondering if this translated into a wide in others makes. I know Albion tend to be generous for example. I am ordering an Ideal Impala monoflap to try tomorrow and was going to go for wide...
  19. Copperpot

    Fussy puppy!

    Puppy was fed on raw food with breeders. When I got him he wouldn't eat kibble or any of the food I tried. So I fed him scrambled egg and steak mince and managed to eventually get him to eat nature diet as it has the vegetables etc in it. He's now 5 months old and won't eat the nature...
  20. Copperpot

    Kentaur Eventer II saddle

    Anyone got one? Or tried one out? Is the leather nice quality? And what sort of horses do you use them on.
  21. Copperpot

    Puppy's ear

    Until last week he had perfect little ears. This week one has started to hang differently. It kinda has a crease down the middle. He is 4 months old and I believe teething can affect their ears. Has anyone experienced this?? I'm hoping its not a permanent thing.
  22. Copperpot

    Bringing a horse back into work

    He's not been ridden since September last year. He lives out and keeps himself fairly fit by cantering about. Would you just get on and go for a walk? I can't lunge him as he's not to do much in the way of circles. I walked him in hand one day last week for 20 mins round the roads and he...
  23. Copperpot

    Busy day preparing for no shoes !

    Have decided against heart bars for my boy and am going to have a serious bash at having him barefoot all round. So today built a track system round his field, took hours and I got sunburnt :) bought a hoof supplement and some keratex, to try improve the foot he grows. Will measure him up...
  24. Copperpot

    Does your horse chase rabbits?

    Was house sitting at the yard where my horse lives, so just before dark went to say night. He was cantering along, nose to the ground chasing a rabbit. I've always thought he was a bit "special" now I know he's just bonkers :)
  25. Copperpot

    Anyone insured with KBIS

    I have gold insurance with them. Read through my policy and it doesn't mention anywhere if they pay for MRI scans. Obviously will call to clarify tomorrow but wondered if anyone knew if they did :)
  26. Copperpot

    Event lines

    Would a total change in diet/turnout/work load/shoes being off cause these??
  27. Copperpot

    Small leather dressage girth

    Anyone know where I can get one? Want a shaped one. Prestige make them, so do Kentaur but they don't come in size 18". Must be brown too.
  28. Copperpot

    Bespoke girth

    Can anyone recommend a saddler that could make me one? Seen the one I want but they don't make it small enough :( Plus I could change the design slightly to suit me :)
  29. Copperpot

    Wow saddles

    I have seen a website on here before we you can buy/sell Wow saddles and saddle parts. Can anyone post a link to it please :)
  30. Copperpot

    Ideal Grandee

    What do you use yours on? Seen one I can trial and before I do wondered what "types" they tend to fit!